23 Brilliant Blue Color Palettes for Every Style of Decor

contemporary bedroom blue walls
Photo: Brie Williams

Decorating with blue works well in any style of home. Blue can be soft and soothing or bold and energetic. Wide-ranging shades of blue pair well with nearly every other color. If you're not sure where to start, look to these inspiring interiors with beautiful blue color palettes.

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Dramatic Blue Color Palette

Living room with blue seating and TV
James Nathan Schroder

Blue + Fuschia + Stormy Gray

Make a strong style statement with a selection of deeply saturated colors. Pair cool blues with vivid fuschia to energize a living room with personality. A dark-gray wall color can help temper the intensity by providing a solid neutral background.

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Elegant Blue Color Palette

Dining room with wooden table and pink chairs
Annie Schlecther

Soft Blue + Dusty Rose + Gold

Combine subtle pastel shades for an elegant, feminine color scheme. Pink and blue look even prettier when coupled with intricate furniture details and floral motifs. Make the colors really shine with high-gloss paint sheens and gold metal finishes.

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No-Fail Blue Color Palette

nautical blue kitchen island and seagrass stools
Joyelle West

Blue + White + Black

Create an impact in a bright white space with a single splash of color. Paint the kitchen island blue, for example, to make an all-white cooking space feel more modern. Add small doses of black (through hardware, light fixtures, or accessories) for a contemporary look.

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Upbeat Blue Color Palette

bedroom navy blue headboard

Navy Blue + Mustard Yellow

Choose colors on opposite sides of the color wheel to create energizing, high-contrast color schemes. Blue and yellow make a refreshing combination for bedrooms and living areas. Tone down the brightness by choosing darker shades like navy and mustard yellow.

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Jewel-Tone Blue Color Palette

dining room home decor blue chairs black table
Annie Schlechter

Sapphire + Emerald + Amethyst

Create a sophisticated statement by combining three saturated jewel tones. Rich shades of blue, green, and purple create a luxurious color combination that's perfect for formal spaces, such as the dining room. Use plush materials like velvet and large-scale patterns to enhance the upscale feel.

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Bold Blue Color Palette

blue mantel and living room
Michael Partenio

Cerulean + Lime + Coral

Go bold with vibrant, splashy colors for a personality-filled living space. Paint walls a striking cerulean, then set them off with lime green and coral accents. To help guide your color palette, pull out hues from a colorful pillow or piece of artwork you love. By drawing inspiration from an existing item, you can be sure the hues will go together.

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Primary Color Palette

living room with blue couch colorful throw pillows
Greg Scheidemann

Blue + Red + Yellow

Put a new spin on this basic primary color palette with updated shades of blue, red, and yellow. A denim blue sofa, for example, looks livelier when contrasted with throw pillows, an area rug, and accessories in sunny yellow and salmon. Use neutral wall colors and accent furniture to balance the other, more dramatic hues.

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Dreamy Blue Color Palette

sky blue and lavender living room
John Bessler 

Sky Blue + Lavender

Pastel blues play nicely with soft lavender accessories to form a soothing color scheme. Bring in various textures, such as a grasscloth wallcovering or a fluffy area rug, to add interest to the similar tones. Plenty of white and natural light can help these subtle shades stand out.

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How to Choose Blue Color Schemes

Blues can be blended into a color scheme in many different ways. You can experiment with the hue on walls, furniture, draperies, and accessories in both solids and patterns. Watch to see the best ways to incorporate blue in your palette.

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Complementary Blue Color Palette

kitchen with orange and blue accents
Lincoln Barbour

Blue-Gray + Tangerine + Crimson

Small hits of color can go a long way. Here, a blue-gray painted island makes a striking statement in this trendy kitchen. Accents of bold tangerine and deep crimson lend hints of contrast, while the gray subway tile backsplash subtly reflects the hue of the island.

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Calming Blue Color Palette

soft blue bathroom
Gordon Beall

Soft Blue + Peach + White

A bathroom awash with soft blue hues gives off a tranquil and relaxing energy. Plentiful hits of white, such as the painted furniture-style vanity and marble tub surround, provide subtle contrast to the pastel blue walls. Whimsical circular floor tiles in a soft peach tone add a splash of complementary color.

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Energetic Blue Color Palette

navy and yellow dining room
Tria Giovan 

Navy Blue + Saffron + White

In this dining room, an array of trendy patterns in shades of navy blue expertly contrasts warm, saffron-color walls. The striking ikat draperies create a dramatic focal point, while the striped area rug and tribal-print seat cushions continue the parade of patterns. The various patterns work well together because of their unified blue color palette and variation in scale.

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Feminine Blue Color Palette

blue living room
Michael Partenio

Sky Blue + Pink + Linen

A pairing of blue walls and pink accessories creates a pretty, feminine quality in this sunny living room. Splashes of pink on throw pillows and other decorative elements add warmth to the steely blue hue of the walls. Warm neutrals and hints of gold stabilize the sweet color palette to ensure it doesn't become juvenile.

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Spa-Like Blue Color Palette

bathroom with blue tile wall
Greg Scheidemann

Watery Blue + Taupe + Buttery Yellow

Shimmering blue tiles forming the tub and shower surround in this bathroom instantly convey a calm, spa-like energy. The taupe hue on the narrow vanity complements the tilework, as does the buttery yellow wall color. Because these colors have warmer undertones, they help balance the cool blue tiles.

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Kids' Blue Color Palette

blue and red bedroom
Kevin Miyazaki 

Denim Blue + Cherry Red

Blue and red is a cheerful, easygoing combination that's perfect for kids' spaces. Enliven a room with neutral white walls using red and blue rugs, fabrics, and accessories. Mix solid colors with classic stripe patterns for a more dynamic look.

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Luxe Blue Color Palette

contemporary bedroom blue walls
Brie Williams

Steel Blue + Silver + Pearl

Serene blue goes glam with accents of silver-gray and pearly white. A subtle nod to the ocean, the palette evokes a soothing yet sophisticated feel. Layer sumptuous fabrics and metallic details throughout the room to enhance the luxe look.

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Nature-Inspired Blue Color Palette

blue living room with wood ceiling
Tria Giovan

Ocean Blue + Coral Red + Leafy Green

Green and blue is a familiar color combination often seen in nature. This common duo, used here on the walls and in accents, helps establish an inviting atmosphere in living spaces. Throw in red from the warm side of the color wheel to balance the two cool hues.

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Refined Blue Color Palette

blue and beige living room
Michael Garland

China Blue + Rosy Beige

A neutral foundation of warm beige walls and white sofas allows pops of china blue to make a statement in this living room. Pattern takes shape in the blue damask ottoman, the blue-and-white striped drapery panels, and pretty floral pillows. A handful of black accents add distinction and contrast.

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Beachy Blue Color Palette

sophisticated beach theme
Michael Partenio

Cobalt + Brown + Linen

While beachside looks are typically casual, the decor can take a sophisticated turn with a few simple updates. Here, a coastal-inspired color scheme of cobalt, rich brown, and linen white is applied with a nod to traditional styling. Wingback chairs upholstered in a blue-and-white stripe add classic appeal to the oceanside aesthetic. Darkly stained furniture and flooring also introduce the classic ambience, while the hue evokes a beach-house look on bamboo shades. White walls, trimwork, and built-ins contribute the lightness that is a hallmark of beach decor.

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All-American Color Scheme

red, white and blue living room
John Bessler 

Blue + Red + White

A peppy, patriotic color scheme works well in rooms intended for gatherings and lively conversation. Incorporate red, white, and blue decor in a variety of patterns for a spirited effect. Mix in several shades of blue, from light to dark, to keep the look fresh.

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Nautical Blue Color Palette

photo headboard
Robert Brinson

Ocean Blue + Off-White + Scarlet

Get a maritime look with a nautical color scheme. Use off-white on the upper walls and ceiling, pale ocean blue on the main wall areas, and white upholstery or bedding, as seen in this pretty bedroom. Bright red accents and warm wooden furnishings help bolster the subtle nautical motif.

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Confident Blue Color Palette

blue and white wallpaper
Kim Cornelison

Peacock Blue + White + Yellow

A bold shade can speak volumes in a small space. Although peacock-blue wallpaper commands attention in this foyer, it's balanced with crisp white woodwork and bright pops of yellow. The blue hue repeats in the striped runner for a perfectly polished look.

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Retro Blue Color Palette

powder blue two-toned wall paint with tile greeting
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Powder Blue + Ebony + Ivory

Use bold color and graphic patterns to energize a tight space. Here, powder blue mixed with black-and-white tiles and streamlined furnishings creates a sophisticated but not-too-serious look. A two-tone wall treatment helps prevent the bright blue paint color from taking over the entryway.

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