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Proud and regal or soft and sweet, purple ranges from vibrant violet to pale lavender. Whether you blanket a whole room with the color or just use it as an accent, this mystical hue is bound to make a statement. See what other colors go with different shades of purple to help you put together your perfect purple color scheme.

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Pale Iris + Aubergine + Creamy Whites


Pale shades of purple combine for a sophisticated, feminine retreat. Color choices are soft and subtle -- providing more depth than contrast. On walls and draperies, pale iris offers a soothing backdrop. The headboard and chair both display spirited patterns in aubergine. Buffalo checks on the bed skirt show a deeper shade of purple, grounding the airy room. Cream and white offer a crisp finish. The pale yellow-gold rug is the perfect complement with its Greek Key design.

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Pale Grape + Radiant Orchid + White

Bedroom Color Schemes

Radiant Orchid, Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year, makes a small introduction in this pale purple-and-white bedroom. The strongest color in the room, the single stripe of the folded coverlet radiates its confident place in this decor. A mix of fuchsia with purple and pink undertones, the vibrant hue works well with the soft purple bedding and pink accessories. White walls and linens make Radiant Orchid even more of an exclamation point.

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Dusty Grape + Brights + Silver + White


A purple accent wall helps make this kitchen's white hutch a standout. The cabinet offers an artistic display of colorful glassware including analogous pairings of purple and aqua (colors next to each other on the color wheel). Artwork boasts citron green for a vibrant accent. Maintaining a contemporary design, chrome chairs and angular light fixtures keep things edgy.

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Thistle + Pink + Gold + Cream

Pretty as a Picture

Purple becomes even more charming when used as an artistic paint treatment. An easy do-it-yourself project, this design was made using two shades of paint and painter's tape. Accessory colors include a sophisticated mix of gold, pink, and ginger in satins and silks. The sumptuous fabrics and Asian-inspired patterns lend a worldly feel to this bedroom.

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Eggplant + Silver + Dark Brown

purple bathroom

Eggplant-purple walls enhance the dark wood cabinetry in this contemporary bath. Streamlined, modern fixtures and hardware in a chrome finish gleam against the dark colors. A tile accent wall adds a layer of contrast and an extra bit of shimmer.

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Pansy + Aqua + Green + Orange

Bedroom with Window Dressings

Similar values in this bedroom offer a colorful setting without strong tonal contrasts. Here, dark purple works as a neutral against the earthy blue and green palette. Orange, a color associated with creativity, is the perfect accent to bring a vibrant jolt of energy to this cozy palette.

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Dusty Violet + White + Blue


Blue and purple combine for the bewitching color of midnight blue. In this contemporary dining area -- with its cabin-in-the-woods feel -- the color sets an enchanting tone. Adding to the allure, a painting of a forest exhibits dreamy oranges, greens, and lavender.

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Amethyst + Citron + Gold

Purple + Gold

A festive spirit reigns in this stylish and fun dining room. Celebration colors ensure the room is set for lively conversation and jubilant evenings. Purple, used to symbolize royalty, makes its party pairings of citron green and gold even more regal.

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Pale Lilac + White

Artful Organization

Just a light sweep of lilac blush on the walls sets a sweet scene for this vintage chic office. Playing to the barely-there purple tones, a dark purple lampshade tops a candlestick lamp. Fuchsia Gerber daisies lend cheery color. While furnishings are mostly white, colorful accents come in the art and notes hung clothing-line style on the wall.

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Soft Lavender + Hot Pink + Lime Green

pink and green bedroom

Cottage style comes through in a mix of painted furnishings and cheerful bedding in this bedroom. Soft lavender walls offer a soothing background, allowing the punchy pink and citrus green linens to stand out. A bedside table, painted a darker lime green, underscores the casual flair. A contemporary photograph of an azalea keeps things from being overly cute.

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Gray-Purple + Green + Yellow

Bright Spot

All of the purples in this bedroom -- Deep plum, smoky periwinkle, and mauve -- share an undercurrent of gray. Framed artwork and accessories brighten these restful tones. Golden-yellow matting sets off red, blue, and green nature-inspired designs. Bedside table lamps repeat the summer grass green for extra flair.

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Mauve + Plum + White

Airy Elegance

Love it or hate it, mauve endures through the come-and-go design trends and continues to color our rooms. Here, the hue lends drama to high-gloss white molding and an ornate painted mirror. A floral rug injects a playful accent. Darker shades of plum show up on linens, giving the mauve an up-to-the-minute flair.

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Aubergine + Crimson + Soft White

maroon room

The combination of red and purple goes against the rules of mixing hues on the color wheel, but daring and deliberate concoctions make this unlikely partnership a spirited duo. Maintaining similar values, deep purple walls offer a bold backdrop for vibrant orange-red drapery. Breaking the tension, the design introduces cream-colored chairs. For more color interest, blue and green pop into the vibrant scene.

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Smoky Lavender + Rusty Orange + Earth Tones


In this nursery, dusky purple walls offer serenity for restful naps. Bold geometric shapes provide stimulation for waking hours. Combined, purple and orange make brown­—a natural choice for an accent color in furnishings and the chair cover. Carpet tiles showcase earthy, neutral hues in green, brown, and lighter versions of the walls and window shade.

Nursery Tip: Practice safe sleeping habits with little ones. Click here to read recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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Orchid + Rose + Pale Pink + Green


A trio of pinks pulls together the perfect posy in this bedroom. Dark orchid walls offer a saturated backdrop for paler shades including peony and soft baby pink. A floral fabric unites the three colors and also introduces soft, mossy green. Framed art papers further unify the floral bouquet.

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