The Top Green Paint Colors Designers Swear By

deep green paint lids
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Whether you crave the softness of mint or the moody richness of jade, green paint colors bring refreshing energy to rooms. Lifted straight from nature, these shades brighten kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, and more. Liven up your home with these expert picks for the best green paint colors.

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Sea Green Paint Colors

cream and sea green paints
Carson Downing

One beautiful aspect of warm whites is how they can fade into the background, but pair cream with sea green and you'll see this subtle color's striking side. Ranging from light to lush, watery greens create a gentle contrast to sandy tones for a refreshing look. Warm blue-greens are generally easier to work with, and cream pulls out that warmth even more. "It keeps green from feeling sterile," says Jenny Taylor of August Taylor Design.

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Mint Green Paint Colors

blue green paint lids
Greg Scheidemann

On-trend but completely livable, mint green paint colors can soothe a room. "Mint greens are happy colors that work in a lot of different climates," designer Paige Sumblin Schnell says, as long as the room gets plenty of bright daylight. She favors shades of mint with more blue in them. To find the right shade, she fans out paint chips and goes with a mint that neighbors violet, rather than peach.

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Jewel Green Paint Colors

deep green paint lids
Adam Albright

There are a lot of great ways to decorate with jewel tones, but we think they look best when paired with other dark, saturated colors. Take jade green, for example. Whether it's marbleized or painted as a solid color, this green paint color looks great with charcoal gray and black accents.

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Succulent Green Paint Colors

yellow green paint lids
Kim Cornelison

The yellow-green shades seen in succulents are more lively than their mint or sage counterparts. "Succulent greens are very fresh, inviting, and springlike. Even the palest hue still has a happy kick to it," designer John Loecke says.

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Sea Glass Green Paint Colors

Sea Glass Green Paint Colors
Adam Albright

Los Angeles designer Sasha Emerson loves this soft blue-green color because "it's a watered-down version of Tiffany blue." Sea glass green is a soothing hue that makes you feel good, which is why you see it in a lot of spas, Emerson says. If you're trying to replicate the color of a piece of pottery or a sea glass souvenir, Emerson suggests taking it with you to the paint store to match it. If the ideal color is just in your head, "think pale because if you go too bright, you're heading into turquoise or mint."

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Earthy Green Paint Colors

Earthy Green Paint Colors
Adam Albright

For hues taken straight from nature, try these green paint colors. "There's something refreshing about green that denotes a healthy vibe," designer Ruthie Sommers says. To prevent earthy greens from looking drab, keep potential accent colors in mind. Sommers pairs lighter shades of green with creams or butter yellow to wake them up a bit.

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Market Green Paint Colors

Market Green Paint Colors
Adam Albright

Refresh your home with green paint colors inspired by farmers market finds. "Market greens nicely accomplish being traditional but still hip," designer Kishani Perera says. "In places where there isn't a lot of light—like Seattle—don't go with grayed-down colors. I choose ones that have a little more white," Perera says. Moody gray-greens hold up well in sunnier locales.

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Kelly Green Wall Color

Bedroom with plant artwork above bed
Nicolas Gourguechon

Intense but bright greens without any neutral undertones energize a room. Employ this zingy color in a smaller, private space such as a powder room or bedroom. Keep the ceiling and trim white for a visual palette cleanser. Richly hued wood finishes temper the color but also pair nicely with its warm undertones.

Suggested paint color: Aragon Green PPG1227-5, PPG Paints

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Green Paint Colors for Cabinets

green kitchen cabinets
Werner Straube

Step away from white cabinets and into something a little more colorful. In this kitchen, muted forest green cabinets pair with a modern mix of marble and brass finishes. To achieve a softer look, pair the color with mid-range neutrals. Pure whites or pale neutrals yield a higher contrast look. If you're not ready to fully commit to a green kitchen, paint just lower cabinets or an island.

Suggested paint color: Greenfield SW 6439, Sherwin-Williams

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Blue-Green Paint Colors

dark teal living room
Marty Baldwin

Because green is created by mixing two primary colors, shifting the ratio will yield a shade that either leans blue or leans yellow. These green walls fall toward the blue camp but are enlivened thanks to colorful accessories. To create a similar look, paint walls a green-blue in a mid-range intensity, and include fabrics (on furniture, rugs, or window treatments) in blue to help draw out the blue tones of the color. Sprinkle in plenty of colorful accents in warm tones, and include strong neutrals on furniture throughout the space to keep the palette grounded.

Suggested paint color: Caribbean Current P460-7, Behr

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Bright Green Wall Colors

Green walls with geometric and plant artworks
Adam Albright

Blush pink and pure white with midcentury accents convey a retro air when teamed up with bright green. When the same colors partner with sleek, clean-lined furnishings and minimal accessories, the overall look skews more contemporary. Add touches of gold or silver for a polished finish.

Suggested paint color: Spring Meadow 6006-7C, Valspar

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Neutral Green Colors

Neutral Green dining room wall
Edmund Barr

Green paint colors like celadon can read as neutral because they are pale and muted. The key is to look for greens with gray or brown undertones. While these shades aren't as commanding as their more saturated cousins, they are ideal for visually expanding a small space. Use these green paint colors to add just a taste of color when true neutrals seem a little too dull.

Suggested paint color: Chill, Clare

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Lime Green Color Schemes

mudroom with green trim wallpaper and doors
Paul Costello

Basic beige can make succulent-green paint colors fall flat, but earthy textures make them sing, Loecke says. Natural accents, such as wicker, sisal, rattan, grass cloth, and stone, are right at home with yellow-greens. Crisp white also tempers these zippy hues, so that the lemon-lime green color is enjoyable and refreshing, not sour.

Suggested paint color: Putting Green 6004-8B, Valspar

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Modern Green Paint Colors

green and white bathroom
Helen Norman

Modernize an earthy green paint color by including dark and light counterpoints in the room. The pale leaf green wall color, combined with white fixtures and linens, inspires serenity in this bathroom. Meanwhile, the bright patterned rug and black-painted door introduce contemporary flair.

Suggested paint color: Jardin SW 6723, Sherwin-Williams

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Jewel-Tone Green Cabinetry Colors

dark green kitchen cabinets
Mary Costa

Set a regal tone with shades of jade, emerald, and malachite. While these hues are intense, don't be afraid to use them in large strokes (on walls, rather than just accessories) or in small rooms. "People are nervous to put dark colors in small rooms. But they don't make the room seem smaller—they just make them darker," Perera says. Use metallic accents or a high-gloss finish to make the room less cavelike.

Suggested paint color: Rainforest Foliage 2040-10, Benjamin Moore

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What Goes with Green Paint?

green ceiling dining room with extra armchairs
Helen Norman

Green paint colors work with a wide range of styles and color schemes. Finding the right mix depends on what type of style you want to convey and what specific shade of green you're using. Pale celadon paired with blue and white sets a traditional tone when accessorized with classic furniture and formal accents. The same color scheme can be considered cottage when it resides alongside timeworn finishes, vintage floral prints, and antique accessories. Choose accent colors according to the mood you want to create in the room.

Suggested paint color: Ball Green No. 75, Farrow & Ball

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