Greige Paint Colors

Decorate with greige in any room of your home with these foolproof paint picks.


If greige isn't already your favorite neutral, it should be. This combination of gray and beige is taking over home decor and is the perfect addition to any color palette, from soft and subtle to bold and bright. One of the best things about adding greige to a room is that it complements both warm tones of brown and lighter tones of white, gray, and black. Here, the greige walls play up the white elements in the room as well as the brown and tan of the rug and chairs. It's a great way to get the best of both worlds when pairing color families. Work this versatile hue into your home with these paint picks.

Pairing Patterns

table and sitting area

Because greige combines tan and gray, it is the perfect balancing element in a room. Here, the curtain pattern includes white, while the rug pattern employs a tan background—elements that wouldn't necessarily go well together without the greige of the walls and shelving. It balances the patterns perfectly and makes the differences flow together smoothly.

Paint color: Tranquility AF-490,

Vary the Ratio

kitchen remodel

The best part about utilizing greige is that you can vary the ratio of gray tones to brown tones in the paint based on how you're planning to use it. The greige on these cabinets has more gray than brown, but it doesn't overwhelm the space like a true gray would. The brown tones of the paint pull the warm tones of the backsplash and wall color together, while black appliances and countertops add pleasing contrast.

Paint color: Berkshire Beige AC-2,

Eye-Catching Accent Wall


Neutral walls don't have to be boring. A large piece of black-and-white artwork, clean white cabinetry, and dark flooring make this kitchen area a bright and modern backdrop for conversation.

Paint color: Silver Fox 2108-50,

Balancing Act

living room

Solid-gray walls would make the variety of warm colors and patterns in this space overwhelming, so greige is a perfect way to pull in a few warm tones to make the space calming but fun. The balance of greige in the walls and chairs settles your eye in a busy space while complementing the array of colors and patterns.

Bold Looks

neutral bedroom with upholstered headboard

Greige doesn't have to just be a plain wall color -- this bedroom uses two bold greige patterns to give the room a vibrant feel. The large patterns of the wall and rug use the same color scheme as the solid neutrals of the furniture and bedding, so it makes the space pop without adding a bold accent color. This is a great way to decorate, because you can add subtle colors (like the blue lamps and magenta pillow in this room) that are quickly and easily interchangeable based on season or mood.

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Shades of Greige


This space utilizes different shades of greige to add variety without overwhelming the space with color. The walls, pillows, and table are all different shades that perfectly complement the pops of yellow and red, adding variety without making the room too busy.

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