Add a delightful, unexpected punch of color on the walls of your home with shades of orange. Here's our guide on how to make it work in your room.

living room

Orange is an intense color -- and oftentimes polarizing! But this isn't a hue that's only reserved for Halloween. Pairing so beautifully with a wide variety of colors, orange makes a serious style statement. In short, it's definitely not a shade for a shrinking violet or for the colorphobic.

orange dining room

Decide right now that you're going to go big and bold or go home when it comes to orange walls. Electric, fiery, and passionate, this warm color requires a serious consideration in the final look of the room. Consider balancing it out with a cooler tone such as blue or green. This dining room doesn't get overpowered by the bold wallpaper thanks to the white vases, as well as the pops of peacock blue in the art and accessories. In a bold space with so many different elements, give your eye something to rest on with neutral pieces, such as the dark wood furniture and the white chairs. Finally, gold is the perfect warm metallic to add that final shine and sophistication.

peach room

Orange can instantly cheer up a kitchen space and stay sophisticated when paired with darker wood tones. White woodwork in this breakfast nook keeps everything feeling clean, and the pops of pale blue and bright yellow add to the overall light and bright feel.

concrete floor

Nervous about committing to an entire room in a tangerine hue? Try it in a small dose, such as in a nook or a small accent wall. This cute family room's accent wall (behind a wet bar) proves you can play around with color in small doses while keeping the rest of the space relatively neutral. Accent pillows, rugs, and accessories are the perfect way to experiment without making a huge financial commitment. The black geometric chair pulls in a graphic element of sophistication.


Brighten up a corner with an unexpected wash of color. Colorful accent pieces such as art, frames, bookends, and more can continue the color theme throughout the room. Contrast the warmth of the orange with soothing blue accents such as the floor pillow shown here.

Under Cover

But orange doesn't have to only be modern. This inviting living room's color palette stays warm by adding red accents through the furniture and pillows. Warm and cozy in overall execution, the wood beams and trim lend a cottage feel to a room that could have felt contemporary had they chosen any other color.

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