Decorating with Green Walls, Accents, and Accessories

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Decorating in green has endless possibilities. The color's infinite variations blend easily with almost every other hue. Get inspired to use green as an accent, on walls, and on furniture with decorating ideas from these beautiful rooms.

Minty Green Walls

Pale green walls in this eating area add to the overall airy and feminine feel of the room. A worn-in white country table makes the room feel relaxed. The circular rug under the dining set brings pattern into the space and introduces a different shade of green. Plates hung above the door frame add more color and pattern as well.

Learn how decorating in green can bring a fresh look to your home. A green room can include various shades of green alongside several other colors. Create your own green color scheme with these helpful tips.

Green Color Scheme

See how to use green in a color scheme.

Color Crush

Apple green paint gives this kitchen a fresh and vibrant look. Touches of red add another splash of color. Classic white subway tiles come together to form the backsplash. White cabinets with sleek handles and pulls create a modern feel in this one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Emerald Accent

Give plain dining chairs a splash of personality with a fresh coat of paint. These wooden dining chairs got a lift with a coat of Kelly green spray paint and playfully patterned seat cushions. The simple update is an easy and cost-effective way to spruce up a neutral dining space.

You can't go wrong by decorating with colors found in nature, including the ever-popular green. Use these tips to help you put together a color scheme starring earthy greens.

Colors that Go with Green

Build a perfect color scheme starring green with these top tips.


Balancing Act

In this bedroom, pea green walls add interest to an already stunning architectural room. The white wall panels and ceiling highlight the exposed beams and intricate woodwork without competing for attention. Subtle accents of blues and oranges create elements of interest around the room. The dark wooden sleigh bed and writing table break up the space in a simple way.

Bursts of Color

Lay a foundation of neutrals and then have fun with small pops of color to create a look that's well designed, not contrived. Here, a key lime green sofa and bright pillows pack a punch. The mix of purples and pinks adds a feminine touch to the classic furnishings, while the greens inject energy.

Divine Dining

Beige walls, a fresh white mantel, and a hint of green create a dining room that is original and inviting. The rustic dining table contrasts the more formal mantel. A woven area rug the same color as the walls adds a layer of texture, while being subtle. The olive-color slipcovers bring pattern into the mix, pumping up the mood of the room. 

Seeing Green

This charming kitchen uses a pale seafoam green color to make cabinetry stand out. White trim around the window and expertly placed accessories in the cabinets make the room feel homey but uncluttered. Stainless-steel appliances, a farmhouse sink, and black hardware on the cabinets give the kitchen a modern twist. A brick background behind the oven adds character to the space as well.

Pretty Pistachio

The pistachio walls in this living room bring the space to life. The dark brick fireplace contrasts the stark white cabinetry and moldings. Dark colors are repeated in the side tables and chair legs, which anchor the room. A large area rug and matching chairs bring texture. A simple white couch paired with patterned pillows looks fresh and inviting to loungers.

Boldly Green

The panels and wainscoting on these Kelly green walls add elegance to a space that is certainly not lacking in color. Neutral furniture and subtle wood flooring balance the bold walls. A colorful rug unites the various hues used on accents throughout the space -- such as turquoise and magenta.

Whisper Soft

The barely-there green walls in this bedroom offset the white wainscoting and moldings just enough to make a subtle statement. A teal chair brings an unexpected pop of color. Patterned pillows on the bed and a gray area rug add more colors and visual interest to this relaxed space.

Into the Woods

While green is a natural pairing for faux bois wallpaper, the chartreuse green in this room puts a spin on the traditional forest green we associate with trees. The same shade of green is found in the door paneling, the table lamp, and the throw at the end of the bed. To break up the monotony, blue is added to the mix which creates a natural and cool space.

Demure Duo

Pairing a green island with creamy white cabinetry creates a serene space with personality. Using the same hardware on the island and perimeter cabinetry presents a unified front. Dark floors add warmth and play off the khaki-hued stone countertops.

Time for Texture

Textured sage green wallpaper balances the bright orange-red door and patterned bench in this entryway. Whitewash walls contribute character and make the space feel as it ought to: inviting. Carefully placed seashells line the top of the molding and other beach items create a relaxed vibe when walking through the door.

Seaside Green

Taking its cue from the ocean, the sea green shade in this kitchen creates a light and airy atmosphere. If you love a particular color but think it might be too intense to use in your decor, opt for a neutral-hinted version. While sea greens are often more vibrant, the shade used on the island is toned down with a bit of gray. The same shade is variegated with clouds of white on the backsplash tile for an effervescent look.

Lively and Bright

The chartreuse on this wall makes for a strong statement. The dark, wooden table and chair legs anchor the room and give it balance. The same chartreuse is picked up again on the chairbacks and combines with turquoise accents around the room. The sand-color flooring, white trim, and white ceiling are where the neutral colors are found. These neutral colors do not compete with the chartreuse and make the room feel a little less loud.

Calming Effect

Walls covered with green glass tiles reflect light and help to expand the look of this small master bathroom. With a large window along one wall, the green hue of the tiles helps connect the bathroom to the outdoors. Extending the tile from floor to ceiling throughout the bathroom creates a distinct style statement that wouldn't have been possible using paint alone.

Green as a Neutral

Gray-green walls paired with harvest gold accents give this den a rich sense. Dark woods add to the warmth of the space and create an inviting feel. Several patterns appear throughout the room but work together through similar color tones.

Green Living

A soft green hue infuses this living space with vitality and elegance. The gentle green walls function as a neutral backdrop for a variety of soft patterns and bold colors found on the sofa, ottoman, and throw pillows. Vases filled with fresh flowers are natural accents for the earthy green hue.

The Grass Is Greener

Grassy green bedding adds a splash of character to this all-white bedroom. Although the walls are white, the bold pop of color and pattern help make the bedroom feel vibrant and alive. An eclectic collection of wall art adds to the casual, laid-back vibe of the room.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Sometimes color takes a backseat to other features. In this dining room, a mixture of accessories creates a modern-meets-rustic atmosphere, but hints of lime green add personality to the industrial look. Featured on the throw pillows and in the artwork above the mantel, the hue injects unexpected vitality to the otherwise neutral dining space.  

Balanced Palette

In this living room, lime green is applied in small doses as a subtle yet impactful way to add panache to a brown-and-white design scheme. Citrus hues appear on the armoire, end table, and several accent pillows to add personality to white furniture and built-ins. The bold color also acts as a colorful balance to the rich brown walls and flooring. Painting an existing piece of furniture, such as an armoire, in a new, bold color can update a tired piece and give a room a refreshed look in just one step.

Tasteful Tile

Green recycled-glass subway tiles add sparkle to this kitchen. Stretching all the way from the countertops to the ceiling, the tiles create a bold style statement while also helping to cocoon the open kitchen, which could feel a little too spacious without the blanket of tile surrounding it. The rich green color of the tiles echoes the hues found in the mossy-color perimeter cabinets and reclaimed wood flooring.

Reinvented Charm

Who says bold color doesn’t have a place in cottage style? This charming room proves that vivid color creates a homey feel wrapped in coziness. The walls’ green hue, inspired by the lamp, is countered by the wide swath of white wainscoting below. Breezy window coverings bordered in green buffalo plaid and white-painted open-frame furniture keep the small room light and bright. When using a vivid color, such as apple green, limit accent colors to one or two, and use in small doses.

Colorful Cabinets

Give tired cabinets new life with a fresh coat of paint. These outdated cabinets were updated using a soft, mossy green. Soft green subway tiles blend perfectly with the new cabinetry and add subtle sheen to the walls. Orange-red accents, such as the chair cushions and window treatments, provide contrast. Pairing green with a red-based hue creates a complementary color scheme and offers plenty of visual variety while relying on only two colors.

Mellow Yellow-Green

The light yellow-green of these walls mixed with the khaki couch and raw wooden table work to make a pleasing -- not overwhelming -- color combination. This room is a perfect example of using color and not allowing it to take over the room. The yellow-green walls become a backdrop so other brighter greens can stand out, like the green tray and apples on the table. Perfectly matched fabric found in the chair and window treatment are spot on with the walls creating a cohesive look.

Tranquil Space

In this bathroom, asparagus green walls make the space feel relaxing and tranquil. The soft color of the walls mixed with the dark, rich wood create visual interest while not being too busy. The wooden vanities add an extra layer of warmth to the bathroom, which makes it all the more inviting. The tiles on the ground are mixed with brown and green to tie the whole room together.

Collective Color

One-of-a-kind pieces imbue a home with warmth and character, so let your collections and favorite finds guide your color palette and bring a sense of order to eclectic vintage treasures. In this serene dining room, old metal soda shoppe chairs contribute a minty green to the neutral palette. Underfoot, a striped rug adds additional shades of green for depth. The old desk and table share a fresh finish of white paint, while the taupe walls put the focus on the furnishings.

On the Light Side

Seafoam green walls are the perfect backdrop for bronze twin bed frames. Darker green throw pillows and blankets offset the wall and combine perfectly with the other elements on the beds. Darker-color frames stand out on the light green wall and are not overwhelming.

Color Confidence

A smattering of Kelly green accessories gives this stately living room graphic presence. Whether it's the window treatments, chairs, or rug, the bold green hue infuses the space with a youthful energy. Leaving the walls, sofa, and console tables neutral allows the bold green elements to truly shine.

Color Combo

Shades of green and blue will always go together. Here, a white bed and walls make the powder blue and Kelly green colors pop out even more. The artwork above the bed ties the color palette together and creates a visual focal point in the room.

Chartreuse Charm

Chocolate brown and chartreuse combine in this room to make the space feel rich and upscale. The scalloped edge of the bedding and the unique chandelier add notes of charm. The white bedspread and cabinetry leave the room feeling larger and brighter.

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