Color Trends: Try It Now, Love It Forever

Blue and yellow sitting area
Stuck in a color rut? Infuse your spaces with a color that's hot now but will create a look you'll love for years to come. Our color decorating tips and top color trend picks will show you how.

Dusty Rose

It's never been easier to dress your home pretty in pink. Today's muted shades are sweetly subtle and so versatile. Coat your walls in a soft shade, and enhance it with accessories and accents in darker intensities. Use a neutral hue, like cream or soft blue, for contrast.

Dusty Rose: Just a Little

Delicate doses of dusty rose evoke a mood that's both playful and comforting. Not ready to splash the shade onto your walls? Incorporate blush tones into large-scale and graphic patterns, which make pink look more mature.

Earthy Green

If earthy green makes you think moss and olive circa 1996, think again. These drab, cold shades are being replaced by brighter versions with a bit more yellow. Colors like grass and emerald inject earthy richness into a color scheme and work well with neutrals and as well as other colors.

Earthy Green: Just a Little

For a small dose of earthy green, incorporate patterns in shades of green and cream, as well as in a few accessories or even a plant or two. This room uses a green leather sofa to tie the color scheme together. If you're not ready to jump in quite that deep, a sofa matching neutrals already in your room would do the trick.

Soft Blue

Blue is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Today's plucked-from-the-sky shade has enough gray that it doesn't look babyish, and it works just as well as a neutral as it does center stage. Promote tranquility with a soft shade of blue on the walls. Balance with white trim and textiles.

Soft Blue: Just a Little

Set off cool blue accents with a creamy foundation. Rich neutrals like caramel and brown keep things warm and cozy while letting soft blue accents like pillows, window treatments, and artwork pop.

Color isn't just color. Here's how to use color to set a mood in your home's decor.

Use Color to Set a Mood

Color can affect the way you feel in your personal space. See how to achieve the right mood for you.


A pleasing blend of blue and green, rich jade exudes opulence. The midtone hue easily transitions between warm and cool, ensuring there's an application for everyone. For a serious style statement, bathe walls in the jewel tone, or take a step back and feature jade on fabric and furniture.

Jade: Just a Little

Nervous for a full-blown jade statement? Try small strokes in varying scale. The sumptuous shade works especially well with other jewel tones, including amethyst and ruby; blend the colors in punchy patterned pillows and upholstery.


Gray is still the neutral of the moment, and it has held that spot for quite awhile. Because it's a neutral, gray is easy to live with and an ideal backdrop for other colors. Try it where you otherwise might use cream or white.

Gray: Just a Little

In addition to being a versatile wall color, gray also plays well on accents. Incorporate natural textures in gray, such as wicker chairs or baskets and weathered wood finishes. These additions will soften a colorful room, but because they are textural, they'll bring much-needed visual interest to blank spaces.


The ghosts of trendy purples past (think mauve and eggplant) may share a color family with today's orchid, but we think this sister shade has more staying power. Orchid lands right in the middle: It's not too dull (like eggplant), nor is it overly grayed out (ahem, mauve). It's bright enough to be unique but restrained enough to come across as classy.

Purple: Just a Little

If you're not sure orchid is the purple for you, take one tiny step to the left or right. To your left, you'll get a beautiful lavender, which sports a little more gray. And to your right, you'll land on plum, a richer, more traditional shade. Use one or both of these shades as accents in a white-and-gray room for a look that's colorful, tasteful, and right on trend.


Blue never seems to go out of style. The shade on everyone's lips now is indigo. When used as a wall color, indigo may come on strong, but because it's a classic, it's completely livable and won't seem out of place a few years from now. To maintain a traditional air, pair it with rich wood floors, creamy white linens, and a touch of golden yellow. For an up-to-date twist, incorporate more modern patterns and geometric shapes.

Indigo: Just a Little

Even as an accent, indigo has a "use it now, love it later" mentality. Infuse it as an accent in a room where you are already using shades of blue. Use patterns that pair indigo with white, such as this striped rug and ikat fabric, for extra style points.

Sunny Yellow

No shade brightens a room quite like yellow. Even muted versions like straw or honey have a cozy effect and can warm up the dreariest of spaces. Play with shades of yellow in a color scheme by incorporating tones that range from light to dark in saturation.

Sunny Yellow: Just a Little

Even a punch or two of yellow can do wonders for a space. If you're going the yellow-as-an-accent route, be sure to use the color at least three times. The yellow-and-white striped pillows on this sofa look smart but would appear out of place if not for the yellow in the artwork, accessories, and chair pillow.

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