You see her work in magazines and on television, but have you ever wondered what colors professional designer and HGTV star Sabrina Soto would choose for her own home? Here, she shares some of her favorite go-to shades plus how to use them.

By Cyndy Aldred
June 15, 2017

Sabrina Soto is no stranger to the interior design world, with an impressive list of HGTV design shows to her credit, including The High/Low Project, Real Estate Intervention, and Get It Sold. Sabrina has charmed fans by rising to the challenge of balancing beautiful design elements and functionality with punches of bold color. Sabrina's style is an eclectic mix of colorful and accessible design.

Sabrina is also known for her beautiful and smart paint color choices, so it seems natural that she recently teamed with BEHR Paint as a color expert. We were lucky to catch up with her and discover her favorite go-to paint colors, plus some great tips for using the beautiful hues.

Sabrina's Favorite Shades


From deep blue BEHR Inked to BEHR White 52, Sabrina's preferred paint choices are livable colors that would be stunning in any space. Sabrina says she's a big fan of neutrals and told us gray is her favorite, because a light gray color gives you limitless possibilities as far as introducing additional colors into a room.

"It also makes a space feel open, inviting, and serene," she says. "A light, neutral gray is truly a fail-safe color."

Go-To Whites

white painted entry with a pink door, painted with BEHR white 52

When it comes to her top white paint picks, Sabrina told us it depends on the project.

"For trim and molding, I would choose Ultra Pure White from BEHR -- it's super crisp!" she says. "For the walls, however, I would go with either Bit of Sugar or White 52. White 52 has a very slight gray tint to it, which looks beautiful in most rooms."

BEHR White 52 pictured above in an entryway.

The Perfect Gray


We know it's hard to choose just one, but we asked Sabrina which of the colors on her list is her absolute favorite. Her choice? BEHR's Silver Polish.

"It's a new, neutral light gray," she noted and shared that she has Silver Polish on the walls of her powder room. "People often ask me to pick a favorite light gray, and I always point them toward Silver Polish."

Sabrina's powder room above is painted with BEHR Silver Polish.

Color Picks for Furniture


As gorgeous as they look on the wall, all of Sabrina's color picks are fantastic paints for using elsewhere, including ceilings, accessories, and furniture.

"I recently painted my ceiling with BEHR's Sparkling Emerald, and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out," she says. "Plus, my new brass ceiling fixture looks gorgeous paired with the rich emerald color."

She's also looking to paint a few small pieces using BEHR Inked, a dark navy. Inked would look great on accessories or even painted on larger pieces, like a coffee table or hutch.

BEHR Inked pictured above.


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