Beachy Neutrals

Soft grays, blues, and creams conjure images of the ocean tide rolling over the sand of the beach. Recreate that relaxing feel in your home with these ideas.

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    Light But Cozy

    A large, light blue sectional sofa encourages the type of informal gathering vacation homes are known for. Get the look in your own home by filling a sectional with oversize pillows, which can easily be tossed on the ground for floor seating.

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    Foreign Objects

    To avoid beach overload, the decor includes spicy Far East-inspired furnishings, fabrics, and accessories, such as this bold grid of mirrors in the great room.

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    A New Perspective

    To banish the dark and musty feel of 1960s-era wood paneling, the homeowner painted it a calm khaki and beefed up the molding around the fireplace.

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    Save and Splurge

    This homeowner used "bottom-of-the-barrel" stock cabinetry and splurged on granite countertops in the kitchen. Crisp white cabinets brighten the space.

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    Show It Off

    An open upper cabinet makes it easy to spot what you need and provides a simple display case for stemware and dinnerware.

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    Morning Lookout

    Bench seating in the breakfast nook takes up less room than regular chairs and doesn't obstruct window views.

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    Unique Lighting

    Inexpensive candle lanterns add a splash of color to the breakfast nook and another Far Eastern touch.

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    Wicker Wonders

    Woven fibers, including this chair and lamp, add textural interest to the sea-and-sand palette and keep the look natural.

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    Just Like Home

    Pale blue walls, gauzy panels mounted to the sloped ceiling, and do-it-yourself pendent lights make a breezy retreat of the guest bedroom, where visitors are greeted with serene white linens.

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    A Pleasing Mix

    Pendent lights throughout the home are made from large rattan balls and paper lanterns.

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    Simplicity Reigns

    In the master bedroom, large wood doors with reeded glass serve as a showstopper headboard and hide the open bathroom behind the bed.

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    Clever Concealer

    The space-defining room partition in the master bedroom conceals the open bathroom.

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    Stow Away

    Shelves behind the headboard in the master bedroom provide storage. Attractive wicker baskets corral toiletries.

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    To Follow a Theme

    Matching dark frames punctuate a collection of inexpensive sea creature prints.

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