2018 Paint Color Forecast

Each year, paint companies release their predictions on color trends. For 2018, expect a move toward softer neutrals and muted colors, as well as the incorporation of rich, dark hues.

Paint manufacturers have made their predictions for 2018, and they're unanimous: Paint colors will continue to warm up this year. Common among the various trend reports are softer neutrals, creamy whites, muted colors, and rich dark hues. See which paint shades will rise in popularity in 2018, learn how to incorporate them in your home, and get suggestions for paint colors.

1. Soft Neutrals

Photo Courtesy of Spacecrafting

Soft neutral paint colors will have warmer undertones this year, which make a space feel cozy and warm. Mixing a soft neutral wall color with a dark or bold accent color in furniture, fabrics, or art is a beautiful way to add contrast to a space. 

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, pictured above, is a popular soft neutral paint color that looks stunning in this entryway designed by Bria Hammel.

2. Dark Hues

Photo Courtesy of Studio McGee

Rich, dark hues are another common thread among the 2018 paint color forecasts. Designers like Studio McGee are mixing rich, dark colors with whites and soft neutrals to create contrast and make a statement. Accent walls are a great way to create contrast in a space without painting the entire room a dark shade that may be overwhelming.

Chestnut brown, deep burgundy, and dark blue are all beautiful deep colors that can make a dramatic statement and look stunning on walls, cabinetry, interior doors, and furniture. Consider a combination of rich colors paired with shiny finishes like brass or chrome.

The accent wall color pictured above is Benjamin Moore Black Jack. Once you've decided on a paint color, use our top ideas for decorating a room with dark walls.

3. Muted Colors

Photo Courtesy of BEHR

The biggest trend from the 2018 color forecasts is muted or muddy colors. Muted colors are colors that have more gray undertones, which diffuse or soften a color. BEHR embraced this trend by choosing a beautiful muted blue-green hue called In The Moment as their 2018 Color of the Year.

Muted colors are a great compromise if you want to add color to a space but you're not quite ready to go bold and bright. Muted greens, blues, and blush colors are versatile muted hues to consider. If you're unsure where to find muted or muddy colors, look at the top two rows on a paint color strip for softer shades.

4. White

Photo Courtesy of The Creativity Exchange

According to paint manufacturers, white walls and cabinetry will continue to be a big trend in 2018. However, there will be a shift with consumers from cool whites to whites leaning warmer in undertones. PPG Garlic Clove, pictured above, is a beautiful white with just a slight warm undertone that keeps the space light and airy while softening the look.

Consider creamy whites and whites with light warm gray undertones for cabinetry, doors, trim, and home exteriors. The easiest way to determine what shade to use is to sample white paint colors on a poster board in the room that you want to paint. For exteriors, an easy way to sample a color is to paint two large poster boards with the color you're considering and tape to the windows. Check the color in the morning, afternoon, and evening light to see if there any changes in the color and to determine if the color is right for your home.

5. Violet Undertones

Photo Courtesy of PPG

An interesting surprise in the 2018 color forecasts is the introduction of muted colors with violet undertones. Whether light soft pinks, shades of mauve, or deep purples, colors with violet undertones are a trend for 2018 that give a room stunning depth.

PPG recently announced their 2018 Color of the Year Black Flame, a deep dark paint color that's almost black and features a violet undertone. This color would look remarkable in a small powder room or on a living room accent wall.

6. Warm Grays

Photo Courtesy of The Creativity Exchange

Paint manufacturers agree that the gray trend is still expected to be strong in 2018. However, they predict that grays with warmer undertones will grow in popularity, moving from the cooler grays that have been strong with consumers in the past. A warm gray like PPG Storm's Coming, pictured above, is a stunning light neutral that works well as a whole-home color option. The shade readily complements other colors and undertones in a space.

Darker grays with slightly warmer undertones will also continue to trend in the year ahead, especially on cabinetry and accent walls.

See our favorite gray color schemes.

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