Decorating with Red Walls for Bright, Energetic Spaces

Here's how to pump up the volume in your home with a strategic pop of firey red.


Nothing makes a statement like energetic red. Associated with power, strength, passion, and love, red is the perfect color to use when you want to create a memorable look in any space. Here's our handy guide for how to use red in your home—and what to pair it with.

Red Wallpapered Bathroom

If you're looking to start small, wallpaper in a small-scale pattern with a white background, like seen above, is a subtle choice. Red accents in an otherwise neutral bathroom feel pretty and glamorous. The red remains approachable, accented with marble countertops and silver accents. Add blue for a more nautical feel, or try pink if you want to skew feminine.

Red kitchen

Retro Red Eclectic Kitchen

Decorating with red walls in this kitchen evokes a retro feel. The word "eclectic" is probably an understatement for this space. The bright walls are only the beginning of its retro personality. Wood countertops are a rich counterpoint to the stainless-steel cabinets and continue the red theme with the unusual knobs. White wainscoting lends a country charm and keeps the stainless-steel accents from feeling too industrial.

Red family room

Classic Red Living Room

Striking red walls stay bright and fresh in this airy living room. White trim and ceiling woodwork lend a nautical feel, and the wood floors keep everything feeling warm and comfortable. Red is repeated with the piping of the seersucker armchairs and the gingham ottoman.

What Goes With

Luxurious Red Powder Room

Red grass cloth feels instantly high-end and sophisticated in this traditional bathroom. Pair a deep red like this one with gold accents to instantly raise the luxury quotient. Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures provide a sophisticated contrast.

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