How to Pick an Orangey or Dark Red Paint Color and Everything Between

Browse our favorite red paint colors and find warm and cozy—or explosive!—decorating inspiration for your home.

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Add an earthy look to your home with spicy and warm red hues that veer orangey-brown. Stimulating reds that take their cue from tomatoes and chili peppers aren't for the meek. Even as an accent, these lively red paint colors add va va va voom.

Wine-Red Paint Colors

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Dark red wine colors make large rooms seem cozy and can also be dramatic in small spaces such as powder rooms. Rich ruby, burgundy, and garnet make a space feel sumptuous. The rich, full-bodied hues are often used in formal settings and paired with dark neutrals but can be teamed with bright colors to loosen it up.

Perfectly Pink-Red Paint Colors

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Pucker-up pinks look fresh and sophisticated with spring greens and white—even navy! Grenadine shades of red, which fall between coral and pink, emit a tropical, be-happy ambience. Large-scale and graphic patterns make pink shades of red look mature.

Red Paint Colors in Rooms

Crimson Red


Crimson red paint makes a surprise power move when tucked away on a ceiling. Paired with light gray and teal—an accent that gives this red color scheme a refreshing twist—along with a flurry of patterns, the look is perfectly playful. For a more masculine red color scheme, sub in dark gray and black and stick to stripes.

Red Paint Color: Salsa Diane, Pittsburgh Paints

Brick Red


All paint colors have a happy medium. Brick red is one of those. You can look at it as a brownish version of true red or a rusty version of orange. It's a bold, dark red paint color without being in-your-face. Team it with golden curry for warmth, and add white to brighten. If the red color scheme needs some grounding and balance, bring in a bit of black.

Red Paint Color: Rave Red, Sherwin-Williams

Lipstick Red

Red family room

Light wood finishes and strategically placed red fabrics carry attention to lipstick-red walls. Keep the hot hue in check with large doses of neutral and cool colors. A paneled fireplace surround and ceiling splashed in bright white temper this living room's bright red color scheme.

Red Paint Color: La Fonda Fireberry, Valspar

Cerise Red

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Rich red paint turns vibrant pink with a splash of clean white. Strong, saturated red wall color makes a statement, so go for softer ivory rather than bright white for the ceiling and trim to avoid a jarring contrast. Add glossy black paint finishes to a pink color scheme for heft and a masculine touch, like this living room's pretty fireplace surround.

Red Paint Color: Intense Pink, Glidden

Tomato Red

Red kitchen

Fiery red paint on kitchen walls sets an informal tone bursting with bold personality. Red is a perfect choice for a kitchen, as it's a vibrant color that stimulates the appetite. White trim and wainscoting dial down the heat of the red wall color, which is further cooled by cool accents like aqua blue tones.

Red Paint Color: Fireworks, Sherwin-Williams

Adobe Red


Meet the earthy side of red. Adobe, a brownish hue, is warmth without all the drama. While the color cozies up northern exposure rooms or those that get limited light, there's no reason to shy away from it in sunny spaces. Here, a gray-blue wall (with a hint of green) cools down the earthy red paint color. It also helps calm a color family known for its energy.

Red Paint Color: Roycroft Adobe, Sherwin-Williams

Burgundy Red

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Although some red paint colors can make a loud statement in large doses, burgundy red, with its muted purple undercurrent, is more tranquil than its brighter cousins in the red family. The dark-red paint color, resembling red wine, offers a warm welcome and makes larger rooms feel soothing and cozy.

Red Paint Color: Red Bay, Sherwin-Williams

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