14 Red, White, and Blue Decor Ideas for Patriotic Decor All Year

blue and white stripe wall, bathroom, white vanity

Red, white, and blue decor never looked so stylish! Decorate your home with stars, stripes, and patriotic colors to show off your American pride. These looks are perfect for summer holidays but can also last all year round.

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Stars and Stripes Forever

vaulted cottage room with red and blue textiles

When you have a statement couch like this one, you don't need much for the rest of the room. Keep the walls white and the other furnishings simple. Add a few solid blue pillows to your sofa and you'll have subtle patriotic decor that you can keep up all year.

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Patterns with Punch

modern patriotic dining area with blue striped rug

Start your day with a cheerful red, white, and blue breakfast nook. The bench, cabinet, rug, and curtains in this dining room all have traces of blue that make red accents stand out. With fun, mismatched furniture, the dining room is a playful take on the patriotic color scheme.

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Summer Sensation

red and blue rustic cottage dormer bedroom

The red, white, and blue in this bedroom hardly read as patriotic. When paired with another theme, such as rustic cabin decor, the iconic colors take a backseat. Choose one to be your bright, stand-out color, and let the rest fall in place wherever they fit.

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Fun and Festive

fireplace with blue tile and red chairs

This living room brings a glamorous spin to the traditional red, white, and blue color scheme. With a gold-framed mirror and luxurious velvet chairs, it looks more upscale than most patriotic decor. Small doses of pink and white tame the primary colors.

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Time to Celebrate

porch, red white and blue decor, rocking chair

Basic red, white, and blue furniture looks subtle when done in small doses. This screened-in porch instantly becomes ready for summer with the addition of festive throws, pillows, and planters. Use black accents to ground your color scheme and make it more sophisticated.

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Vintage Revival

twin beds, beds, bedroom

With a nod to America's past, this red, white, and blue bedroom is casual yet charming. Primitive-style artwork hangs above beds dressed in striped comforters and blue and red pillows. A basket of baseballs and a vintage dresser serve as odes to the past.

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Oh, So Simple

cobalt blue wall, red accents, red, white and blue decor

Accessories make it easy to decorate this eclectic living room in a patriotic way. The wall is already painted a deep blue, so all that's left is to add festive flowers and red and white pillows. Keeping the sofa and area rug neutral prevent the color scheme from being too overbearing.

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Dining with Patriotic Flair

flag, USA, dining

A white dining room is a perfect backdrop for pops of color. This summer dining table has been embellished with posh red, white, and blue accessories for a seasonal brunch. A hanging American flag is the finishing touch for this home's patriotic decor.

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Young Patriots

red white and blue bedroom, bunk beds, ladder

Modern flair mixes with American pride in this shared children's bedroom. Instead of using intense flag colors on the walls, plain white keeps the room airy. Bright red and deep blue bedding stay true to Old Glory's colors. An upstairs reading nook adds a fun touch to the room.

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Interpret the Image

art and headboards, Red, white and blue decor, bedroom

Just a few pure, simple forms in red, white, and blue carry the theme in this traditional room. The room's neutral coloring is enhanced by a vivid red, white, and blue throw. The effect is festive but not overwhelming.

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Paint Job

bhg, better homes and gardens, kitchen, remodel, remodeling ideas, makeovers, budget, home improvement, house, budget kitchens under $2,000

Patriotic decorating ideas aren't limited to the summer months. Channel American spirit year-round with red and white cabinets, blue walls, and complementary servingware. Fresh greenery and open shelving break up the scheme.

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American Accessories

Adorned bookshelf, white bookshelf, nautical glassware, red and white pottery, decorative objects, Better Homes and Gardens, bhg.com, 100 Days of Holidays, Holidays, 2009, Christmas, indoor decoration

Put open shelving units to good use by proudly displaying your favorite American wares. Look for glassware in red, white, and blue color schemes. Bonus points if they feature stars or stripes.

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Nautical Twist

blue and white stripe wall, bathroom, white vanity

This bathroom is dominated by deep navy paired with cool white. But small hints of red—like on the soap dispenser—add a touch of patriotic decor. The nautical style also helps the red, white, and blue color scheme from feeling too cliche the rest of the year.

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Proudly American

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A vintage flag displayed as artwork sets the tone for patriotic decorations. Neutral furniture in oatmeal and cognac stand as a quiet backdrop for bold blue and red accessories. Unique accents mix modern styling with country simplicity.

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