You may have elected to have beige walls and have chosen the perfect shade. Or you may find yourself with beige walls that cannot be changed and instead, need to be worked around. Here are four ways to make the most of beige walls.

Allow the beige to be a discreet backdrop for furnishings, art, and color. Beige fades into the background as the gorgeous accessories pop into the foreground, thanks to the unobtrusive walls and color-rich furnishings.

2. A Rainbow of Beiges

cozy living room with coffee table

When is beige not beige? When it's mocha, warm ivory, or dolce de leche. Instead of fighting the beige, go with it. Make it your entire color palette, and then beige will become merely one of the gradients in a scale of gorgeous ivories, creams, and mochas. When part of a creamy palette -- like in this living room -- beige suddenly becomes dreamy.

3. Tone-on-Tone Beige Texture

Living Room

Make your beige more interesting by adding texture via drapery, pillows, and rugs -- that also happens to be beige. Using drapes that closely match the wall color is another easy decor trick, as seen in this living room (above) and dining room (below).

dining table

Tone-on-tone drapes and walls are gorgeous in these rooms. But additional features such as baskets, wooden furnishings, bamboo blinds, and a natural rug also do the trick of adding tone-on-tone texture in beige.

4. Add Contrast to Beige with Crisp White


Set your beige apart by using the designer trick of contrasts. If your beige is feeling blah, frame it with bright whites and it will suddenly take on a deeper, more lively feel. Notice how the crisp white in this bedroom sets apart the beige and makes it more elegant, fresh, and purposeful.

Beige walls may seem like a decorating obstacle. But, when you take a look at how interior designers have purposefully incorporated beige walls into their designs, and study what goes with them, you can turn your beige walls into one of your favorite design features.

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