Liven up your living space with turquoise. The bold blue hue can be integrated into nearly any piece of home decor, including furniture, linens, and more. We'll show you the best ways to decorate with turquoise, and offer guidance for infusing the playful color into your home.

By Katie Bandurski
blue chairs and painting

Few colors are as refreshing and lively as turquoise. The bold hue works just as well as an accent in traditional spaces as it does in modern homes. Plus, turquoise's impact is easily controlled. Use as little or as much of the color as desired.

Real turquoise can be found in nature as a mineral. This quality makes matching turquoise with other home elements surprisingly simple. The trick is to pair it with other natural colors—think neutral shades, wood tones, and darker shades of blue.You can also pair turquoise with one or two complementary colors (those colors opposite turquoise on a color wheel), like coral or tangerine.

Add an Accent Wall

patterned turquoise wall

A well-placed accent wall is the perfect place to add color and character to a space. Get the look without even breaking a sweat by using stick-on wallpaper. It's easy to apply, and even easier to take down when you need a refresh. We love the turquoise patterned fabric used to adorn this outdoor room. Coupled with a seahorse table and a sand-dollar-inspired mirror, the space is nautical without being over the top.

Front and Center

Blue Door

Show off your love for turquoise before you even walk in the door. When paired with neutral siding, a turquoise front door can add major curb appeal. The color is visible from the street, but not so bright that it looks out of place. Lush landscaping only adds to the appeal.

Mini but Mighty

blue mirror
Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

A small turquoise accent can make a big impact in your space. Look for small decor items with dramatic geometry, full-bodied texture, and any other elements that stand out. This mirror's thick frame is already an attention-grabber, but the splash of bright turquoise color and well-placed gold lines update an otherwise traditional setting.

Island Blues

turquoise kitchen island

Prevent a crisp white kitchen from becoming bland with a colorful kitchen island. Bright turquoise paint is eye-catching but not distracting, and oil-rubbed bronze hardware and a rich wood countertop ground the look.

All About Accents

blue green and white office

Turquoise is a color that looks good on almost anything, making it easy to decorate with as little or as much as you'd like. This home office area features several turquoise accents. Curtains, desk accessories, and chair detailing work together to unite the space's many textures and patterns. Plus, the spatial arrangement ensures that there's a small splash of color in every zone.

Fresh Coat

Turquoise Decor

It's possible to try the turquoise trend while sticking to a budget. Revive an old piece of furniture with a coat of paint. Whether it's a piece you've had sitting in your basement for years or a recent thrift store find, paint can make it pretty. Plus, since you're doing the work, you can choose the exact hue of turquoise you want to use.

Bright Tile

Turquoise Kitchen Decor

Cheery and bright turquoise is a great kitchen color. But instead of painting or tiling an entire room with the juicy hue, opt for a small section, such as a backsplash. After all, you don't want too much of a good thing. This pretty tile really pops in an otherwise neutral kitchen. Other tropical colors, like orange and lime, are perfect accents.

Furniture Flip

blue wicker chair

Turquoise furniture makes a statement. Find a chair, ottoman, or table that you love, then design the rest of the space around it. Take this chic nook, for example. The chair's rustic wicker design nicely contrasts its contemporary color scheme. And since it's a smaller piece, it doesn't overwhelm the space. Neutral accents—like a white table and wood kiva ladder—round out the look.

Oh-My Agate

blue knobs on drawers

Looking for a subtle way to try turquoise? Opt for tiny details like drawer and cabinet pulls. Hardware is relatively inexpensive, and it can be found in many fun colors and shapes. These gemstone pulls are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Plus, their vibrant patterns let you experiment with different shades within the turquoise family.


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