21 Gray Color Schemes that Showcase the Timeless Neutral

Vanity with dark gray walls and pink chair
Photo: Annie Schlecther

Gray is much more than just a combination of black and white. This versatile neutral offers a wide array of possibilities. See how various shades play out in these gorgeous gray color schemes. Plus, learn how to use gray in your decor.

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What Goes with Gray?

living room with grey furniture
Kim Cornelison 

Far from boring, gray is the neutral of choice for many designers. More complex than cream or white (and typically not as yellow or glaring), gray comes in a variety of shades and tints to provide a soothing backdrop or set the perfect scene to showcase an accent color. Whether mixed with a dab of black, green, or blue, the range of grays and possible color palettes are endless.

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Bold Gray Color Scheme

Living room with blue seating and TV
James Nathan Schroder

Iron Gray + Fuschia + Gold

Introduce bold personality to your gray color scheme with accent furniture and decor in vibrant tones. In this living room, a dark gray accent wall is lifted by pops of fuchsia, periwinkle, and dusty blue. Metallic gold appears on the coffee table legs, an ornate hanging picture frame, and a side table to brighten the space.

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Soothing Color Scheme

bedroom striped bed spread
Kat Teutsch

Steely Gray + Honey Yellow

This primary bedroom uses a soothing blend of cool grays and warm golden-honey hues. The harmony of these tones is perfect for relaxation. Gray walls and an upholstered headboard set the stage for the room, while the golden notes enter in through accent pillows and a throw at the end of the bed. Striped bedding sets steely gray against bright white, which is repeated on floor-to-ceiling drapes.

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Dramatic Gray Color Scheme

Vanity with dark gray walls and pink chair
Annie Schlecther

Charcoal Gray + Blush Pink + Brass

Charcoal gray wraps this closet nook in coziness. Set against a dark background, pops of pink and shiny brass seem even bolder and brighter. The warm brass accents and pink velvet upholstered chair stand out vividly against a cool gray color on the walls and built-in vanity area. The contrasting colors form a dramatic, unexpected gray color scheme.

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Vintage-Inspired Color Scheme

remodeled modern gray, white, and wood kitchen
Nathan Kirkman

Antique Pewter + Warm White + Weathered Wood

Bold cement tiles with a vintage feel inspired this kitchen's gray color scheme. The pattern pairs warm white with a mid-tone shade of pewter, which is repeated across several banks of cabinetry. Walnut base cabinetry and open shelves introduce rich wood tones that add depth to the palette.

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Rich Gray Color Scheme

Charcoal + Emerald + Teal

Dark charcoal walls set a rich, sophisticated tone in this living room. Intense jewel tones—including emerald, teal, and berry—brighten the look. Watch and see the secrets to successfully pulling off a dark wall color.

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Earthy Gray Color Scheme

living room with white couch with chaise
Edmund Barr

Nature's Gray + Red-Orange + Cream

Using the gray and brown tones in the stone fireplace as a guide, this room goes natural with its blend of earthy hues and varied materials. A wing-back chair is covered in chic gray flannel, while the two-tone sectional sofa introduces leather. Rich shades of red-orange, dispersed throughout the room on pillows, throws, and the upholstered ottoman, accent the rustic spirit.

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Decorating in Neutrals

Neutral tones combine to create soothing, simplistic color schemes. But it's not always as easy as throwing together a few browns and grays. Watch and learn the secrets to a perfect living room color scheme.

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Industrial Gray Color Scheme

off-white sofa cream toned living room
Werner Straube

Charcoal + White + Cream

With its bright white ceiling and trim set against charcoal gray walls and floors, this room takes on the feel of a vintage black-and-white photo. To soften the room's contrasts, the design introduces cream in the linen sofa, Roman shades, and rug.

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Punchy Gray Color Scheme

Black and white bedroom with orange accents
Emily Followill

Gray-Brown + Orange + Coral

Like a fine woolen jacket paired with a patterned tie, this gray, brown, and orange bedroom exudes elegant-yet-playful sensibilities. The upholstered headboard is covered in a business-suit check and accented with just enough pattern and color for interest. For extra personality, the side table, which leans more toward coral, is a few steps off of the orange on the pillow.

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Eclectic Gray Color Scheme

Table desk with chandelier and ladder
Robert Brinson

Weathered Gray + White Walls + Vibrant Brights

Gray makes a beautiful backdrop for bolder colors. Here, white walls and quiet washes of gray on doors and window sashes take a backseat to the vibrant kaleidoscope of color supplied by the room's rug and hot fuchsia accents. To maintain interest elsewhere (and refrain from competing with the rug), the designer layered weathered and woven textures in furnishings and accents.

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Modern Gray Color Scheme

Living room sofa and mirror with leather chair
James Carriere

Mushroom + Brown + Navy

This gray-green wall color has just enough warmth to work well with brown and neutral tones. Giving depth to this woodsy hue is a distressed leather armchair and floor lamp made from spindly driftwood. Deeper hues such as black and navy offer bold contrast to the muted walls and light wood finishes. A fiddle leaf fig tree adds a pleasant punch of green, adding to the natural feel.

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Warmed Up Color Scheme

Poppy Red + Mink Gray bedroom with patterned comforter and pillows
Ray Kachatorian

Putty + Warm Red and Orange

When decorating with gray, it is important to look at the undertones. Deep enough in tone (and tinted with the perfect amount of green), this warm gray complements the deep red coverlet and orange hues in the drapery. Opposite each other on the color wheel, green and red are complementary colors and naturally look good together. The eclectic scheme includes a gallery of artwork in varying frames and styles that stands out against the rich neutral.

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Peaceful Gray Color Scheme

enclosed sunroom with neutral walls, tv, and furniture
Lauren Krysti

Pale Gray Blue + Charcoal + Pink

A soft gray with sky blue undertones makes this wall color a perfect choice for a sunroom. Dark charcoal gray patterned fabrics add weight to upholstery and accents such as the sofa and ottomans. White offers a quiet visual landing spot, and punches of pink bring in a sweet accent.

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Simple Gray Color Scheme

twin bed in gray room
Robert Brinson

Linen Gray + White

Linen, in varying shades of gray, shows off simple prints that play well with the loose weave of the fabric. The sleigh bed grounds the room with its solid upholstery. A creamy gray linen panel adds height to the headboard. On the bed, a vintage flour sack-turned-pillow shows off farmhouse style. For a lighthearted touch that plays to the room's rural sophistication, a bench at the foot of the bed sports Billy Goat legs. All other furniture, snagged from flea markets, is painted crisp white. Orange accents add the right amount of punch.

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Chic Gray Color Scheme

Bedroom with pink and white décor and gray textured walls
Emily Followill

Soft Gray + Hot Pink

Hot pink is a standout against warm gray walls and white linen. The uncluttered aesthetic of this bedroom combines just enough ruffles and pleats with contemporary motifs for a sophisticated retreat. Small doses of color take precedence over frilly accents. To maintain the crisp feel, walls are upholstered in the same fabric as window drapery. The bright pink tufted headboard makes an elegantly dramatic statement.

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Shades of Gray Color Scheme

Tufted Settee with double barn doors open to kitchen
Werner Straube

Cool Grays + Dusty Lavender

With shades of gray infused with tints such as green, khaki, putty, and slate, this home proves that layer upon layer of tonal grays gives even more interest to this favored neutral. A muted shade of purple pops up throw pillows and complements the cool gray undertones. The diamond-pattern doors, brick floor, striped rug, and variety of pillow fabrics add texture and interest creating a monochromatic scheme that is anything but dull.

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Relaxing Gray Color Scheme

Grey bathroom with double vanity and free standing bathtub
Dominique Vorillon

Cool Gray + Crisp White

Contrast reigns in this neutral bathroom, where cool gray walls mingle with crisp white trim and furnishings. The rich wall color creates a luxurious environment that's perfect for relaxing after a long day. Shimmering chrome fixtures echo the gray walls.

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Cool Color Scheme

dining area with wooden chairs and white table
Kim Cornelison

Industrial Gray + Brown + Chartreuse

Concrete gray walls set the tone for midcentury modern style in this dining room. The cool hue works in harmony with the edgy furniture, bold patterns, and blocky black shade. Chartreuse green (with cool blue undertones) is a perfect complement to the industrial decor.

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Art-Inspired Gray Color Scheme

dining area with wooden table and blue and white striped chairs
Brie Williams

Antique Pewter + Historical Hues

Every color scheme needs a starting point. For this dining room, antique artwork provided inspiration. Gray shades such as mushroom, khaki, blue-gray, and cream show up in the chandelier shades, sisal rug, and off-white trim. Striped chairs and a vibrant bouquet of orange dahlias play to the secondary colors in the artwork. Wallpaper in an oversized paisley pattern animates the soft gray walls without overpowering the art.

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Metallic Color Scheme

kitchen gray cabinets with island
Ryann Ford

Metallic Gray + Cool Red + Steel

Metallic gray with silvery undertones is an appropriately modern color choice for this contemporary kitchen. The dark red backsplash also works well in this space because of its blue undertones and streamlined subway tile. Metal accents, including the barstool legs and stainless-steel hood, add to the monochromatic look, making the striking red backsplash even more of a statement.

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