Designer Palette: Blend of Blues

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    Blend of Blues

    Inspired by an aqua-and-navy Morrocan tile, designer Jessica Brende combines the serenity of blue with the sophistication of gray in this livable color palette.

    Designer: Jessica Brende

    Getting Started:

    Use a ratio formula to help you put together a color scheme. Choose one main color to serve as 40-60 percent of your color palette, then one to two supporting colors to comprise 30-40 percent of your color palette, and fill the remainder with one to two accents. Thinking of color this way can help you determine how much of each color to use. Go to the next slide to see how this scheme breaks out.

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    The Colors

    The navy blue and aqua in this palette are colors you can easily live with says Brende. Start with a aqua blue-based gray as the main color, employing it on the walls and on an upholstered chair.  Use a true gray as the supporting, secondary color (such as on a sofa and accent wall). Fill in with navy blue and a grayed aqua blue as accent colors.

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    Blend of Blues: Style Vibe

    "This palette conveys a young at heart style, with a touch of sophistication," says Brende, "It would work well in a transitional environment." To create a look that spans two styles, apply modern finishes to classic elements (such as black lacquer to traditional trimwork) and juxtapose elements from both ends of the spectrum side-by-side (such as timeless navy blue swoop arm chair with a global patterned trim).

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    Blend of Blues: Finishes & Fabircs

    Use an array of linen and linen-like textures and cerused or bleached oak wood tones with this palette to round out the beach vibe. The addition of ombre, such as on curtains or throw pillows will keep the ageless palette trend forward.

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    Blend of Blues: Accessorize

    With this palette of blues and grays, Brende recommends accessorizing with old and new pottery pieces in white and aqua, driftwood, and agate bookends. Matte silver, such as upholstery nail heads or hardware, will bring sparkle to the room.

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    Get the Look!

    Ready to decorate? Shop the products that will help you bring this look home!

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    Background: Sisal grasscloth in Twilight, Twenty2,

    Use for: Walls

    Blue ombre fabric: Forster in Marine, Nantucket Collection, #F1719/03, Designer's Guild,

    Use for: Curtains

    Medallion Fabric: Medallion in Indigo/Midnight, #1004-1, Vanderhurd,

    Use for: Pillows

    Striped wallpaper: Ribbon in Midnight, Galbraith & Paul,

    Use for: Accent wall or for lining a bookshelf

    Dark gray fabric: Legacy Linen in Slate, #11285, Calvin Fabrics,

    Use for: Chair upholstery

    Light gray/blue fabric: Harrison in Aqua, #F3922/02, Colefax & Fowler,

    Use for: Curtains or sofa upholstery

    Blue woven fabric (lower right corner): Virelle in Indigo, Moselle Fabrics collection #F1961/03, Designer's Guild

    Use for: Bench or ottoman upholstery, pillows

    Trim: 1/4-inch Sabine Cord with Tape (#981-56042) in Persian (#23), Samuel and Sons,

    Use for: Upholstery trim

    Medium blue-gray paint (top swatch): Tranquility, AF-490, Benjamin Moore,

    Use for: Walls or accent furniture

    Light gray paint (middle swatch): Silver Satin, #856, Benjamin Moore

    Use for: Trim

    Blue paint (bottom swatch): Van Courtland Blue, #HC-145, Benjamin Moore

    Use for: Wall or accent furniture





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    More Tips

    Learn the secrets to decorating with blue.

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