Spring Colors to Use Now & Love All Year

Spend vs Splurge

After a long, cold winter the bright colors of spring are a welcome change. Here's how to incorporate the fresh hues in to your home.

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Coordinating Pops of Color

blue living room

Once you've found the perfect wall color, it's easy to accentuate it with coordinating shades in the rest of your decor. The neutral furniture and rug in this powder blue room prevent the color palette from being too overwhelming, and allows the bright magenta to tie everything together. Plus, it's easy to switch out the pink pillows, flowers, and accents for other hues as the seasons (or your tastes) change.

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Soft, But Sophisticated

Pale, soft hues are a hallmark of spring-inspired palettes. Here's how to keep the look sophisticated.

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Spring Trio

family room

This room works because all the spring shades share a midrange tone. The blue hues of the couch and lamp dominate the room, while the pink and purple hues complement it perfectly. And the multicolored, floral upholstered chair ties the room together by incorporating all the shades.

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Emphasize One Color


You can't go wrong with a bright white kitchen. But to keep the high gloss center of your home from feeling too sterile, add at least one color. The bright aquamarine of the metal bar stools and stand mixer gives this kitchen a bright, fresh, almost tropical feeling. You can create a similar effect with another spring favorite shade such as canary, tangerine, or lilac.

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Neutral Plus


A combination of neutral walls and bedding lay a stable foundation in this bedroom, which looks stunning in the room's natural light. But it's the colorful duvet and pillow shams that really add the pop. When you start with such a subdued palette, it's easy to add a lot of colors through a boldly patterned piece. Plus, adding patterns takes the guesswork out of matching colors on your own.

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Spring Palette

living room

Don't be intimidated by the range of colors in this room. The shades of blue, aqua, and yellow work together and are sprinkled throughout the room, rather than concentrated in just one area. When working with pastel or soft spring hues, it's smart to balance it with at least one bold jewel tone, like the cobalt on the upholstered stools, which keeps the room from feeling too frothy and saccharine.

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Ready for Change


If you aren't afraid to commit to a color, splurge on a bright statement piece in your favorite hue, like this bold pink sofa. Look for a color you can work with as the seasons change. Paired with green and yellow pillows and brightly tinted artwork, this room is ready for spring and summer. Work in grays and plums, and the space says fall and winter.

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Book It

book shelves

Adding spring color to your decor doesn't have to be a long-term commitment. Paint the inside of your bookcases for an easy (and easy to change) update. Whether they are built in to the wall or freestanding, this little trick adds brightness without overwhelming the room. It's ideal for apartment dwellers or anyone on a budget as well, since it's a quick and inexpensive weekend DIY project.

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Punched Up Color

teal and purple bedroom

Don't think spring means frothy pastels only. This bright bedroom is the perfect combination of a pale lilac and vibrant aqua. How do you keep the brighter color from overwhelming the pair? By using it on smaller pieces like the leather pouf and the armchair or by using it in a pattern that incorporates a lot of white, like on the wallpaper at the head of the bed.

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Grassy Green

Decorating Gallery

Greening grass is a hallmark of the arriving spring season and the color adds the same freshness to a room's color scheme. In this bedroom the bright, lush grass-green velvet bed frame heralds in a springlike aesthetic. Adding in hints of bright pink furthers the look. With such a colorful and textural bed, it's important to keep the sheets and bedding simple to keep the look clean and crisp.

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Tie It All Together


The biggest lesson to learn from this spacious living room: It's important to have the right balance of light and dark colors. The navy wingback chairs could really darken the space, but the light linen couch and warm peachy tan rug prevent them from feeling too heavy. Pops of coral and emerald green inject the blue palette with springlike energy.

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Unexpected Color

banquette dining room

Even though it's small, and probably not at the top of your decor priority list, a breakfast nook or banquette is a color showcase waiting to happen. Infuse this space with a bright, bold color and you'll create a bright and cheery space, perfect for energizing you during your morning coffee or welcoming your family for dinner or game night. Here, clean white and robin's egg blue combine with wood tones, creating a classic, yet peppy look.

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Embrace Subtlety


Adding color do your home doesn't mean you have to go overboard. This tone-on-tone green patterned wallpaper is beautiful without overpowering the room. Because the pattern is so subtle, the green reads almost as a neutral, a perfect accompaniment for clean white and brighter accents.

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Color Plus White

Storage and Character

A fully white tile bathroom can feel too sterile, but a white foundation plus an envelope of color creates a clean, yet serene space. This gorgeous bath flips convention and emphasizes color on the top half of the walls. The aquamarine hue is the perfect relaxing shade for a primary bathroom. If you don't want to paint, simply adding colorfully painted furniture like the linen cabinet will make enough of an impact.

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Style Bridge

living room

The last place you'd likely expect to find pale spring hues is in a room studded with Asian inspired antiques and Persian rugs. But the fact that the colorful rug is faded makes it fit right in with the lighter shades. The pink and yellow pillows are both picked up in the rug, which makes the decor feel cohesive and proves spring colors have a place in almost any space.

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Color Makeover

Spend vs Splurge

Find a fabric you love in a spring-inspired pattern (think floral and foliage) and use it to kick off a color makeover. There's a reason this tried-and-true decorating method is so prevalent—it's nearly foolproof. Start with curtains or fabric you like and match your wall color to one of the shades in the pattern. Don't want to stop there? Keep going, pulling out other colors from the fabric to use in accessories, soft goods, and furniture.

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