Decorating with Blue Walls

Nature's Hue
Blue walls, whether robin's-egg, sky, teal, or cerulean, are as versatile as they are stylish. See how the blue walls in these rooms set a beautiful tone and explore ways to decorate with blue walls in your home.

Clever Combination

The pale cyan blue paint color and bright green accents in this room work together because the colors don’t compete for attention. The blue bears slightly green undertones, which helps it harmonize with the green accents. In a sea of colors and patterns, the simple white bed linens pop against the patterned blue-and-green headboard.

Blue is a decorating stand-by. Ensure this classic, never-out-of-style color looks fresh and fun in your rooms with these tricks.

Revive a Classic

Blue may be a timeless color, but you can still get creative with it. Watch and see fresh ways to use blue in your home.


Ocean Blue Walls

The seafoam walls in this room lend themselves to other ocean colors such as coral and turquoise. Since this blue is light in saturation, it makes an excellent backdrop for stronger colors. The patterned table runner has a lovely mixture of green and turquoise that does not overpower the space like some other colors may. Just remember, a little color can go a long way. Include doses of white and warm neutrals, such as oak flooring, to take the edge off a colorful scheme.

Opposites Attract

Blue and orange are complementary colors. This means they are on opposite sides of the color wheel and therefore pair well together. In this living room, dark navy and burnt orange hues are balanced out with clean white wainscoting. The chocolate brown sofa is a steady anchor in a room full of interesting wall treatments and contrasting colors. 

Calm and Cool

Pairing icy blue walls with plenty of white accents helps the hue come off as cool, not frigid. In this dining room, clean-lined chairs and light fixtures stay true to the simplistic mentality of the room, while wood finishes and a natural weave area rug soften the space, giving it a more organic feel.

Dark Blue Walls

Some say dark colors should be spared from small spaces. Break this rule by pairing dark teal or navy walls with lighter woods such as maple, ash, or birch to make the room feel lighter. Incorporate whites or even very light grays to soften the look even further. Lighter oranges and yellows are accent colors that will always pop against deeper blues like teal and navy. Add gold picture frames and lamps for a little shine. The reflective surfaces will bounce light around the room.

Does standing in front of a store's paint chip display make you want to run for the door? We'€™ll explain the tricks to using paint swatches to help you choose the right paint color with confidence.

Choosing a Color Palette

Watch and learn how to choose the right color for your walls using paint swatches as your guide.

Breezy Blue

A delicate blue covers the walls in this bedroom and is picked up again in the patterned curtains, stools, and throw pillows. The wall color is twinged with gray, which helps the hue read as a neutral and the subtle wall color stands back to let other elements, such as the sculptural ivory headboard, stand out. Subtle patterns around the room draw the eye in for a closer look. The few pops of pink automatically create visual interest without overpowering.

Blue Walls with Natural Flair

Natural colors like chocolate, mossy green, grays, and whites will pair well with blue walls. The gray-blue paint color in this room lends itself to being paired with other cool, earthy colors. The moss green pillows and the dove gray couches work to create a tranquil space. To keep the room from feeling too dark, the walls are trimmed with bright white.

That Feminine Feel

Blue takes a feminine turn when paired with shades of pink and furniture with graceful lines. The pale blue walls are subtle, but the hot pink hydrangeas and pillows pack plenty of punch to keep the room feeling friendly. The cream furniture and area rug create a clean palette to play with so various colors can be added as time goes on. Gold picture frames jump off of the powder blue walls. Not a fan of pink? Use other bright colors like burnt orange, canary yellow, or Kelly green to spice up light blue.

Pretty Pale Blue

Pale blue walls create a relaxed atmosphere in this bedroom. Shades of the wall color are used throughout the entire room and the monochromatic palette is restrained, yet serene and classic. Navy blue on the accent pillows, bed skirts, and accessories anchor the color palette. Accent pillows are in a darker navy blue and the bed skirt follows suit. Crisp, white linens bring extra light to the room without overpowering the shades of blue. This space shows that using only a few colors can make for an exciting and unique space.

Bold Blue Walls

Pulling off a daunting room like this is easier than it seems. The deep teal on the walls makes a bold statement and is combined with various vibrant colors -- timid accent colors in barely there shades wouldn’t register against the strong wall color. Here the pea green chairs pop against the teal walls. A coral color is used sparingly in the pillows and adds another punch of color to wake up the room.

Conflict Resolution

Sapphire blue finds a solid companion in ruby red. Blue and red is a classic color combination and while sun-weathered shades will take the look country, jewel box hues will impart a more traditional vibe. This space uses dark blue walls as a backdrop for the red accents scattered throughout the room. Neutrals found in the couch, chair, and area rug balance the bold hues. A white ceiling and trimwork brighten the look and make the small room feel slightly taller and more open.

Blue, Black, and White

Use graphic black-and-white patterns to add extra zing to bold wall colors. Here, turquoise blue walls and a black-and-white overscale pattern on the headboard create a dynamic duo. Pink and white accents soften the strong personalities, while flame stitch shams featuring all of the room's colors tie the palette together.

Botanical Hues

Patterned green curtains combine with sky blue walls and a chocolate couch in this nature-inspired living room. The botanical vibe of the curtains is felt in other areas of the room such as in the artwork, the floral arrangements, and a ceramic garden stool. The room feels up-to-date with a modern coffee table and sleek side table.

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