7 Paint Colors That Flatter Yellow Wood Tones

Choosing paint colors for your home can be an exercise in patience -- or frustration. Unless you have formal design training, colors can be hard to figure out, especially if some of your fixed surfaces have a definite color cast. Take wood floors: When stained, many of them lean yellow or orange. Use these rooms as inspiration to find your own perfect paint colors that flatter yellow wood tones.

Light and Neutral: Benjamin Moore Silver Bells

A cream or buff tone does a couple of things for a floor with yellow wood tones. For starters, it lets the hues in the floor take center stage. A lighter hue on the walls also lightens and brightens the rest of the room -- important when there are some windows but not an overabundance of natural light. Finally, a light, neutral paint color acts as a pleasing backdrop for other patterns you choose to use to complement the wood.

Beautiful Blues: Valspar Blue Mist

A yellow tone wood floor lands on the warm end of the color spectrum; in this room, a fetching blue hue supplies cool tones. Although the pair would seem to stand in unwelcome contrast, the combination actually creates a balanced effect. Another consideration with wall colors and a high-gloss yellow tone wood floor: Choose a matte paint option to minimize the room's shine.

A Bold Choice: Valspar La Fonda Fireberry

When it comes to paint, an old-fashioned and easily accessible tool -- the color wheel -- combined with a few color rules are a great way to make quick work of choosing hues. An easy color wheel rule to remember is at play in this space: Those colors next to each other on the color wheel, which are called analogous, pair well together. Here, fiery red complements the orangey hue of the wood floor.

Cheerio! Sherwin-Williams Banana Cream

To enhance the hues already present in a yellow tone wood floor, go vibrant with a sunrise-leaning hue. The shade brings out the undertones in the wood floor, maximizing the light and warm cozy feel in this window-challenged space.

Richly Rewarding: Pittsburgh Paints Victory Blue

Another easy-to-use color wheel rule comes into play in this dramatic room. Complementary colors are those located directly across from each other on the color wheel. Here, that equals a rich midnight blue on the walls to complement a yellow-orange tone on the wood floor.The wall's hue also adds instant intimacy to the otherwise formal space.

Pastel Undertones: Sherwin Williams Unique Gray

Neutral paint often has undertones that give it a color cast that can work in your favor when trying to pair with yellow tone wood floors. Take this decidedly lavender-leaning gray: The warm cast to the gray-lavender walls helps balance and complement the floors. Bonus: Purple and yellow are complementary hues on the color wheel, making them perfect pairs in this space.

A New Shade of Green: Dutch Boy Tipper Teal

Both energizing and calming, this lovely teal hue lands next to yellow on the color wheel. In this room, the result provides a balance to the boldness of the honey-hue floors.

Use these tips from designer Elaine Griffin to help you create the perfect color palette for decorating.


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