Step aside, millennial pink. The latest color trend is bold, exciting, and surprisingly versatile.

By Hannah Bruneman
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Once again, the catwalk has inspired the world of interior design. After millennial pink seemed to be unstoppable for two years, a new favorite color is emerging: Gen Z yellow.

gen z yellow paint lids and trays containing chalk and colored pencils
Credit: Holly Story

As you might have guessed, Gen Z yellow is named after the generation younger than millennials. “Yellow represents vitality and ambition, traits we’re seeing in this upcoming generation of tastemakers,” says Erika Woelfel, the leading color expert at Behr. Those born after the mid-2000s have embraced saturated shades of yellow in tees, hats, and accessories, while celebrities have even taken it to the red carpet.

From the runway straight to your home, it's easy to incorporate this sunny shade into your existing decor. “(Yellow adds) a strong sense of energy and positivity—two things homeowners often seek when selecting a bold color—but adaptable, muted versions can be equally as beautiful,” says Erika.

Below are a few of our favorite rooms that feature Gen Z yellow. Copy the looks or use them as inspiration to create a design all your own. Just don’t forget to snap a pic for Instagram!


Gen Z yellow is all about being big, bold, and unapologetic. Those are the three perfect adjectives to describe this eclectic corner. While few people might paint an entire room saturated yellow, these homeowners went all-in, and the risk paid off.

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four gen z yellow chairs around white round kitchen table

Shades of yellow are most frequently found in the kitchen. Whether in the form of a bowl of lemons or a colorful piece of art, yellow creates a bright, cheerful place in which to cook and host. Paired with a Persian rug, dining chairs in a muted shade of Gen Z yellow keep this kitchen contemporary.

gray bedroom with gen z yellow accents and two graphic prints hanging above bed

Individually, you might not notice this bedroom's subtle hints of Gen Z yellow—the quilt, a bedside bouquet, lumbar pillows, and stunning pop-art posters. But together they make a cohesive color statement. Against a black wall, Gen Z yellow takes a much bolder tone than when paired with a white wall.

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abstract gen z yellow painting, animal figurine, and bowls of fruit on kitchen countertop

Art is a simple, non-committal way to incorporate Gen Z yellow into your home. This abstract piece brings color, texture, and a bit of grounding to a dining room corner. Make your own abstract art using various brushes, sponges, and stroke techniques.

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weavings hanging above boston terrier sitting on gen z yellow couch

Like millennial pink, Gen Z yellow encompasses multiple shades, from muted to very saturated. This sofa lies somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. Even in front of an impressive gallery wall, a yellow sofa stands out. A maximalist might dress up the room with additional prints and colors, such as this homeowner did, while a minimalist could just add a pillow or two and keep surrounding furnishings sleek and simple.

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gen z yellow blanket beneath periodic table of elements throw pillows on gray couch

Luckily, Gen Z yellow pairs well with another color that continues to grow in popularity: gray. Against this charcoal sofa, a mustard yellow throw really pops. Small accents, like a blanket, table lamp, or a throw pillow, are easy to incorporate with existing decor.

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gen z yellow pineapple-patterned wallpaper in white bathroom with glass lighting fixture

We can’t help but wonder if the pineapple décor trend helped inspire Gen Z yellow. As shown in this powder room, yellow pineapple wallpaper provides a fresh look above traditional wainscoting. In a small space with Gen Z yellow, keep the rest of the decor simple to avoid a dizzying design.

gen z yellow lockers in mud room with two sets of rain boots on multi-colored rugs
Credit: Kritsada Panichgul

Maybe it’s because these lockers remind us of grade school, but we can’t think of a better way to decorate with Gen Z yellow. The mustard tone looks almost neutral against crisp white walls, and the rugs below offer an extra pop of color. Bonus: Installing extra shelves within the lockers gives you added storage in a mudroom.

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Comments (5)

February 27, 2019
And this odd shade of yellow will be leaving just as fast as it got here. It may trend for a little while, but it is a yellow one will get tired of pretty quick. Its been here before and was dumped pretty quick.
February 21, 2019
I love a good mustard yellow. My last house had a mustard yellow front door and my new will too as soon as I can get it painted. I also use yellow in some of my decor. I would always recommend a more saturated color with some depth. And it only takes a litttle mustard to go a long way!
February 12, 2019
Why didn't you identify the yellows in the initial photo? I would love to know the name of the smallest paint can lid
January 29, 2019
I love the yellow I would like to have seen the Living Room you can see peeking through the opening...or the part of it that shows...
January 28, 2019
I don't like the color yellow for decorating inside....I like a pale yellow outside...with maybe just a hint of pale yellow inside. I'm more blues and greens!