Indigo is rich, bold, and on trend in fashion, home decor, and more. Use these tips to incorporate this hot, versatile hue into your home.
Indigo room
Image: Brittany Hayes

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the color indigo? Let me guess ... "What color is that again?" Although indigo is one of the seven colors of the rainbow -- think I in ROYGBIV -- it is the most forgotten. With a harmonious combination of deep blue and purple hues, indigo is certainly one to remember these days in everything including fashion and home decor. It's an easy-to-work-with color that isn't too cool and flashy, and it offers the perfect touch of warmth and elegance to any space. In this dining room, indigo is used in multiple places including the molding to the flooring, creating a stunning backdrop for the other design elements in the room.

Image: Brittany Hayes of Addison's Wonderland

Indigo as a Neutral

indigo room
Image: Haneen

As a true lover of color, I do believe that some colors can even be used as a great neutral in a room. In combination with other bold colors, indigo acts as that rich, deep backdrop that allows everything else to just pop! Like the dining room mentioned before, this office space features rich indigo walls that allow the bright-color furnishings to shine.

Image: Haneen of Haneen's Haven 

Indigo as an Accent

Indigo room
Image: Zabrina Hancock

Just as indigo can be used as a neutral against bright colors, it can also be a standout stunner when it's partnered with neutrals. Surrounded by an array of whites, grays, and tans, indigo offers that sophisticated, bold pop that can finish off any space with perfection. It adds warmth and depth to an otherwise bright and neutral room.

Image: Zabrina "Bree" Hancock of ZDesign at Home

Indigo as an Accessory

indigo room
Image: Citrineliving

A pop of indigo can also be the perfect accessory. Whether you need to ground the space with a rich area rug or are looking for a bold statement piece, this warm blue adds a touch of sophistication to any space. In this dining room, indigo beautifully pairs with a bright, warm red as well as a cool, dark green.​

Image: Tamara Anka of CITRINELIVING 

Indigo in a Primary Color Scheme

Image: White Dog Vintage

Indigo can also lend the perfect finishing touch to a room. Using a primary color scheme, the complementing yellow and red form the perfect trio with the bold indigo sofa.

Image: Brittany Kingery of White Dog Vintage 


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