The Best Interior Paint Colors for a Foolproof Palette

If you're on the hunt for the best interior paint colors, you've come to the right place. Developing a complementary color palette is a must for any well-designed room, but it's not always as easy as picking out a few paint chips. To help you out, we've rounded up some of our favorite colors from a variety of paint brands, all organized by color family. Whether you prefer warm neutrals, soothing blues, or fiery reds, you're sure to find your ideal match in our guide.

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The Top Neutral Paint Colors

stony tone paint lids
Adam Albright

Neutral paint colors provide a calm, versatile foundation for any color scheme. If you're craving a cozy atmosphere, warm neutral hues like taupe and camel deliver both richness and comfort. On the cooler side of the spectrum, shades of gray and silver can provide a clean, contemporary feel. These neutral picks are some of the best interior paint colors for creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere in living rooms, bedrooms, and more.

Suggested paint colors:

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Go-To Green Paint Colors

five shades of green paint surrounded by leaves
Carson Downing

Verdant shades of green have been among the top trending hues over the past few years and it's easy to see why. Depending on the exact shade, this versatile palette can skew energizing, peaceful, or a bit of both. Vibrant hues like apple green lend an uplifting feeling, while cooler tones like eucalyptus and hunter green feel soothing and grounding. Add any of the pretty picks below to a living room, kitchen, or entryway for the perfect nature-inspired scene.

Suggested paint colors:

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The Best Gray Paint Colors

stones and driftwood arranged around gray paint lids
Greg Scheidemann

Considered one of the most versatile paint hues out there, gray has the flexibility to complement nearly any palette or room. To help guide your selection, consider the undertones of other colors in your space and do your best to match them with a warm or cool-toned gray. For a true neutral that goes with everything, look for a balanced gray that doesn't lean too far towards any one tone. It will act as the perfect starting point for any room's design.

Suggested paint colors:

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Calming Blue Paint Colors

overhead view of blue pattern swatches and fabric with shades of paint on lids
Carson Downing

If a calming, relaxed environment is what you're after, there's no better shade for your home than blue. This perennial favorite comes in a variety of tones, which means it can suit any style or preference. Use these blue paint colors to create an at-home sanctuary in your bedroom, bathroom, and living areas.

Suggested paint colors:

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Top Earth Tones

neutral amber colored paint lids
Adam Albright

Earth-tone paint colors borrow inspiration from nature for a warm, grounding effect. Shades can range from bold amber to sandy beige, all with the express purpose of creating a comforting, restorative atmosphere. Utilize these landscape-inspired hues throughout your living and dining spaces to create an inviting atmosphere.

Suggested paint colors:

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Landscape-Like Paint Colors

Green black and tan paint lids
Adam Albright

Look to the outdoors for a palette that rejuvenates the mind and soothes the senses. Nature-derived paint colors can borrow inspiration from leafy plants, colorful flowers, rich soil, and more. Pair this palette of invigorating hues with plenty of texture and live greenery to enhance their natural appeal.

Suggested paint colors:

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Favorite Shades of White

paint lids and pearls
Adam Albright

With so many nuanced options to choose from, selecting the perfect white paint color for your home can be a challenge. White tones can be tinted with shades of blue, pink, yellow, or another color to lessen the starkness of this go-to neutral. To find your perfect shade, consider the kind of light your room receives and opt for a shade that either brightens or softens the look. More than anything, it's always a good idea to try a white paint swatch out in your room before committing.

Suggested paint colors:

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The Top Yellow Paint Colors

yellow paint chalk pencils
Adam Albright

Give your home a vibrant lift with this sunny, happy hue. Yellow paint colors can range from pale butter to rich mustard, with each shade bringing its own personality to the table. Whether your chosen hue leans warm or cool, yellow can serve as the ideal visual pick-me-up in cheery kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways.

Suggested paint colors:

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Best Beige Paint Colors

warm paint lids
Adam Albright

Beige is revered as one of the best interior paint colors for its warmth and ability to pair with a wide range of hues. To avoid a dull, drab look, incorporate a variety of textures and finishes into the design of your room. Visually interesting materials like leather, silk, linen, and sisal can easily add a dynamic richness to a neutral beige palette.

Suggested paint colors:

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Sorbet-Inspired Paint Colors

paint lids coral pink orange
Adam Albright

Inject a juicy dose of refreshing color with a pastel paint palette that gets its inspiration from sorbet. Pale shades of pink and orange offer a livelier alternative to white in bedrooms, bathrooms, and even offices. To avoid an overly sweet look, anchor these interior paint colors with bolder shades, such as turquoise or green.

Suggested paint colors:

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The Best Black Paint Colors

various black and white crafting material and white flowers
Dera Burreson

Choosing black as an interior paint color is a daring choice that can lend an edgy, modern look to any room in your home. Try it in a bedroom for a cozy, enveloping feel or use the hue as a moody accent in the living room. Like any paint color, shades of black can have various undertones, so pay attention to these underlying hues when making your selection.

Suggested paint colors:

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Popular Purple Paint Colors

orchids arranged around purple paint lids
Kim Cornelison

Add regal sophistication to your room with a rich, saturated purple hue. As a mix of red and blue, purple can lean either warm or cool, so it's important to choose a tone that will accent your home well. Select a vibrant pink-purple to energize the space or a pale, blue-toned shade for soothing sweetness.

Suggested paint colors:

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