Even if you don't have stamps in your passport and the worn luggage of a world traveler, you can still bring the flavors of faraway cultures to your rooms through a palette of exotic colors. Our exotic paint color picks and room-by-room tips will help you capture this globally inspired look.

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In food, fashion, and more, it's easy to see the influences of other cultures on our lives. Many of us are inspired by our travels, and we want to bring those experiences home. To create a global-inspired decorating scheme, translate hues from photos or mementos into paint, furniture, and accessories. It's best to start with a clear, specific example, such as a Thai silk scarf or a postcard image of a tranquil Caribbean cove, and then choose paint chips or fabrics that replicate those hues. We have ideas for bringing exotic colors into every room of your home, so grab your passport and get ready to travel!

Exotic Living Room Colors

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Living rooms can feel a bit stuffy. Give yours a laid-back vibe with a worldly color scheme. For true global style, start by mixing a variety of patterns, prints, and hues. In this space, a multicolor ottoman complements lived-in leather seating. Unique accessories -- like a custom gallery wall and graphic pillows -- add time-tested character. Mismatched as they may be, the styles and accent pieces in this room pay homage to every corner of the world.

How to Add Color with Paint

Exotic Bedroom Colors


To feel transported and relaxed in your bedroom, borrow from the hues of a romantic vacation spot. This modern, Tuscan-inspired bedroom channels a quaint bed-and-breakfast in Italy. Dark wood flooring and exposed beams are a stark contrast to the room's warm white bedding and pale blue accents. Roman shade window coverings add to the European elegance of this space.

Exotic Dining Room Colors

casual dining room

For a bright, modern dining room, opt for pops of color paired with chic Asian-inspired accents. This dining room steals its inspiration from chinoiserie -- a design style that mimics Chinese images and techniques. White chinoiserie chairs, paired with a woven bamboo pendant light, pay homage to Asian style. Blue-grays and greens add sleek, modern style to the space.

Exotic Kitchen Colors

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Black-and-white doesn't have to be boring. This stunning kitchen seamlessly blends the classic telltales of Moroccan style while sticking to a two-tone color scheme. Wrought-iron accents, stunning archways, and lots of light define the space.

Exotic Bathroom Colors


Bathing customs and bathhouses feature prominently in many cultures. To conjure a fresh, exotic space, use the Mediterranean as color inspiration. Red, blue, and gray tiles -- paired with a brown damask wall -- let the gorgeous bathtub stand out. Other Mediterranean details, like the textured-tile floor and inviting archway, complete the space.

Exotic Entryway Colors


Capture the look of a favorite locale in your entryway. It will serve as a welcoming reminder as soon as you walk in the door. You can also look at the tones in the rest of your home and in the spaces adjacent to the entryway, and pick up on colors from these spaces. Is your living room filled with bold woodwork? Feature it in your entryway, and play up the exotic vibe by using accessories that follow suit, such as African-inspired fabrics and furniture.

Exotic Paint Color Schemes

Decide how you want to dive in, and start with our exotic paint color picks to help you create your look. Palettes designed by Khristian A. Howell.

Note: Actual colors may appear differently than on screen. Always consult paint color chips.


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