2022 Paint Color Forecast: These Cozy Hues Are Going to Be Huge

From warmed-up neutrals to rejuvenating greens and blues to moody charcoals, these are the most popular paint colors of 2022.

Every year paint manufacturers release their much-anticipated predictions for the colors that will be popular in the year ahead. After putting a few challenging pandemic years behind us, it seems fitting that restorative and rejuvenating hues are the most sought-after paint colors for our homes in 2022. With ideas for nature-inspired greens, steely blues, cozy earth tones, and warm grays, there's a beautiful paint color for every design style.

cream brick wall living room fireplace
The Creativity Exchange / Project: RC Dent Construction

1. Warmed-Up Undertones

According to paint manufacturers, the biggest color story of the year is a consumer shift from cool to warm undertones and hues. This warm-up began in 2021 with a movement from the popular all-white spaces of the past five years to cozier creams and light taupes.

Interestingly, warm organic elements and textures, such as natural stone accent walls, exposed brick, and warmer wood tones, are also increasingly being incorporated into new home construction projects across the country, like this stunning great room from RC Dent Construction featured recently during the 2021 Utah Valley Parade of Homes.

Wall and Trim Paint Color: Shadow White (diluted with 50% white), Farrow & Ball

green shelving office decorations
The Creativity Exchange / Project: Alair Homes

2. Restorative Greens

Paint manufacturers analyze many aspects of society, including global influences, fashion trends, and real-time paint color sales data as they form their yearly color forecasts. Color experts advise that global events such as the pandemic can play a significant role in the shades we gravitate towards when selecting colors for our home.

The paint companies unanimously noted in their 2022 forecasts that restorative colors, especially diffused shades of green, are gaining popularity with consumers. Reminiscent of nature, green hues, like the dusty shade featured in this office by Alair Homes, bring tranquility to our environments and help usher the outdoors inside. Look to shades of greens like olive, moss, and viridian (a dreamy blue-green hue) for a calming connection with nature.

Paint Color: Enchanted Forest, Benjamin Moore

pattern wall sitting rom area brown coral tan
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

3. Organic Earth Tones

Earth tones lead the way as we continue to transition to warmer colors. The warm brown undertone that forms the foundation of earthy hues is the most dominant color influencing 2022 paint forecasts. The presence of brown mixed with saturated hues gives us those dreamy softened shades that experts predict will continue to trend in the year to come.

Earth tones vary in saturation, from paler hues like beige and clay to bold shades like deep, chocolatey browns. When mixed with creamy whites, the complex undertones in earthy colors instantly stand out and make a beautiful statement on walls and cabinetry alike.

Wall Paint Color: Felted Wool, Sherwin-Williams

built in simple office workspace desk
The Creativity Exchange / Project: Regent Custom Homes

4. Blues as Neutrals

If you love blue, you will be happy to know that this hue is more popular than ever. In fact, colors like cornflower, steel blue, and indigo were included in all of the paint manufacturers' 2022 forecasts. Blue has dominated the color trends for the past ten years, and it's not going anywhere. In fact, many designers make a strong case that blue is the new neutral.

If you want to use blue as a neutral, select a blue paint color that has a gray undertone, such as Philipsburg Blue by Benjamin Moore, used on the cabinetry of this office space from Regent Custom Homes in Utah. Diffused blues harmoniously blend and complement other layered neutral colors and textures in a space.

Cabinet Paint Color: Philipsburg Blue, Benjamin Moore

white kitchen island lights chairs
Courtesy of Studio McGee / Photographer: Lucy Call

5. Tempting Taupes

The gray trend of the previous decade is finally rounding the corner. Color experts are seeing a trend shift from true grays to shades of taupe, which is a warmer brownish gray (remember those brown earth-tone influences?) that can have a slight green or reddish undertone. Taupes have complex, layered undertones. Because of this complexity and the many variations, taupes, like the one featured on the cabinetry in this kitchen by Studio McGee, will take center stage. Meanwhile, grays will play more of a supporting role mixed into the rich undertones found in these cozy taupes.

Cabinetry Paint Color: Natural Cream, Benjamin Moore

exterior outside house landscape
The Creativity Exchange / Project: RC Dent Construction

6. Moody Charcoals

Dark, moody colors continue to be popular with consumers and color forecasters. Experts believe this trend will continue in the year ahead—and get even darker, with rich, almost-black charcoals. Picture the darkest shade of gray before it turns to black or the darkest shade of brown. These luxurious shades of charcoal will continue to resonate with consumers in 2022 and we couldn't be more excited.

The beauty of charcoal paint colors is that they can vary in coloration, with warm or cool undertones that complement other hues in the surrounding space or exterior. While the exterior paint color featured here is a custom color mix, if you're looking for the perfect shade of charcoal, consider these rich colors featured in the 2022 color forecasts: Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams, Broadway by Behr, and Mysterious by Benjamin Moore.

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