How to Decorate with Millennial Pink Paint, Fabric, and More

We love this blushing shade of pink. Here's how to use it in your home in a contemporary way.

Pink Bedroom

It's soft, serene, and here to stay. "Millennial pink" is a blush-tone shade that's won the hearts of young fashionistas and homeowners nationwide. In shades such as pastel pink, bubblegum pink, or blush, millennial pink has reached mainstream use since its 2016 debut as one of Pantone's Colors of the Year.

But the unstoppable hue isn't just for hipsters in apartments with exposed brick and a balcony. Anyone can incorporate the soft color into their home with the right tips. Here's how to make millennial pink bedrooms, living rooms, and even kitchens work for any style in any home.

Light and Dark

living room

There's a fine line between dressing up a room with millennial pink and too-sweet pastels. To keep your pink palette sophisticated, incorporate splashes of black into the room. A few pillows or small bookshelf accessories should do the trick.

Art Gallery

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Feeling creative? Put your art skills to the test and try your hand at a pink watercolor painting. Pops of blue and fuchsia create the perfect color balance. For a contemporary feel, ditch the hammer and nails. Instead, casually lean your artwork against a wall.

Go Green

Color Palette of the Year

Millennial pink looks great with green. Whether you have an abundance of houseplants, a tabletop succulent, or floral textiles, shades of natural green complement a soft millennial pink paint palette. For a bold but stylish look, incorporate an emerald green couch that really pops.

Fresh Blooms

living room

Rotate pops of color in your living room with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Delicate pink blooms are ever-popular at the florist and look great on a living room coffee table. Keep the look modern rather than stuffy with a short-stemmed, monochromatic arrangement.

In Your Dreams

Pink Bedroom

Create hygge in a pink millennial bedroom that's as dreamy as it is cozy. Monochromatic decor works well with pale pink because it's anything but loud. Can't you imagine sinking into this fluffy pillow-top bed after a long, hard week? Grab your mug of tea, and you're in paradise.

Got Your Back

pink and white room

It doesn't take a lot of pink to make a statement. This elegant dining room got a splash of color with an unexpected twist. Instead of reupholstering the entire cushion, these homeowners only focused on the back. Nailhead trim adds a touch of glam to the spruced-up dining set.

Naturally Pink


Wall-to-wall pink doesn't need much more sprucing up. When choosing furniture for an all-pink nook, stick with light, natural wood. This round table doesn't steal attention from the gorgeous millennial pink paint on the walls, and an understated jute rug beneath is the perfect complement.

Luxe Living

Stitch Pattern

Simple changes can take millennial pink accessories from sweet and soft to glamorous. This velvet couch is rich in color and fit for a queen. Pops of pink in the artwork, flowers, and rug suddenly become statements with allure juxtaposed with the luxurious fabric.

Morning Glory


Start your day off right with a positively pink breakfast nook. With a healthy dose of natural light flowing through the room, this millennial pink table will surely put you in a good mood. Brunch mimosas, anyone?

Stay Golden

Apartment Lighting

If millennial pink is the color of a generation, then gold must be the accent of the ages—gold lamps, tables, pillows, and more line the shelves of every home decor store. Although the trend is a must-have with millennial pink paint and fabric, you don't have to break the bank to get it. Instead, refresh accessories with a can of metallic gold spray paint. Your guests will never know the difference!

Come On In

teal door

Show off your bright personality before guests even enter your home. A two-toned pink terracotta pot looks positively pretty next to an eye-catching turquoise door. Plant pink-hued flowers for a matching look that makes visitors and residents smile.

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