The Best Pink Paint Colors, from Mauve to Coral

If you love the hues of a sunrise, we've got you covered. Choose from the top pink paint colors to bring warmth to any room.

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Whether you prefer soft blush, zingy orange, or lively coral paint colors, you'll find a shade for every style among these warm color palettes. Energize walls, furniture, and more with our picks for orange, pink, and coral paint colors.

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Fruity Orange Paint Colors

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Rich melon hues offer all the perks of orange minus its tendency to feel spicy or boisterous. "They're warm, nurturing, and embracing," says designer Sara Bengur. "Color can feel as peaceful as a neutral if the tone is right—natural and muted." Painting your walls orange might sound like a bold idea, but these plucked-from-nature melon hues are creamy and mellow. Even when they're deep and lush, oranges from pale cantaloupe to rich papaya whisper rather than shout.

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Earthy Pink Tones

camel and terra-cotta paints
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Ruddy pinks and light camel tones borrow inspiration from the warm, earthy landscapes of the Southwest. Layering variations of terra-cotta (such as pastel, clay, and rust) creates a calming, cozy look that's perfect for bedrooms. The combination evokes the tranquil feeling of watching a desert sunset.

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Floral Pink Paint Colors

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"Warm pink hues of flowering quince [blooms]—what I like to think of as hotter colors of nature—can be used in any room," says Maryland-based designer Kelley Proxmire. The Sherwin Williams' bright, eye-catching coral paint color "Daring" and the soft, sweet pink of Behr's "Deco Shell" exemplify how soft and bold hues come from the same color, modified by undertones and tints.

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Pastel Paint Colors

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The mellow peaches, pinks, and coral paint colors that bring to mind fruity Italian ice offer refreshing colors without getting too dramatic. "Sorbets are soft enough to blend with bold hues. Or use several in a monochromatic palette," designer Tineke Triggs says. The key to not going too sappy? Bring in a bold complementary shade. For example, pair with a turquoise blue or stronger oranges and pinks with the same undertones for a vibrant yet livable palette.

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Coral Paint Colors

coral paint lids fabric beads ceramic
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"Coral is such a vibrant and energizing color," says Nancy Ramirez, the artist behind the online art shop Cozamia. "It feels feminine and strong—a little intense but in a good way." Straddling the line between pink and orange, coral paint color warms everything it touches with its inherent optimism. Use it to infuse a space with joy and enthusiasm.

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Blush Pink Paint Colors

pink Paint lid colors blush
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Blush is meant to flatter your face, and colors inspired by the makeup-bag staple can do the same for your walls. Look for great combos to hit the right note with these pinky shades. "Ground bold coral with black and white. Pair pink with a classic gray for a sophisticated look," says Nicole White, a Miami designer.

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How to Use Soft Colors

Light colors like blush and peach look overly sweet if you're not careful. Achieve a sophisticated look with these tips for using soft paint colors. Watch and learn our expert advice.

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Mango-Inspired Paint Colors

orange paint lids mangos
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Showcasing colors like energetic orange and subtle pink, mangoes offer plenty of color inspiration for bright, lively rooms. "These shades bring such warmth to a space, and it can be fun to just saturate the room with an orange glow," color and pattern expert Khristian A. Howell says. "Layer in yellows and golds, copper and brass, and rich dark woods."

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Persimmon Paint Colors

orange paint lids colors
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These fall-inspired oranges can look great any time of year. So how do you build a palette around these spicy shades? "To create a larger color story, use multiple tones of persimmon rather than one specific shade," designer Emily Henderson says. "Mixing deeper and lighter shades tones down the individual shades and makes it easier for the eye to understand the palette as a whole."

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Spring Pink Paint Colors

pink Paint lid colors flowers
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These popular shades of pink make a showing in spring as budding cherry blossom and magnolia trees herald the end of winter. And the hues can have a surprisingly sophisticated and energizing effect on your decor. "The pairing is what gives pink its energy," designer Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey says. "An all-pink room will start to feel tired very quickly." Her current fave is a neighboring hue: cantaloupe.

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Golden Orange Paint Colors

Yellow Paint Colors
Blaine Moats

If you think orange only has a bright side, think again. As these squash blossom-inspired hues prove, orange can take on a subtle energy. To use orange as an enveloping room color, designer Asler Valero prefers the creamier shades that border yellow. "These lighter colors are refined, classic, and livable," he says. But don't let orange stray too far and wash out. "Avoid light yellow," he says. "It disappears. The best shades are vivid and earthy and influenced by browns."

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