Prepare yourself for Ultra Violet, Pantone's splashy purple pick for Color of the Year 2018. Use these ideas to bring the trendy color to life in your home.
purple paint lids

Pantone announced its 2018 Color of the Year, and it's not for those who fear bold color. The blue-based purple shade, 18-3838 Ultra Violet, evokes music icons like Prince and Jimi Hendrix, which is fitting since purple is often linked to creativity and imagination. According to Pantone, purple is a color associated with mindfulness and nonconformity. Ultra Violet is also meant to be reminiscent of the cosmos with its rich mix of red and blue.

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Not sure where to start with such a statement shade? Ultra Violet can find a place in your home decor through area rugs, wallpaper, and eclectic accessories. Here are some ideas to get started.

Violet Accent

White kitchen with purple bar stools

This neutral kitchen design gets a boost of fun color from a floor rug and bold purple island stools. This unexpected pop of color gives the space interest, and adds to the eclectic vibe. Transform existing stools with an Ultra Violet glossy spray paint.

Broad Spectrum

purple room

This bedroom design integrates different tones and shades of purple for an energizing but inviting look. The floral headboard ties in various violet shades featured throughout the rest of the colorful linens. A muted blue-based purple paint color covers the walls for a soft and soothing background.

Grounded Grape

Decorating Gallery

Something elegant is afoot. A rich, blue-purple rug works to ground light walls and floors in this elegant entryway. Adding a large pop of color to your entry makes an inviting impression on anyone who walks through the door.

Contrast Color

living room with orange walls and purple painted trim accents

Instead of painting your walls Ultra Violet, try it as an accent paint color for baseboards and trim. This space uses two bright shades (orange and purple) for a contrasting boho color scheme, but purple trim can work well in spaces with neutral walls and decor as well. Pairing colorful trim with light gray or white walls allows the accent color to shine without overwhelming a space.

Natural Hues

neutral dining room with round table and large purple vase filled with hydrangea

Use the Color of the Year 2018 as an excuse to bring bright purple flowers into your home. In this all-white space, rich purple hydrangeas add the perfect amount of color and natural texture to the space. Irises and orchids are also great options for bringing Ultra Violet indoors.

Popping Purple

purple room

Purple accent pillows, a floor rug, and a washi tape accent wall energize this colorful living room. The variety of patterns in the sofa pillows adds a fun but cohesive look. To keep a space from becoming saturated with Ultra Violet,  accompany the regal tone with light furniture and neutral accents.

Small Accessories

mantle with variety of purple glass bottles

Bring a few Ultra Violet accents into your home without going overboard. These purple glass bottles add vintage charm and color to a mantel without overwhelming. Purple lamps, throw blankets, and vases are other accessories that can be used to bring new color into a space.

Hidden Color

bathroom vanity

Love this year's Pantone Color of the Year but don't want to completely redecorate? Use Ultra Violet as a surprise pop of color behind closed doors. These purple baskets keep everything organized under a bathroom vanity with style. Use colorful storage bins and baskets in cabinets and closets to make storage a little more fun.

Bold Walls

bright purple walls in crafting corner

Fully embrace the Color of the Year 2018 by painting the electric hue on the walls. Small spaces tolerate this color well. A laundry room or office could benefit from an energizing and mood-boosting color makeover, and purple could be this year's go-to option.

Purple Pattern

purple velvet accent chair with gold floor lamp and purple print wallpaper

Find patterns with blue-tone purples that complement your home's existing style. For example, this white and purple toile wallpaper fits nicely in traditonal or vintage homes while incorporating trendy Ultra Violet. Geometric patterns fit with modern and contemporary styles, stripes complement preppy decor, and florals add to feminine home designs.

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    Better Homes & Gardens Member
    May 23, 2018
    I absolutely love the color of the year. Well, really all of them. It would be fun to coordinate around the color!