Pops of Color Kids' Rooms

Just say no to white walls and boring neutrals. Bring on the color for kids!

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    This soft, gender-neutral space gains coziness and drama from a bright animal-theme rug and sophistication from the painted gold- and beige-striped walls.

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    Going Froggie!

    Satisfy a desire for all things amphibian with this frog-inspired room. Cool blue stars in the "outdoor" space, painted frogs, reeds, and clouds create no-worries artwork throughout the room.

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    All the Colors in the Rainbow

    Eye-popping green coats the walls of this room perfect for a middle-school girl. The daybed has a rolling drawer underneath that's easy for a young girl to access. The clever canopy is a ribbon shower curtain.

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    Space Race

    Comical space creatures smile out on this room's occupants. Nearly every color in the rainbow was used on the bedding, backed with eye-popping turquoise walls.

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    Red, White, and Bunked

    Stripes appear nearly everywhere in this happy kids' room -- walls, window, pillows, bedding, cushions, and even the bunk beds themselves. Note the sophisticated look of the wall and window treatments, making for a smooth transition to more mature teen furnishings in the future.

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    Purple Passion

    Magnetic walls allow this teen to tack up notes and lists as well as arrange word magnets into poems. Bright purple walls and multicolored bedding make for a fun, creative space.

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    Fun Fur

    A teen will love this colorful room that sports swirls, hearts, solids, and dots as well as two hues of faux fur.

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    Hooray for Orange!

    Orange serves as a vivid background for light birch furniture and block quilts. A string of pennants showcases the other fun colors in the quilt.

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    Isle of Style

    By mixing natural tones with splashy hues, the room's color palette became obvious. The rest -- punchy bedding, fun desk doodads, and a woven window shade -- flowed like lava into a room that coordinates without being "matched.

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    A Bold Step

    Baby, oh baby! Nurseries sure have come a long way from pastels and gauzy fabrics. This fresh nursery embraces the bolder side of a classic pink-and-yellow palette.

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    Tween Dream

    The tweens of America have spoken: It's two thumbs up for orange! The juicy color rules in this room. But bold as orange is, the room has a sense of calm.

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    Give Me B-L-U-E

    A bright marine blue coats the walls of this room. Teamed with a playful orange, the offbeat mix is a lasting choice for a boy on the verge of his teenage years.

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    Down to the Sea

    Bordered in wavy blues, the painted chair rail features a variety of smiling sea life and plant shapes, along with fishy bubbles. These designs give personality to a small room that's been simply furnished with a crib and chest.

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    Oversize Whimsy

    A large chest was given a makeover with pink stripes and flower drawer pulls. Bright yellow covers the stuffed chair that's been piped with red and pillowed in orange plaid.

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    Gone Fishing

    You can create a themed kids' room using a variety of real and painted objects. Painted waves mix easily with a fishing pole and sailboat, blending into the colors seen on the plaid bedspread.

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    Pink Pops

    These colors are similar intensities, making them a snap to combine in a room. Every surface done in brilliant red, pink, and yellow offer an eye-popping look for a child who loves the excitement of bright color.

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    Red Revisited

    A plain-color wall is a great backdrop for a child's room. Here, a stars-and-stripes theme predominates, yet it could have easily been black racing stripes or yellow stars. Allow for a child's creativity by providing blackboards, personalized pillows, and tackboards.

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    Pirate Room for Two

    Nautical details abound in this all-boy room. A pair of boat-shaped twin beds (complete with sails) are perfect for these two young pirates!

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    A Bug-Inspired Room for Kids

    An insect-pattern bedding fabric served as the inspiration for a colorful room. Easy-to-stencil embellishments on furnishings add whimsical touches in unexpected places. Winged creatures cut from fabric flutter atop windows dressed with white wood blinds.

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    Colorful Quilt

    Bubble-gum pink walls glow behind brightly colored bedding, pillows, and wall art. Over the window, a unique awning-style valance adds color and dimension.

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    Bandwidth of Style

    This wall treatment's bold scale sets the stage for large furnishings, including the oversize graphic floor lamps on either side of the bed.

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    Hide and Seek

    Bold color and private hideaways entice children to play and imagine. Each wall is painted a different color, serving as a backdrop for an array of toys, games, and beanbag chairs.

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    Camp Room

    Chunky log furniture creates a summer camp theme in a room that sports red and green. A playful pup tent, picnic table, and pinecone chandelier add even more ambience.

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    Lime green and purple play host to perky floral murals and curtain hooks. The quilt acts as a blueprint for the entire color scheme.

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