33 Living Room Color Schemes for a Cozy, Livable Space

grey walls with turquoise furniture
Photo: Anthony Masterson

Your choice of color scheme sets the tone for your living room. Make the space cozy and inviting with a combination of colors you love. Find a fresh look for your space with these living room color schemes you can easily adapt to match your decorating style.

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Nature-Inspired Living Room Colors

white sitting room with blue, green, and yellow accents
Kim Cornelison

Olive Green + Cream + Black

Colors pulled from nature make relaxing color schemes for living rooms. Several shades of green appear on this room's mantel, accent chair, and pillows, but the effect is subtle and organic. Creamy white walls linger in the background but complement the yellow undertones of the greens, while hints of black offer a bit of sophistication.

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Modern Living Room Colors

modern black and white living room with shelf wall
Brie Williams

Crisp White + Black + Gold

Living room color schemes don't have to include tons of vibrant hues to pack in personality. A simple palette dominated by black and white gives off a sleek, modern atmosphere. Start with white walls and incorporate black in bold ways, such as on built-ins or trimwork. Layer in metallic gold through accessories and accent furniture to brighten the look.

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Colorful Living Room Ideas

Liz Strong home patterned living room
David Tsay

Burnt Orange + Grassy Green + Pastels

Bring your living room to life with exuberant colors. Start your scheme with one or two main colors, then add in more hues via accessories and fabrics. In this cheery living room, grass-green furniture and window treatments pair with orange accents for an eclectic look. Patterned upholstery and pillows supply a variety of pastel colors to contribute to the room's unique character.

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Elegant Living Room Color Scheme

Living room with couch, coffee table, and stored wood
Jay Wilde

Off-White + Navy + Wood Tones

Variations of cream and white provide a sophisticated foundation for living room color schemes. Employ a variety of textures and small doses of color throughout the room to make a mostly neutral space more interesting. In this living room, wood accents appear on furniture, open shelves, and a built-in nook stocked with firewood. Navy throw pillows bring personality to the simple linen sofa.

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Beachy Living Room Color Scheme

grey walls with turquoise furniture
Anthony Masterson

Turquoise + Cool Gray + Brights

While blue and turquoise are standard fare for coastal color schemes, bright colors with warmer tones also have a place. This living room blends brilliant turquoise with a few hints of hot pink and yellow to create a playful look inspired by the sea. Subtle beachy accents, including seahorse table lamps, nod to the motif without sacrificing the room's sophistication.

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Bold, Moody Living Room Colors

Living room with dark gray walls and pink rug
Annie Schlecther

Citron Green + Dusty Rose + Charcoal

Shades of green that lean more yellow than blue tend to have more zing. The vibrant citron green on this living room's sofa is tempered by dark charcoal walls that give the space a moody feel. A rosy area rug underfoot and playful animal print fabrics work with the sofa to keep the dark wall color from feeling too gloomy.

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Refined Rustic Living Room Color Scheme

living room buffalo check ottoman
Kim Cornelison

Cloudy Gray + Mustard + Linen

Use living room colors to bridge the gap between distinctive styles. Here, muted neutrals and refined furnishings lean traditional, while a checked ottoman and a framed buffalo art print nod to rustic style. White, gray, navy, brown, and blue cover a wide range of neutrals but work together thanks to the room's timeless aesthetic. Mustard yellow accents add warmth and keep the scheme from falling flat.

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Vibrant-Yet-Livable Color Scheme

room corner with bright orange two-toned paint and papasan chair
Michael Garland

Tangerine + Cornflower + Shades of White

Complementary colors, such as orange and blue, in bright shades come on strong, but the right decorating strategy ensures the effect isn't too intense. Sprinkling the colors against a backdrop of white softens the look. In this living room, a painted color-block treatment introduces vivid orange in a small area, instead of an entire accent wall, to keep the color subdued.

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Light and Airy Living Room Colors

large open great room brick fireplace
Paul Dyer

Cottage White + Taupe + Goldenrod

Soaring ceilings and airy shades of white lend a sense of grandeur to this living room. Gray, gold, and tan in the fireplace's stone provide inspiration for the living room colors used elsewhere. Warm gray and goldenrod textiles liven up white furniture while keeping the overall palette neutral.

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Cottage-Style Living Room Colors

white bungalow living room with black window trim
Brie Williams

Antique White + Burgundy + Navy Blue

Simple furnishings dressed in timeworn white evoke a cottage-like feel in this living room. Pillows and an area rug sporting navy blue and burgundy patterns energize the look. Fresh flowers and a sprinkling of coastal accents keep it classic rather than cutesy.

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Bright Pink Accent Colors

pink-and-blue themed open-concept living room and kitchen
David Tsay

Cream and White + Bright Pink + Muted Blue

Incorporating both white and cream will play up the gorgeous characteristics of pink in living room color schemes. Using all white would make the color come off as childish, and a completely cream background would muddle the color. In this living room, balance is achieved with warm white walls and trim and cream upholstery. The right accent colors will also help you pull off blush pink. Throw pillows featuring muted blue patterns tone down pink's feminine appeal.

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Rich Blue Living Room Color Scheme

blue living room payphone art on fireplace mantel
Annie Schlechter

Cerulean Blue + Soft Red + Khaki

Going bold with color is a risk, but the payoff can be incredible. Balancing a vibrant color with neutrals is one key to success. In this living room, cerulean blue colors the walls, fireplace, ceiling, and trim. A mid-tone khaki on the leather sofa and ottoman temper the blue, and soft red accents provide further contrast.

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Using Neutral Living Room Colors

cottage style contemporary living room with blue curtains
Brie Williams

Off-White + Taupe + Smokey Black

Give neutrals presence by applying them in a mix of patterns. Vary the scale of patterns on different surfaces to create a balanced look. Here, window treatments feature a tight pattern that's hardly noticeable, while black-and-white striped chairs have a much bolder presence. An assortment of patterned throw pillows in warm neutral colors adds interest to a taupe sofa.

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Bohemian Living Room Color Scheme

living room with green hues and mixed patterns
David A. Land

Kelly Green + Brick Red + Earthy Browns

A fearless combination of colors and design styles gives this boho-style living room its edge. The botanical curtains serve as a jumping-off point for the room's color palette. It guides the selection of the furniture, area rug, and accents, such as the table lamps and wall sconces. The bright colors are combined with an assortment of animal print pillows for a safari look.

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Vintage-Style Living Room Colors

green livingroom white pumpkin fall decor
Werner Straube

Kelly Green + Saffron Yellow + Antique White

A color combination of Kelly green and yellow would typically appear bold and modern, but in subdued shades, the hues contribute to this living room's vintage style. The shiplap-covered walls are painted green to make antique wall art and furnishings stand out. Saffron yellow window treatments bring out the warm tones within leather and wood pieces. Keeping the ceiling, trim, and sofa white maintains a classic look.

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Warm Neutral Living Room Colors

Living room with stone fireplace and white couches
Emily Followill

Oatmeal + Cream + Watery Blue

Set a tranquil tone in your living room with a mixture of warm neutrals, soft colors, and natural elements. The stone fireplace and its rustic wood mantel feature rough textures that are softened by soft linen furniture and a plush cream-colored area rug. Watery blue tones in pillows and a landscape painting reinforce the serene feeling.

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Soothing Living Room Colors

Light blue living room
Edmund Barr

Light Aquamarine + Cottage White + Coral

A soft, blue-green paint color creates a calm, soothing effect in this living room. Upholstered accent chairs and matching ottomans repeat the hue throughout the space for a cohesive look. The light color is just a few shades off the white that covers the fireplace, trim, and cabinets. Small coral pillows introduce an accent color without distracting from the room's quiet, peaceful mood

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Unexpected Living Room Color Ideas

living room with neutral walls, teal painted mantel and cow-hide rug
Anthony Masterson

Warm Gray + Dark Teal + Rich Leather

When colors are applied in unexpected ways, the result is striking. In this living room, a dark teal accent color covers the fireplace mantel, serving as a colorful focal point in an otherwise neutral space. Warm gray walls, a leather sofa, and a nubby area rug incorporate natural tones into this living room color scheme.

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Fun with Neutral Living Room Colors

pink accent living room
Brian McWeeney

Light Gray + Pure White + Bubblegum Pink

Neutrals take a fun twist when bubblegum pink becomes part of the equation. Starting with a neutral base and adding one big pop of color is a savvy way to dive into color without going over-the-top. Here, pink patterned wallpaper covers the backs of built-in shelves. Pulling in a few smaller doses of equally bright colors, such as coral throw pillows and metallic gold accents, ensure the pink doesn't stick out.

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Happy Living Room Color Scheme

Eclectic style yellow room
Anthony Masterson

Sunny Yellow + Blue + Eggplant

Sunny shades of yellow create bright, happy living room color schemes. Try painting the walls yellow to instantly give the space a lift. To keep the yellow from overtaking the room, introduce cooler tones, such as blue or purple, for contrast and balance. Here, purple velvet chairs, a blue-upholstered sofa, and an assortment of multi-colored pillows and artwork contribute to the room's cheerful outlook.

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Pastel Tones in Living Rooms

sky blue and lavender living room
John Bessler 

Powder Blue + Lavender + Warm White

When banded together, soft colors produce a strong style statement. In this living room, powder blue takes on a bold presence, covering the ceiling, furniture, and floors. Similarly light in tone, lavender contrasts the blue on artwork and pillows. Creamy white walls offer a warmer counterpoint to all the cool tones.

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Contemporary Color Scheme

bluebird gunmetal gray white living room
Kim Cornelison

Bluebird + Gunmetal + Snowy White

Cool gray walls paired with plenty of blue captures a modern tone in this living room, which is enhanced by contemporary furniture and accessories. Using soft white, rather than a stark shade, injects the space with warmth. The wood coffee table top and touches of nature add a grounding effect.

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Warm Blue Living Room

light blue white brown living room color scheme
Greg Scheidemann

Robin's Egg + White + Driftwood

Although blue is technically a cool color, shades that sport a little bit of yellow come off as warmer. In this space, the warm blue wall color is enhanced by a cozy gray chair and wood coffee table. The white fireplace and mirror are brighter counterpoints to the warm hues. Accessories in shades similar to the wall color tie the space together.

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Ocean-Inspired Living Room Color Scheme

navy taupe white great room kitchen color scheme
Werner Straube

Navy + Taupe + Sailcloth White

Muted neutrals soothe this large-scale room, while hints of navy introduce a sophisticated color. The mostly gray and blue living room color scheme reminds of stormy ocean waves. With a monochromatic base of neutrals, shape and texture are important players, and the woven wicker chair and large round coffee table become standout pieces.

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All-American Color Scheme

cozy family room with tan storage bins and blue and white walls
Brie Williams Photography Inc

Indigo + Paper White + Rusty Red

You can rarely go wrong with a blue-and-white color scheme. In this living room, detailed wall paneling makes the color combination really pop. Introducing rusty red, rather than bright apple red, on accessories captures an Americana style, without coming across as a theme. A brown sofa keeps the look relaxed.

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Pink Living Room Color Scheme

fuchsia raspberry brown living room color scheme
David Tsay

Fuchsia + Raspberry + Browns

Pink brings a bright, energizing feel to living rooms. Here, warm neutrals, including white walls, medium latte on the sofa and rug, and dark browns on the furniture frames and floor, are key to pulling off the pink in this living room. Richer tones of pink, raspberry, and fuchsia, rather than pastel hues, appear through punchy patterns that feel bold and grown-up.

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Energetic Colors for Living Rooms

blue lime black white living room color scheme
Michael Partenio

Cornflower Blue + Lime + Coral

Covering the walls and trim, blue takes a bold stand in this living room. Equally strong citron and coral keep up with the blue's energy level. The room's colorful walls, upholstery, and throw pillows remain livable thanks to large doses of neutrals in the window treatments and area rug.

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Vibrant Green Living Room

emerald jade linen living room color scheme
Jay Wilde

Emerald + Jade + Linen

Green pulls out all the stops in this jewel box living room. Jade and emerald on the walls play out in subtle contrast, and the hues are sprinkled in with accessories throughout the space. A neutral sofa and slipper chair calm the vibrant colors.

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Rustic Living Room Color Scheme

purple beige white living room color scheme
Kim Cornelison

Wisteria Purple + Linen Beige + Cloud White

Although this living room is mostly neutral, the exact shades selected for the space bear a certain colorful quality. A hint of wisteria purple on the fuzzy pouf and the throw pillows guided the choice of cooler neutrals on the gray built-in cabinets, brown armchairs, and clean white on the walls and trimwork. The linen beige color on the sofa, coffee table top, and mirror frame warm up the living room, as do the wicker baskets and leather-bound books.

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Reimagined Traditional Color Scheme

orange aqua chocolate living room color scheme
Helen Norman

Coral-Orange + Aqua + Milk Chocolate

Traditional style relies on a refined composition and classic styling. Have fun with this formal look in a living room by layering in a punchy color scheme. With a foundation of timeless neutrals, a complementary color scheme of coral-orange and aqua brings this living room to life. Hints of chocolate brown recall the coloring of the wood floor, tables, and chair frames. Limit a traditional color palette to a few neutrals and two colors to maintain a formal air.

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Living Room Colors Inspired by the Garden

blue brown green living room color scheme
John Bessler

Cloudy Blue + Garden Soil Brown + Grass Green

An earthy palette drawn from the garden defines this living room. The green curtains, garden stool, and the blue wall color are cooler in tone, offering a more refined approach to earthy colors of sky blue and grass green. A brown sofa directly resembles the color of rich soil and is repeated within the armchair upholstery's stripe.

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Classic Living Room Colors

Traditional style living room with neutral color
Werner Straube

Ecru + Dove Gray + Yellow

A mix of neutrals and warm tones set a classic, elegant tone in living rooms. Soft ecru lends a glowing quality to this space, while gray is a grounding addition. A restrained use of yellow on the pillows draws out the yellow undertones in the ecru while adding dimension.

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Metallic Living Room Color Scheme

gray gold white living room color scheme
Edmund Barr

Nickel Gray + Golden Yellow

Use neutrals inspired by metallics to create a chic look that's not overpowering. In this living room, nickel gray walls envelop the space, and golden yellow patterns the window treatments. Bringing the colors of your walls and window treatments into the rest of the space is a smart step in good decor. Here, the gray pops up on the upholstery, and the golden color appears in variations on the rug and the side table between the chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the most popular color for living rooms?

    The most popular living room color is green—particularly greens inspired by the colors of nature. Designers love it because it is a soothing color that pairs well with soft neutrals, crisp whites, and a bevy of earthy greys, browns, and blues. 

  • What’s the best furniture color for living rooms?

    When it comes to living room furniture, many experts suggest sticking with neutral colors (like grey, brown, or beige), but frankly, anything goes. If you are starting from scratch, decide if you want your sofa to be a vibrant showpiece or a neutral anchor for the room, and design the rest of the space around that decision. Choosing accent chairs that echo the colors of your wall art or throw pillows is a great way to tie the whole room together.

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