What Colors Go with Orange?

Terra cotta walls
Right in the middle of red and yellow on the color wheel, orange flirts with the daring side of red and evokes the sunny side of yellow. Its mood can change from contemporary and eccentric to happy and jubilant to quiet and reflective with just a few tweaks on the color wheel. Find your favorite mood with some of these orange color schemes.

Creamsicle + Pale Blue + White

The sweet color of sherbet lends a bit of light-hearted cheer to this bedroom’s formal overtones. The fruity shade covers a bench at the foot of the bed and serves up a goldfish on a throw pillow. Working as an accent color, the orange hue is infused with more light pigments than dark. Similarly, companion colors, pale blue and soft lilac, are perfect complements because of their lighter tones. Here, colors are cheery with a softer side, especially with cool white walls as a backdrop.

Cayenne + Dark Chocolate

Like the powerful combination of hot spice and chocolate, this delicious concoction works equally well in decor. Orange red accents pop against warm brown walls. The color is repeated in small but powerful doses: throw pillows, garden stools, statues, and drapery trim. Creamy white offers a cool finish.

Bittersweet + Turquoise + White

This Mandarin-inspired dining room exudes bold style in colors, furnishings, and accents. Wallpaper offers depth with its layers of orange tones in a branch print. Vibrant Asian-theme artwork is a standout with its azure background. White Chippendale-style chairs and a collection of white vases work with the Far East theme and play to the whites in the artwork.

Hunters Orange + Weathered Wood + Gray

This room takes on the properties of a sophisticated woodsy retreat thanks to the bold use of orange and the weathered wood plank walls. Masculine in tone, the furnishings are simple with clean lines. Orange springs up on linens, the striped rug, and the undertones in the wood walls. A woven wood lampshade showcases a variety of shades and grains. Warm gray accents offer the coziness of a flannel shirt.

Floral Bouquet + Cream

A loose bouquet of pink tulips, orange ranunculus, and orange roses pull together all the colors in this multitonal room. Shades of orange, including rust and dusty rose play off each other. A variety of fabrics, each just one shade off from the other (much like the strips on a paint chip), provides depth to the seemingly monochromatic scheme. Taupe walls and creamy linens play to the soft orange tones.

Apricot + Black + White

Bold swaths of apricot and black add contemporary flair to traditional decor in this living area. The bold paint choice almost takes a backseat to the graphic black-and-white patterns in the pillows and chevron print rug. Simple creamy white pieces such as the wingback chairs, pleated lampshade, and painted bookcase let the stronger colors take the stage.

Persimmon + Blue + Light Wood

In a white kitchen, most any accent color can work, but the clean contemporary styling on cabinets and finishes -- along with the stainless appliances -- begged for something with edge. Here, a persimmon hue on the island complements the azure blue barstools. For just enough of an extra kick, the designer introduced a wooden hood above the stove.

Pumpkin + Brown + Off-White

An antique bed, painted chest, thick crown molding, and wide plank floors give this room a New England feel. The painted chest sets the autumnal tone for the palette. Walls reflect the frosty pumpkin hues found in the chest. Bed pillows and a matelasse coverlet repeat the hue in varying tones. Off-white on the ceiling and window treatments, along with a pale finish on the floors, wrap the bedroom in a cocoon of cream.

Burnt Orange + Turf Green + Warm White

Mix orange and green and the result is brown. These tones are found in a combination on a brown chair and separately in vibrant, earthy accents in this mostly white room. Orange dominates the scheme and spreads out across the grand room to unify the space. It pops on ottomans, Chippendale chairs, pillow fabric, and decorative accents. Grass green roman shades frame the garden view. Their combined effort results in a white armchair upholstered in brown.

Tangerine + Ebony + Cream

Vibrant orange wallpaper with a pattern of white flowering branches dominates this bedroom. Part plain elegance with a touch of exotic, this bold pattern makes its mark while the secondary items offer a more quiet statement. A black side chair and table lamp, along with a dark blanket on the bed, add some depth while grounding the bold wall covering.

Carrot + Warm Gray + White

In this bedroom, a small orange bedside table makes a big statement. The brightest color in the room takes the focus while gray walls, a white iron bed frame, and an heirloom quilt work in harmony to put the focus on this single accent. Color used sparingly and deliberately can be just as effective as an entire scheme.

Fire Orange + Fuchsia + Black

Contemporary furnishings are perfect for the fresh, edgy combination of orange and pink. This room proves that color can be effective in small doses without breaking a budget. To add to the charm, shelves above the bed display do-it-yourself pink artwork in orange frames.

Peach + Pastels

Peachy walls prove the perfect backdrop to unify the country fresh florals and accessories in this living room. Each fabric, quilt, floral pattern, and artwork has either a complementary shade of the peachy orange (pale blue) or an offshoot of the wall color (pale yellow, red, pink). When mixing and matching many different colors and patterns, every piece should relate in some way or provide a link to another, whether it is a cohesive style or color way.

Playful Orange + White

High-gloss varnished panels double as modern art and as headboards in this twin bedroom. The bold tangerine is a standout against white walls and white bedding. The opposing windows add depth and an ever-changing reflection. Here, accessories are minimal in contemporary style. A singular floating shelf (also orange) holds a pair of simple candlestick lamps. Stuffed animals add light-hearted animation.

Desert Sand + Sunset Orange + Brown

Like the sun setting over a desert, this comfy bedroom nook welcomes evening shades in dusky hues of desert sand, golden orange, and red. The warm wall color bridges the spectrum between the brown furnishings, striped fabrics, and the brighter accessory colors.

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