23 Complementary Color Schemes That Will Make Any Room Pop

sunny light blue and orange kitchen
Photo: Lisa Romerein

Using one of three complementary color pairings (red and green, purple and yellow, blue and orange) is a surefire way to create a bold and beautiful space. Discover our favorite complementary color schemes.

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Burnt Umber + Pacific Blue

dining room with patterned blue and orange chairs and curtains
Anthony Masterson

In this neutral dining room, the fabrics set the tone and color scheme. Burnt-orange covering on the slipper chairs brings out hints of orange in the window treatments. A rich shade of blue further ties the elements together. The warm tones of orange continue in the wood flooring and a farmhouse dining table.

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Cherry + Emerald

modern living room with red couch and green rug and chair
Nathan Schroder

Pure jewel tones give this white bedroom major touch of glamour. A cherry-red sofa at the foot of the bed accents a black-and-white bed and relates to its red accent pillow. A plush green rug with an art-deco animal print gives worldly flair, and an emerald velvet accent chair brings vintage luxury.

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Powder Blue + Tangerine

farmhouse white bedroom with orange and blue accents
Brie Williams

In this bedroom, neutrals dominate the surfaces, but powder-blue accents on the Euro shams and a yellow-orange patterned blanket add texture and depth. The colors are reminiscent of a warm summer day and give the bedroom an inviting feel.

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Your Guide to the Color Wheel

Before committing to a complementary color scheme, make sure you understand the color wheel. The segments of the color wheel represent the science behind color and show how they relate to one another. Because complementary colors are opposites on the wheel, when they're paired together, they create a dynamic look.

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Wisteria + Butterscotch

tan bedroom with magenta and gold accents
Brie Williams

A magenta bench matches the shades in this bed's silky accent pillows. A warm, butterscotch shade of yellow repeats on the bed frame and pillows. Surrounded by neutral walls and furnishings, the opposite colors star in this primary bedroom decor.

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Light Blue + Orange

sunny light blue and orange kitchen
Lisa Romerein

This kitchen enlists a soft shade of blue and vibrant orange to liven up a utilitarian room. Powder-blue cabinetry is a new twist on neutrals. The bright orange bar stools stand out in a kitchen otherwise dominated by muted tones.

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Lilac + Mustard

purple and yellow sitting room with glass table and round mirror
Robert Brantley

Textured lavender walls provide rich mustard-yellow leather armchairs with a soft background. A periwinkle throw furthers the contrast, while a large sunburst mirror brings out the gold tones in the chairs. Black accents contrast with the white woodwork.

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Peach + Turquoise

orange sitting room with blue painting and chair
Brian McWeeney

This home library goes for high impact with a striking combination of peach and turquoise. The mixture of warm and cool tones creates a major contrast, while the combination of unique patterns on the upholstery increases the interest. A bright blue abstract painting becomes the focal point on the orange walls.

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Pink + Sage

bedroom with green and red flowered wallpaper and canopy bed
Laura Moss

This romantic bedroom's floral accent wall mixes two complementary colors with a splash of white. The pale green background and flowing window treatments soften the lines of the classic board-and-batten paneling, while the bubblegum pink bed frame adds a punch of color.

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Fuchsia + Goldenrod

living room with mustard yellow couch and floor length pink curtains
Richard Leo Johnson

The curtains in this living room showcase how complementary colors can pop against each other. Yellow and purple are on the opposite sides of the color wheel, and putting them together makes for a rich and exciting contrast. The combination of fuchsia, plum, and golden yellow energizes the room's traditional furnishings.

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Red + Navy Blue

coral and blue warm sitting room
Adam Albright

A navy blue sofa establishes this room's complementary color scheme. Bright red patterned upholstery on the armchair is echoed in accent pillows. Shades of tan and brown provide the perfect backdrop.

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Mauve + Gold

purple and gold dining room with chaise lounge
Gordon Beall

It's important to consider hue, saturation, and tone when pairing complementary colors. This gorgeous dining area uses opposing muted tones for feminine flair. The two hues match in tone but contrast beautifully.

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Brick + Teal

spanish style bedroom with red and blue décor
Anthony Masterson

Deciding on a color scheme is easy if you use pure colors (hues that haven't been tinted with black or white). Directly opposite on the color wheel, blue-green and red-orange are a perfect contrast in this southwestern-inspired bedroom. The natural tones add to the room's rustic ambience.

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Dusty Purple + Chartreuse

brown wallpapered bedroom with yellow bed and purple curtains
Werner Straube

Warm purple curtains contrast beautifully with a tufted chartreuse bedframe and headboard. A patterned bench with sleek acrylic legs gives the bed an elegant finish. Bright white accents contrast well with the wallpaper and loft ceiling.

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Red Orange + Royal Blue

white loft room with blue and red color scheme and giant plant
Marty Baldwin

Bright colors balance a space with natural elements. Surrounding this blue sofa with natural tones and red-orange accents allows the cool color to pop. The combination of solid and patterned accents adds interest to the minimalist space.

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Lavender + Amber

eclectic pink, blue, and yellow midcentury sitting room
David A. Land

This living room's complementary colors, purple and yellow, have gray undertones that add subtlety to the palette. A yellow chair and abstract wall art pop against the pale walls. Neutral furniture throughout the rest of the space allows the complementary scheme to shine.

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Coral + Seafoam Green

sea foam bedroom with pink and white accents
Greg Scheidemann

A deliberate choice to contrast the tone and saturation of colors can lead to a surprising complementary color scheme. In this bedroom, the pairing of bright coral with pastel seafoam green brings life to the white bedding and neutral furnishings.

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Eggplant + Dandelion

pale green, pink, and yellow sitting room
Kimberly Gavin

The warm undertones of purple and yellow make a cozy pair in any room. Eggplant inside the shelves and on the window treatment matches the depth of the dark gray walls and couch. Bright golden yellow accents lighten the look.

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Mullberry + Chartreuse

foyer with magenta wall and green dresser
Kritsada Panichgul

The rich colors in this vignette are reminiscent of the bold colors of the 1960s. Berry-toned pink and chartreuse green give this corner an eye-catching allure. White woodwork emphasizes the room's crisp lines and breaks up the color.

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Hot Pink + Spring Green

gray living room with pink and green accents
Gordon Beall

This preppy scheme brings a pop of color to an otherwise neutral gray living room. Among white, gray and silver accents, the opposing colors really stand out. Reflective glass elements throughout the space add glamour.

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Raspberry + Mint

pink wallpapered bathroom with green accents
Edmund Barr

Complementary colors red and green don't always require pure tones. Variations on these basic colors can lead to a unique and bold statement. This bathroom's raspberry and mint palette proves that red and green tones don't need to scream "Christmas."

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Chartreuse + Royal Purple

blue green bathroom wallpaper
John Bessler

Deep purple and soft sage green make a pretty pair in floral wallpaper. Pops of bright chartreuse on hand towels and dried hydrangeas brighten the look. Natural finishes, including a wood vanity, stone flooring, and linen window treatments, temper the colorful powder room.

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Blush Pink + Sage Green

Pink shuttered doorway kitchen
Will Hopkins

For a cottage-style complementary color scheme, incorporate soft shades of green and pink. Here, blush-colored shutters open to reveal the kitchen, including a display of green vintage dinnerware. Casual stripes on the cabinets' fabric skirts pick up the pink.

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Orange + Blue

blue bunk beds with orange and grey accents
Dana Gallagher

For a no-fail complementary color scheme, turn to orange and blue. The vibrant hues are perfect for a shared children's bedroom and can be softened with warm gray walls and crisp white accents. Here, orange repeats in the bedding, wall art, and throw pillows, in contrast to powder blue bunk beds.

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