Decorating with Wine Colors

Just like their namesake drink, wine colors can evoke elegance, relaxation, or a whole lot of fun, depending on the setting. Find inspiration for decorating with shades such as merlot, champagne, blush, and even marsala, right here.

Full-Bodied Red

Cheery red wine-color walls act as an eye-catching gallery for a collection of prints. Keeping the wainscoting a simple white, similar to the pictures’ background, makes their subjects stand out. A plain seagrass rug and a clear Lucite chair, too, offer welcome breaks amid the visual excitement. 

Purple decor is hot. Here's how to work it into your decorating plans for a look that's stylish and livable.

Rich Purple

Looking for a new color to incorporate into your decor? Give grape-inspired purples a shot. Watch and see how.

Raise a Glass

Prop a pair of wine-color footstools in front of fireside whiskey-color leather chairs for a perfect spot to share warm conversation. Black and white make for a sophisticated backdrop. Special spots for throws and magazines all but ensure complete coziness.

Wine Statement Wall

Textured wallpaper in a rich, velvety merlot envelops this bedroom, and feels soft, like the blush-color upholstered headboard and the layered bedding snuggled up beside it. A nearly all-while bedside tablescape pops against the reddish purple; the corrugated doors and textured milk glass adding interest and depth.

Wine Infusion

A red wine-color rug anchors this inviting living room. Mismatched sofas flanking a fireplace, with a weathered, low-lying coffee table sandwiched in between, couldn't get any cozier and inviting. Both are piled in pillows, many of which pick up the rug's warm red. Natural window shades and beams overhead foster a comfortable, almost cabinlike feel.

Wine Tasting

Rich brown tones layered throughout this room have a calming effect that’s nicely warmed with a few smart splashes of cabernet. The wine color shows up in a muted rug and a few pillows. Sheer curtains, a textured pouf, plus a little bit of brightness in the art and additional pillows, keep things from feeling too serious.

Champagne Dreams

On the lighter side, white wine colors such as chardonnay and champagne create a clean look with a gentle, warm glow in naturally lit spaces, such as this pretty kitchen. They're effortless colors, even when used in large quantities, and mix well with pure white and classic cream to add subtle interest.

Pretty Pop

The easiest way to pull off a daring pop of color? Decorate a room in white, layer in measured amounts of gray and/or black, then add your single vibrant and stunning piece -- shown here in red wine. A bold-print curtain in neutral shades softens the contrast between bright red and white.

Fine Wine

The combination of rich purple Syrah and light gray create a regal mood in this beautiful bedroom. Those twin silk-lined velvet canopies certainly do their part, too. Plain, ultralight walls elevate and brighten, while a mini chandelier and ornate mirror add sparkle and upscale style.

Chic Effervescence

This champagne-color room expertly walks the line between comfortable and chic. While the color scheme is certainly pristine, a trio of upholstered pieces adds livability, as do the warm wood floor and distressed wood table at the room’s heart. The chandelier overhead evokes a fresh glass of bubbly.

Red or White?

You don’t have to choose between red or white wine colors when decorating. The two happen to go together beautifully. Here, stunning large-print wallpaper in cream and cabernet commands the room, while a sweet and somewhat smaller print decorates the floor in black and chardonnay. The lighter of the two colors is a smart choice for accessorizing. 

Charming Champagne

Walls painted champagne below a low chair rail and wallpapered in a large-scale powder blue damask print above serve as a chic springboard for the decor. A rather feminine wooden bed upholstered in the lightest of baby blues fits right in. Plain champagne curtains trimmed in blue give the window a stylish frame.

Bold Step

A bedspread and pillows add a hefty shot of red wine to this bedroom. The bold hue interacts nicely with the gold accents and the muted olive gray on the walls, Picking up the red color in smaller doses, such in the patterned curtains and art mat, help the bedding feel at home, without completely overwhelming the cozy space in strong color.

Plum Perfect

In a light-filled room full of wood floors, where both the walls and the woodwork are painted white, a simple wood table ringed in upholstered plummy Syrah-like armchairs makes a stylishly comfortable spot for casual, intimate meals. A dark metal chandelier, plus dark interiors on otherwise white built-in shelves, subtly help bridge the visual gap between dark plum and white.

Wine-Inspired Art

Any all-white room with clean architectural details, mod white furniture, and an eye-level chair rail, begs to be filled with art. Here, one large, colorful red wine-color piece energizes the room. Because the rest of the artwork is black-and-white, and the room itself so resembles a blank slate, nearly any color could work here, and set its own unique tone. 

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