Blue Color Schemes

Got the blues? Let us guide you with a selection of blue color schemes for your rooms that are sure to lighten your mood.

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    Primary Color Scheme

    Blue + Red + Yellow

    A down-to-basics palette of blue, red, and yellow looks anything but ordinary in this living room. Dramatic blue walls get a splash of contrast from red furniture and a smattering of red accessories. Hints of yellow scattered throughout the space help to mellow the other, more dramatic hues.

    Get Your Color Match

    Find the paint color that matches the mood you want in your room.

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    Dreamy Color Scheme

    Sky Blue + Lavender

    Pastel blues featured on various surfaces throughout this living room play nicely with soft lavender accessories. Various textures, from the grass-cloth-covered celing to the tufted sofa and fluffy area rug, add interest to the matching blue tones. Lavender accents also break up the tone-on-tone scheme but don't overpower the room's calming aesthetic.

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    Better Blue Color Schemes

    Watch and see three smart and new ways to use blue in a color scheme.

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    Complementary Color Scheme

    Blue-Gray + Tangerine + Crimson

    Sometimes a splash of blue can go a long way. A blue-gray painted island makes a striking style statement in this trendy kitchen. Accents of bold tangerine and deep crimson lend hints of contrast. The gray subway tile backsplash subtly reflects the hue of the island.

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    Gentle Color Scheme

    Soft Blue + Peach + White

    A bathroom awash with soft blue hues gives off a tranquil and relaxing energy. Plentiful hits of white, such as the painted furniture-style vanity and marble tub surround, provide subtle contrast to the pastel blue walls. Whimsical circular floor tiles in a soft peach tone add a splash of complementary color.

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    Cool Color Scheme

    Watch and see how blue can be used in a cool color scheme.

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    Energetic Color Scheme

    Navy Blue + Saffron

    In this dining room, an array of trendy patterns in shades of navy blue expertly contrasts warm, saffron-color walls. The striking ikat draperies create a dramatic focal point, while the striped area rug and tribal-print seat cushions continue the parade of patterns. The various patterns work well together because of their unified palette and variation in scale.

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    Feminine Color Scheme

    Sky Blue + Pink

    A pairing of blue walls and pink accessories creates a pretty, feminine vibe in this sunny living room. Splashes of pink on throw pillows and other decorative elements add warmth to the steely blue hue of the walls. Warm neutrals and hints of gold stablilze the sweet color palette to ensure it doesn't become juvenile.

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    Spa-Like Color Scheme

    Watery Blue + Taupe + Buttery Yellow

    Shimmering blue tiles forming the tub and shower surround in this bathroom instantly convey a tranquil, spa-like energy. The taupe hue on the narrow vanity complements the tilework, as does the buttery yellow wall behind the vanity.

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    Boyish Color Scheme

    Denim Blue + Cherry Red

    Take a cue from this boys' room and make colored flooring work to your decorating advantage. Blue carpeting looks great when paired with neutral white walls and red and blue accessories. Although blue reigns supreme here, a handful of red accent pieces ensures the bedroom looks anything but one-note.




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    Eclectic Color Scheme

    Electric Blue + Orchid + Lime

    Bold blue walls paired with equally striking accent colors -- such as purple, lime green, and hot pink -- give this living room youthful energy. Neutral-color furniture allows the colorful walls and accessories to shine. A collection of various art prints on one wall gives the room a relaxed and eclectic vibe.



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    Luxe Color Scheme

    Steel Blue + Silver + Pearl

    Serene blue goes glam with accents of silver gray and pearl white. The palette, a subtle nod to the ocean, evokes a sophisticated feel, especially when sumptuous fabrics and elegant details emanate throughout the room.

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    Upbeat Color Scheme

    Shades of Blue + Lemon Yellow

    Multiple shades of blue -- from the deep blue wicker chair to the pale blue sofa -- mix and mingle with lemon yellow accents plus textural neutrals such as beige and white.

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    Nature-Inspired Color Scheme

    Ocean Blue + Coral Red + Leafy Green

    Green and blue are a natural pair -- think sky and trees or a stream in the forest. Make any room comfy by including this duo -- used here on the walls and in accents -- then throw in red from the warm side of the color wheel to balance the two cool hues.

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    No-Fail Color Scheme

    Cobalt + Black + White

    Dark colors have an air of authority about them -- think of uniforms and suits -- that bring gravitas to room decor. When you want to create impact with one splash of color, as on this island in a mostly white kitchen, cobalt blue paint plus a black countertop and black chairs do the job.

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    Refined Color Scheme

    China Blue + Rosy Beige

    A neutral foundation of rosy beige walls and white sofas allows pops of china blue to make a statement in this living room. Pattern takes shape in the blue damask ottoman, the blue-and-white striped drapery panels, and pretty floral pillows.

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    Rich Color Scheme

    Cerulean + Slate + Mahogany

    Create a sophisticated statement by combining three saturated hues. Here, a background of darkly stained wood furniture is the catalyst that propels cerulean blue chair covers to focal-point status. While semigloss paint is a popular choice for dining room walls, matte paint in slate gray is the subtle background to showcase the room's blue elements. A honey-color jute rug provides a light base to ground a room full of dark hues.

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    Beachside Color Scheme

    Denim + Brown + Linen

    While beachside looks are typically casual, the decor can take a sophisticated turn with a few simple updates. Here, a beach-inspired color scheme of denim blue, reed brown, and linen white is applied with a nod to traditional styling. Wingback chairs upholstered in a blue-and-white stripe add classic appeal to the oceanside aesthetic. Darkly stained furniture and flooring also introduce the classic vibe, while the hue evokes a beach-house look on bamboo shades. White walls, trimwork, and built-ins contribute the lightness that is a hallmark of beach decor.

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    All-American Color Scheme

    Blue + Red + White

    In a room where your family spends some of its best times, what could be more appealing than red, white, and blue? Mix in several shades of blue, from light to dark, to keep the look fresh.

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    Nautical Color Scheme

    Ocean Blue + Off-White + Red

    Get a maritime look with a nautical color scheme. Use off-white on the upper walls and ceiling, pale ocean blue on the main wall areas, and white upholstery or bedding -- as seen in this pretty bedroom -- then add accents in red and blue. Include shipshape wood furniture for additional warmth.

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    Family-Friendly Color Scheme

    Baby Blue + Grass Green + Camel

    For a cheery color combo in a family-focused room, you can't beat the country's most popular color, blue, and its cool partner, green. Throw in a bit of neutral, such as this kid-proof camel-color sofa, and you've got a palette the whole family can live with.

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    Confident Color Scheme

    Peacock Blue + White

    A bold shade can speak volumes in a small space. Peacock-blue wallpaper commands attention in this foyer; it's balanced with the right amount of white in the background of the print and framed with crisp white woodwork. The blue hue repeats in the striped runner for a perfectly polished look.

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    Retro Color Scheme

    Cerulean + Ebony + Ivory

    Bold color and graphic patterns from iconic 1960s and '70s designs put a happy face on this condo dining nook. Cerulean blue mixed with black-and-white patterns and streamlined furnishings create a sophisticated but not-too-serious look.

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