If you're a fan of Greenery, Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year, you are not alone! This bright, cheery green is pretty and versatile and can fit in with nearly any decor.

By Cyndy Aldred
April 06, 2017
Greenery Combos

Pantone's Greenery is a fresh and lively green that is the perfect balance between a citrus and a moss green. We are excited to see Greenery as this year's color pick because it's such a fresh and versatile color.

Traditional Twist


Liven up traditional decor by adding a dose of this springy green to a conventional navy, white, and teal color combination. Look for accessories like pillows and rugs to work this fun shade of green into your home.

Subtle Contrast in Softer Spaces


Benjamin Moore Fresh Grass green adds subtle contrast to a space with a serene color palette. Although this shade of green can be a bright pop of color, it blends beautifully with lighter, soothing shades of white and pale blues.

Incorporate this lovely hue into softer color combinations via throw blankets or lush green plants and flowers.

Drama with Dark Shades

Greenery Combos

In spaces with rich, dark color palettes, Behr Springview Green can make a statement and add some drama. In otherwise neutral color combinations, this lively green can boost the wow factor while perfectly complementing darker colors like black and dark gray.

Rugs, pillows, and art are easy ways to accessorize with green among the dark decor items.

Pale Sophistication


Mixing a shade of green like Benjamin Moore Fresh Grass with a more muted color like pale pink creates a soft, sophisticated color palette. Green tends to be a chameleon-type color and blends beautifully into almost any color combination. When paired with muted, pale colors, this shade of green no longer appears so bright.

Paint an accent wall or add pretty pops of green on lamps, quilts, and pillows with pale and muted colors.

Lively with White


Greens in the moss and citrus families, like Behr Intoxication, evoke nature and fresh greenery. When you mix this color into all-white spaces, you get a fresh splash of color with an organic feel.

Easily incorporate this outdoorsy shade of green in an all-white space like a kitchen by painting a door, table, or island.

Bright and Bold


In spaces with bright and bold color combinations, Sherwin-Williams Electric Lime is the ideal shade of green to bring a big dose of playful drama. Adding white helps ground and balance the mix of bold colors in a space, so choose white for larger furniture pieces like tables and seating.

Consider painting an accent wall or adding patterned wallpaper that includes a bright shade of green alongside bold colors.

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