Teal Blue Paint Colors

Midway between blue and green, teal brings dramatic—yet cheery—energy.

teal paint color

Teal seems like a bold choice when you're choosing a color palette, but if used correctly, the blue-green hue can provide sophistication. Learn how to incorporate teal blue paint colors and the right accent hues to go with it.

Teal + Cream

blue room

Using teal blue paint colors for both walls and furniture could easily become overwhelming, but the cream curtains break up the space just enough to keep the pop of color without being too vibrant. The green in the chairs pulls your eye to the smaller green accents around the room, creating a perfect balance.

Paint color: Coat of Arms 763, benjaminmoore.com

How to Decorate with Blue Walls

Teal + Espresso

teal paint color

Brighten up dark teal walls and woodwork with a rainbow of accessories. This painted built-in shelving unit begs for bright splashes of color, and the pillows and vibrant assortment of books pop against hits of rich espresso and moody teal in this space.

Teal + Peach

teal paint color
Color Made Easy CMR_5664173

Using patterns that include your accent color is an easy way to blend a color palette. This room is almost exclusively peach and soft creams, so solid teal elements would feel out of place. The chairs, back wall, and blanket all use teal with accents of peach and cream, pulling the whole room together while perfectly marrying an unlikely color combination.

Teal + Fuchsia + Yellow

teal paint color
Nancy Nolan photographed Udouj Residence in Ft Smith, AR Interior Design by Tobi Fairley

With mustard, teal, and purple all in the same room, this space has a lot going on. The purple and mustard are both carried in various elements throughout the room, making the chairs the main element. With muted tones, the gray and purple rug ties the space together and gives the eye a good place to rest so the mix of colors doesn't become too much.

Like this shade of teal? Try this: Briny SW6775, sherwin-williams.com

Teal + Neutrals + Jade

Teal paint color

Neutral spaces are great for bringing in a strong accent color. But rather than using teal as the primary accent, this space utilizes bold jade green elements throughout the room, with teal as the secondary accent color. The teal stools pick up the green tones and are subtle enough to match without overwhelming the space with color.

Teal + Charcoal

Footed Bathtubs

An entirely neutral bathroom is the perfect backdrop for a bold teal curtain. The contrast of charcoal and white makes this bathroom anything but boring, and the teal brings out the red tones in the accent arrows above the tub.

Teal + Lime + Brown


Darker teal can give understated tones of fun and also provides a calming base color for a room. This space utilizes both -- the teal walls add to the spunky atmosphere, but the color is calm enough not to overwhelm the vibrant patterns of the pillows.

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