Designer Palette: Dawn's Sky

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    Dawn's Sky

    If you've ever watched the sun rise, that brilliant moment when night changes to day paints a beautiful picture of color. Capture that beauty in a room with this color palette.

    Designer: Elaine Griffin

    Getting Started:

    Use a ratio formula to help you put together a color scheme. Choose one main color to serve as 40-60 percent of your color palette, then one to two supporting colors to comprise 30-40 percent of your color palette, and fill the remainder with one to two accents. Thinking of color this way can help you determine how much of each color to use. Go to the next slide to see how this scheme breaks out.

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    The Colors

    Start this palette with peacock blue and use it in different intensities, such as a darker version on the sofa upholstery and a lighter shade on the walls. Counter the blues with warm yellows as your supporting color. Pink frequently makes an appearance in the night sky and, in this scheme, plays out as vibrant fuchsia. A muted citron is the second accent color and is a complementary hue to the fuchsia. Ivory is the final accent and balances the rest of the bright colors.

    Play around with these colors in different proportions. "Any one can dominate, depending on your tastes and preferences," designer Elaine Griffin says. The dawn sky is different every morning. Consider using fuchsia as the main color and using blue as the accent, or yellow as the star and blue as the supporting color.

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    Dawn's Sky: Neutral Approach

    If you prefer a neutral look, start with a base of white and add in the colors proportionately. When working with several colors, designer Elaine Griffin says to "cross-pollinate." Bring the color from a throw pillow on the sofa to the upholstery on a chair.

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    Dawn's Sky: Versatile Style

    Selecting a color palette that sets a mood leaves your style options open. Designer Elaine Griffin describes the palette as "happy" and says it can be used in any room and with different styles of decorating.

    In this traditional living room, blue remains the star, while ivory becomes the supporting color. Fuchsia remains an accent, while the yellow is interpreted as gold accents.

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    Dawn's Sky: Designer Tips

    "Well-designed rooms always have a mix of woods and some painted furniture," designer Elaine Griffin says. Use furniture painted in a color from your palette to incorporate a varied finish.

    Elaine recommends having a contrast between what's above the floor and the floor itself. In a colorful room, consider a soft neutral textured or patterned rug that's lighter-color than floor beneath it.

    "Have objects that are personal," Griffin says. "It keeps the room from looking like a hotel room." Griffin encourages using accessories that look like you.

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    Blue upholstery fabric (in background): Orvis in Peacock, Robert Allen;

    Use for: Sofa or chairs

    Solid ivory fabric: Blithe in Vanilla, Robert Allen;

    Use for: Sofa or chairs

    Pink woven fabric: Cabin Weave in Berry Crush, Robert Allen;

    Use for: Ottoman or upholstered cubes

    White-and-green trellis fabric: Zuma in Kiwi, Candice Olson collection, Kravet;

    Use for: Curtains. Of all the elements in your room, only one can be the star, designer Elaine Griffin says. In this palette, the star is the curtain fabric.

    Blue-and-white diamond fabric: Kanekopa in Akuatic, Windsor Smith Collection, Kravet;

    Pink dot fabric: Dotkat in Peony, Echo Home Collection, Kravet;

    Striped fabric: Essex stripe in Azalea, Robert Allen;

    Green chevron fabric: Limitless in Linden, Jonathan Adler collection, Kravet;

    Green velour fabric: Chic Velour in Celery, Kravet Couture collection, Kravet;

    Use for: Throw pillows

    Green trim: 1-1/2-inch Sabine Border in Meadow, Samuel & Sons;

    Use for: Curtain trim

    Pink piping: 1/4-inch French Grosgrain Piping in Flamingo, Samuel & Sons

    Use for: Pillow trim

    Blue paint: Drizzle SW-6479, The Sherwin-Williams Co.;

    Use for: Walls

    Light yellow paint: White Raisin, SW-7685, The Sherwin-Williams Co.;

    Use for: Trim or accent furntiure

    Dark yellow paint: Concord Buff, SW-7685, The Sherwin-Williams Co.;

    Use for: Walls or accent furniture

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    More Color Tips

    Get advice from designer Elaine Griffin on how to choose a color palette.

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