Designer Palette: Peaceful Grace

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    Peaceful Grace

    Soft colors and textures offer a timeless grace in this elegant yet peaceful color palette that designer Phoebe Howard created based on her favorite colors. "I love the colors of the sky and water, perhaps because I grew up on the beach. It feels restful and calm, very peaceful," she says.

    Designer: Phoebe Howard

    Getting Started:

    Use a ratio formula to help you put together a color scheme. Choose one main color to serve as 40-60 percent of your color palette, then one to two supporting colors to comprise 30-40 percent of your color palette, and fill the remainder with one to two accents. Thinking of color this way can help you determine how much of each color to use. Go to the next slide to see how this scheme breaks out.

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    The Colors

    The foundation of this palette is an almost blue gray, which is paired with a sandy beige supporting color. An almost white neutral and muted celadon fill in as accents. "I love to mix blue, green and sand colors together for a neutral room instead of just beige and ivory," says Howard.

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    Peaceful Grace: Antiques

    Almost anything antique or antique-looking will pair well with this palette. Look for furnishing with classic silhouettes and traditional detailing. Asian artifacts, celadon pottery and the right art will also enhance the palette.

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    Peaceful Grace: Accents

    Texture also plays a key role, since the colors are subtle. Howard recommends a seagrass rug,linen for the sofa, wool for the curtains, to vary the weight and feeling of each material.

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    Peaceful Grace: Style Approach

    Howard says this simple ethereal and timeless room can be interpreted as traditional or modern. To give this palette a modern spin, opt for furniture that is casual, rather than stark. Pump up the saturation in the blue on a singular piece, such as the ottoman in this laid-back family room. Keep things simple and unfussy.

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    Peaceful Grace: Dining

    To keep the ethereal palette grounded, Howard recommends avoiding mirrored surfaces. Mirrors reflect light, making a room more airy. The colors in this palette achieve that airy feel on their own and building upon it would cause the room to visually evaporate.

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    Get the Look!

    Ready to decorate? Shop the products that will help you bring this look home!

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    Carpet: Shangril La in Natural, Charlotte Moss Collection, Stark,

    Use for: Flooring

    Solid cream fabric: Cervo in Tusk, #92702-01, Rogers & Goffigon, Phone: (203) 532-8068

    Use for: Sofa Upholstery

    Blue ribbed fabric: Goddards Garden in Javanica, #92521-06, Rogers & Goffigon

    Use for: Chair upholstery

    Ribbon trim: Greek Key (#200-251) in color #012, Decor de Paris,

    Use for: Curtain trim

    Cream linen: Antwerp (#2273) in color A619, Pindler & Pindler,

    Use for: Chair upholstery

    Blue linen: Linen Sateen in Artemnesia, #92520-18, Rogers & Goffigon

    Use for: Curtains

    Blue medallion print fabric: Little Compton in Cove, #805001-05, Rogers & Goffigon

    Use for: Ottoman upholstery

    Ikat Fabric: Tali Weave in Aqua, #66351 Schumacher,

    Use for: Pillows

    Wallpaper: #ZG1049, Zofany,

    Use for: Walls

    Paint color: Gray Cashmere, #2138-60, Benjamin Moore,

    Use for: Walls

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