Go beyond beige for a lasting color scheme you'll love in your home. Discover our favorite shades and combos that stand the test of time.


Color palettes don't get any more simple or classic than black and white. The high-contrast combination is sophisticated and dramatic.

Silvery accents and appliances keep this kitchen on the cool side, but the rich wood floor and shelves add warmth that keeps the snappy palette from looking too stark. The beauty of a black-and-white pairing is that any accent works with it. Warm it up or add more contrast at will!

Turquoise + Cobalt + Sky Blue

teal and white bedroom

Blue is the new black when it comes to timeless neutral color. In this bedroom, various shades of blue create interest. Texture is key when creating monochromatic color schemes, delivered in this room by grass cloth. Neutral accents like beige give an all-blue palette breathing room.

Beige + Blue + Green + Gray

living room

Walls with a golden undertone lead the way for layers of beiges and grays. Top the perfect neutral mix with inky blue and earthy green, featured on fabric and artwork in this cozy living room. In muddied shades, blue and green feel at home together and prove that colors can act as neutrals.

Charcoal + Creamy White + Linen

Living room

Charcoal gray has multiple personalities. Paired with shiny fabrics and finishes, it's uptown. With linen fabrics and patinaed metals, it's down to earth. Creamy white and beige furniture make a room painted with charcoal gray seem light and prove that a space doesn't need bright colors to be interesting.

Creamy White + Brown + Leaf Green

rustic living room

A calming white foundation -- walls, curtains, and furniture -- welcomes any color. Brown grounds this classic color scheme, as seen in this living room's furniture and window treatments. Leaf green pillows provide sprinkle-it-around accent color. A few small touches of gray give the palette an of-the-moment update.

Indigo + Gray + White

blue dining

Indigo has a reputation for being moody, exotic, and complex, but the classic hue that hovers between blue and violet is also quite livable when used in small doses. Indigo enriches gray walls to help a cool color scheme seem warmer.

One thing to remember about a deep color like indigo: A small amount can make a big prescence.

Bright White + Orange + Navy

Classic Color Scheme

Opposites attract, and colors directly across from each other on the color wheel, like orange and blue, can never fail. Keep the complementary colors ageless by containing the shades to accent pieces and pairing with a hefty dose of white.

Greige + Cream + Russet

living room

Gray, meet beige. Greige, which combines the warmth of beige with the sophistication of gray, is broadening neutral horizons. While it works in many styles, it is an especially strong choice for rustic decor. Accents of cream and russet brighten the nature-inspired scheme.

Silver + Seafoam

neutral bedroom with soft blue walls

The silvery side of gray can give a room a little twinkle. It's an alternative to stark white and fits right in with the trend toward soft, livable colors. 

To accentuate the frostiness of gray, pair it with a cool color. In this bedroom, light touches of teal move the space from a monochromatic scheme to a fresh-looking two-color palette.

Earthy Greens + Yellow


Nature is a good teacher if you want to build a palette with green. The many shades live in hamony, including moss, olive, and chartreuse. Ground the look and bring depth to a natural color scheme with black accents. Warm, golden yellows keep the hues from looking contrived.

Navy + Bright White + Yellow

Classic Color Scheme

Look to nature for an ageless paint palette. Deep-sea blues and cresting whitecaps inspire this traditional color scheme. Touches of navy, cobalt, royal, and aqua blues get a lift from clean white furnishings. Little pops of yellow warm things up.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
November 13, 2018
i like the mood board idea it helps bring it all together before you actually start
Better Homes & Gardens Member
October 11, 2018
Yellow is a great color, and here it was ONLY used for small things. I don;t understand why.
Better Homes & Gardens Member
October 10, 2018
All of these are lovely!