21 Warm and Cozy Color Palettes to Make Any Room Feel Inviting

Bedroom with orange accents

Create an inviting atmosphere in any room of your home with one of these warm color schemes.

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Rustic Ruby + Khaki

red living room

Wake up a monochromatic neutral palette with pops of a rich, warm color. Look for accent colors that are saturated, but have brown undertones to keep the look cozy. In this living room, rustic apple red appears in fabric and accessories and follows one of the key rules for decorating with accent colors: Repeat an accent at least three times in a space to make it stick.

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Weathered Walnut + Driftwood

living room

Wood furniture and surfaces support warm color palettes. To keep the look from going cabin, limit the use of actual wood and incorporate wood-inspired colors. In this breakfast nook, a weathered wood table and chairs anchor the space, while driftwood-color walls and tile flooring continue the wood-tone color palette. Vermilion-red pillows punch up the space and balance the earthy colors.

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Pale Peach + Citrus Orange

Multiple patterns used for bed linens and headboard

Connote cozy with more than just earthy hues. The secret to a cozy color palette is warmth. Pick a favorite warm color (or a color with warm undertones) and use it in various shades. In this cheerful bedroom, a bouquet of oranges and reds, from barely peach to blazing burgundy, create a cozy space with a modern edge.

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Flax + Weathered Gray

modern neutral living room with microfiber

Turn down the heat in a cozy color palette by incorporating a cool neutral. The result is a space that's still welcoming, but with a sophisticated edge. A mod beige sectional and wood floors bring warmth to this living room, while barely gray walls cool the space. Gray accessories, natural window treatments, and a marble coffee table draw the wall color into the room for a unified, blended look.

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Moroccan Red + Curry


Seek international inspiration for a cozy color palette that's vibrant and eclectic. Global textiles bearing shades of red and orange give this black and white bedroom flair. Gold accents and a sleek Parsons nightstand offer an eclectic look.

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Rattan + Barnwood


Step up a cozy color palette with texture. Rattan, wicker, woven fabrics, and even metals can convey comfort. This breakfast nook pairs rattan chairs, a weathered wood-finished banquette seat, and shades of taupe. The antique bronze finish of the table is warm in tone, but sleek in texture, which balances the other elements in the room.

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Cognac + Ecru

Living Room 2

While you can balance a saturated color by including light colors, the real secret for a cozy look is to move across the spectrum gradually. In spaces with dark walls, include accent furniture and accessories in the same saturation, then shift to lighter tones on larger pieces of furniture and drapes. Cognac walls set a rich tone in this living room and the same color is found in the rug, coffee table, and side table. Ecru drapes bridge the gap between the rich walls and the beige sofa.

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Aqua + Brown


Warm and soothing doesn't have to be boring. Grasscloth wallpaper adds visual texture, while the dark brown upholstered headboard adds warmth to this bedroom. An aqua coverlet and crisp white sheets keep the room on the fresh side of cozy. A symmetrical arrangement of furniture and accent pieces furthers the calming mood of the room.

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Wood Tones + Red

Cabin living room

Recall the look of a charming forest with plenty of wood tones and grains. The look can take a sophisticated turn when you use modern interpretations of wood tones and a variety of finishes. Wood paneling clads the walls of this living room. A chocolaty brown sofa and rustic greige coffee table continue the color scheme. If you love the cozy look of wood but want to avoid a cabin-like look, incorporate a sophisticated color, such as the red and yellow accents used in this living room.

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Wheat + Warm Yellow

Decorating Gallery

This cozy neural bedroom captures the warmth of the prairie sun by splashing warm yellow on the walls and coating the bedding the color of a wheat field. An upholstered bed provides the foundation for the room, but the look is on the lighter side with help from soft shades of khaki, cream, and aqua. A funky mirror and simple accents keep this room casually comfortable.

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Mustard Yellow + Pearl White

Use boldly patterned wallpaper in a room you don't spend a lot of time in and you won't tire of the pattern quickly.

Since it is usually the place where guests enter your home, a foyer or entryway is the perfect place to play up a cozy color scheme that says "welcome." It is also a good place to include a bold color or wallpaper pattern. Since it's not a room you spend a lot of time in, you won't tire of the color or pattern quickly. In this formal foyer, classic white trim and woodwork combined with cheery wallpaper set a friendly tone. An upholstered bench in mustard yellow and a blue accent pillow match the wallpaper's pattern.

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Scarlet + Goldernrod

Decorating Gallery

Use colors inspired by the fall season to convey a cozy look. In this kitchen, a floral accent wall serves as the basis for an autumnal color scheme. Repeating a bold color, as done on the window seat, will help ease the color into the room. Sunny golden wall color that extends to base cabinetry splashes the space with warmth.

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Buttercream + Pumpkin

orange curtains

Cozy up a room by enveloping the space in a warm, soothing neutral. Here, buttery beige walls and a buttercream sofa add up to a cozy backdrop for a formal family room. Amping up a soft neutral with a bold, warm color anchors a room, as does plenty of texture and a handful of medium-tone neutrals. A gold coffee table as well as orange pillows and window treatments do the trick in this space.

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Charcoal Gray + Teal Blue

Rich Color Palette

Dark colors tap into the intimate side of cozy. These rich hues play out well in a formal dining room, where you want to create a space for guests to linger. Charcoal gray walls, teal blue velvet chair seats, and rich cherry wood furniture create an elegant and welcoming dining room, perfect for dinner parties. Tan carpet softens the richness, as do bright blue vases and bone-white lamps. Include several lighting sources in a dining room with a dark color scheme so you can set the mood, no matter what the occasion or time of day.

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Raspberry + Pear


A warm palette of raspberry red and pear green links the separate seating areas in this bright, charming kitchen and gives the traditional furnishings a fresh, modern twist. Larger pieces, such as the love seats, bring bold color and pattern to the neutral surroundings. Considering the bright mix of colors and patterns, it's best to stick to fabrics that feature one color on an ivory or white background.

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Chocolate + Rose

living room

The romantic atmosphere of this living room gets its personality from red accents and playful pattern mixing. The room is anchored by warm beige walls trimmed in creamy white, a foundation that helps balance vibrant red and yellow accent colors and patterns.

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Aubergine + Ruby

Color, color palettes, dominant colors, aubergine, cream, orange

Dark colors can make a large room feel more intimate and cozy. To avoid a cave-like atmosphere, infuse a space with plenty of white and a light-color flooring. In this traditional dining room, white wainscoting tempers the purple paint above it, and red drapes brighten the rich purple. A minimal use of pattern keeps the room from becoming overwhelming.

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Honey + Cream


Use warm shades of white to create a cozy look that's airy and bright. Creamy white walls, drapes, and furnishings command the most space in this room's color palette and the warm honey floors, fireplace mantel, and armchairs draw out the warm tones in the whites.

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Slate Blue + Wisteria Purple

living room

Cool colors, such as blue and purple, can create a cozy atmosphere the same way warm hues can. Blues and purples in medium intensities, not too light or dark, appear soft and inviting, both proponents of a cozy space. The walls in this living room bear a misty blue-gray, recalling a look of soft rain showers. A purple that has slightly more red in it than blue also projects a comforting aura. Well-chosen neutrals are also important when decorating with cozy colors. Mocha armchairs play into this living room's inviting personality and temper the stark white trim and fireplace surround.

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Clay Beige + Earthy Browns


While the right colors can convey comfort, so can certain textures. When the two work together, it creates the ultimate cozy decor. In this small living room, shades of brown -- such as clay beige, cognac, and taupe -- play out on the walls, furniture, window treatments, and accents. Varying textures, such as smooth leather on an armchair, silky soft drapes, and a cuddly sheepskin throw, add dimension to the monochromatic color scheme.

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Salmon + Rose

Bedroom with orange accents

The warm color palette in this enchanting bedroom begins with the walls. Paint in a deep, dusty taupe with whispers of rose creates a feeling of intimacy, while salmon-color silk taffeta draperies define the window and add sheen. A floral duvet on the bed blushes in shades of pink that are echoed in the painted lampshade.

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