Decorating with Cozy Yellow

Cheer up your room with warm yellows! Sprinkle in colorful accents or douse your walls in these honey-yellow shades for a room that is sure to put a smile on anyone's face.

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    Sky-High Yellows

    Go beyond the norm by trying a splash of yellow on the ceiling. Keeping it neutral on the walls and adding a hit of color overhead draws the eye up and makes your room appear larger than it is.

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    Wake Up a Bedroom with Yellow

    See three ways to give yellow a go in your bedroom.

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    Pattern Play

    Muted shades of yellow play well together in this funky bedroom. The subdued hues allow patterns to mix without being overbearing.

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    Standout Shade

    Who says cabinets have to blend in? A hit of yellow on the lower cabinets brings energy to this sunny kitchen. Netural uppers help to ground the space.

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    Calm and Collected

    Yellow doesn't always have to be the center of attention. These soft, buttery lemon shades mix well with natural wood tones and create a calming vibe in this traditional bedroom.

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    Fresh Take

    Use a dose of yellow as an accent against dark shades to really make it pop. Here, a bright chair and fun patterned pillows stand out against the dark slate-color backdrop.

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    Entryway Brights

    Play up your entryway with fun color! For a no-fail palette, mix the shades of fall -- deep reds, autumnal oranges, fresh greens, dandelion yellows -- and finish off with rich chocolaty browns.

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    Light and Airy

    Toned-down yellow on the walls helps to play up the colorful pillows in this little nook. Shades of aqua and orange mix with the soft yellow for a versatile palette.

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    Color Splash

    A patterned bedspread picks up the butter-yellow headboard color and gives a cheery feel to this cozy bedroom. Pops of color are intermixed with accessories in the built-in, and a solid bluish-gray on the walls brings balance to the space.

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    Sassy Salle de Bains

    Bold metallics and rich yellows amp up this otherwise ordinary bath and give it a high-end vibe.

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    New Neutral

    Creamy yellows work as a neutral in this traditional kitchen. Using softer shades delivers the perfect amount of color without being too bland.

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    Energizing Workspace

    Get the creative juices flowing by lathering your walls in a refreshing yellow shade. Pair it with a coordinating wallpaper for a fun accent wall.

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    Masterful Retreat

    Talk about a relaxing getaway! The dark brown bed frame sets the stage for this beautiful bedroom when played up by the soft yellow surroundings.

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    Color Crush

    This yellow hue serves as a neutral wall color when paired with more vibrant tones on the pillows and rug. Keep the space from getting too colorful by bringing in solid-color furniture pieces, such as the sofa and chair.

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    Cheery Nook

    A space with plenty of natural light is perfect for incorporating a big dose of color. Swap out pillows with the seasons -- greens and blues for summer, reds and browns for fall!

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    Sweet Surprise

    Pink and blue no more! Versatile yellow works for both genders and is beyond cute on the ceiling when played off a more neutral palette.

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