Decorating in Pink

family room

Shades of pink, such as fun bubblegum, bright coral, and traditional rose, add a feminine touch to any room. Browse our slideshow for some colorful ways to use pink in your decor.

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Pink in Bloom

living room

Give a natural look a garden spin with blooms of pink. This welcoming family room—with plenty of light wood tones, neutral linen fabrics, and copper accents—gets a flowery finish with the addition of pale pink throw pillows. The subtle tone has just enough presence to be impactful without distracting from the room's casual feel.

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Accent on Color

fuchsia wall

Colorful touches—such as a patterned pillow and fuchsia walls—turn this space into a stunning sitting room. An artistic touch over the mantel, fresh greenery, and intricate wall molding stop the wall color from overpowering the space. Dark wooden accents add an extra touch of luxury.

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Strike a Compromise

Strike a Compromise

If you love the look of bold magenta but are hesitant to commit to such a strong color, try a muted version. The shade used here balances the softness of a pastel with the saturation of a jewel tone. With a slightly brown undertone, the dusty magenta on the pillows, seat cushion, and lamps adds just the right dose of subtle color to a restrained and elegant room.

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A Fab Girl's Bedroom

pink bedroom

Enveloped in shades of pink, this bright bedroom is the essence of girly—from the blush walls to the darling buttoned-up bed frame. Balancing sophistication (a chandelier and ornate rug) with childhood whimsy (butterfly-pattern Roman shades and plenty of room for toys and play) ensures the room will be age-appropriate both now and later.

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Statement Piece

Statement Piece

Sometimes an out-of-the-ordinary, unexpected piece is what it takes to give a room that special polish. Understated elements like taupe walls, cherry-stained floors, and simple furnishings provide the perfect complement to this plush pink sofa that's trimmed in gold. Other accessories, including the throw pillows, were matched to the furniture piece's gold trim to create a pulled-together look and to help the sofa integrate into the room.

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Variations on Pink

fireplace mantle with pink painting

For a bright take on pink, paint your walls a neutral color, then accessorize with fresh pops of color. Artwork above the fireplace ties into the patterned upholstery on the chairs, while hues of orange add extra vibrancy. A floral arrangement featuring both colors ties the room together.

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Sunset Pink

Bedroom with Pink Walls

Look to a picturesque sunset for a soothing shade of pink. The soft hue applied to these walls is a serene alternative to its bubble-gum and fuchsia counterparts. Accessories including a brass frame and a patchwork rug create an eclectic meets modern style.

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Pink & Patterned

Pink & Patterned

Create a romantic focal point by wallpapering just one wall with a pretty pattern. A pink-on-pink damask wallpaper provides patterned contrast to the other walls in this living room. Painting the walls the same color as the wallpaper's background provides a seamless transition from wall to wall.

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Pretty in Pink

Bedroom with pink walls

Multiple shades of pink combine with crisp white to create a warm and cozy reading nook in this girl's bedroom. The patterns used stay away from overtly childish themes, sticking instead to classic florals for a timeless look that can age with your child.

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Pink Reinvented

bright pink bedroom

For a variation on basic pink, try magenta. The hue has just a bit of purple in it to steer it in a darker direction. Pair the color with crisp white, gray, and silver accents for a fun yet still feminine look.

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Perfect Color Pairing

bedroom with pink walls

Elevate sweet pink to the echelons of sophistication by pairing it with grays and crisp white. In this bedroom, a patterned pastel wallpaper colors the walls, and the buttoned headboard and window shades are crafted from a rich gray. The white bedding tempers the rich scheme.

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Beautifully Sophisticated


Although often associated with little girls, pastel pink can be a very sophisticated base for a grown-up color scheme. In this delectable dining room, pink flirts with striped upholstery, while an acrylic wall calendar adds a contemporary edge.

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Pretty as a Picture

living room with bird prints

Try pink and green in more muted tones for a formal living room. Sage and rose mix beautifully with wicker furniture, and they blend sinuously in the patterned drapery panels and pillow fabrics that echo the botanical artwork on the walls. A white domed ceiling adds balance while highlighting the unique architecture.

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Retro Style

bathroom with pink wallpaper

This bathroom embraces a blend of retro style and modernity. Pretty pink-and-white patterned wallpaper and brass detailing pays homage to the 1970s, while a gray and white vanity exudes sleek modern lines. Towels in bright pops of coral tie the two styles together.

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Color Coded

Pink Bedroom

The color palette for this enchanting bedroom begins with the walls. Paint in a dusty taupe with whispers of rose instills a feeling of warmth and intimacy. An exquisite duvet cover blushes in shades of pink, while a buttoned headboard adds an interplay of detail at the head of the bed.

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Making Waves

pink and white dining room

Vivid hot-pink walls make this dining room a showstopper. To balance the intensity of the pink, a strip of chair rail divides the wall and adds a swath of white. Chinoiserie-style chairs and an intricate chandelier enliven the room, as do multiple fresh floral arrangements.

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Pop-In Pink

pink dot wallpaper

Let your color choice provide a perky pep-up in a child's work area. This space is usually small, so bright color makes a big impact and helps to define the area. Here, a vivid pink patterned wallpaper complements marble artwork and bright drapery.

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Earn Your Stripes

Dining Room with pink Walls

If you love pink but prefer a more restrained approach to the color, use various stripes in a home accent, like this rug. Bring in touches of crystal or French metallic gold accents to play off pastel walls and add glamour, as in this gorgeous dining room. Energetic artwork enlivens the space and augments the color scheme.

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Color Wash

pink bathroom

Bright, modern accents flood this fun bathroom with style. A bubble-gum pink vanity dominates the space's color scheme, while black-and-white floral wallpaper adds visual contrast. Neutral countertops and flooring balance out the commanding cabinet color and patterned wallcovering.

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Beach Inspired

family room

In addition to creating a coastal appeal, a collection of nautical pillows defines the color palette of shell pink, light blue, and navy for this stunning living room. A neutral color base full of rich creams and ivories is punctuated with bright pops of color. The coordinated fabrics and accents carry the beach-inspired theme around the room.

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