Add Color Without Paint

Bedroom with red bedding
You don't have to lift a brush to brighten up your spaces with color. Vibrant window treatments, furnishings, and accessories are simple ways to add a little color to your decor.

Artsy Addition

A big bold painting brings serious flair, and can instantly change the vibe of any space. Whether hung above a fireplace, sofa, or elsewhere in the room, a painting can create a focal point with impact and add both color and dimension. Pick up a few of its colors in accessories, like pillows, to highlight the piece even more.

Personalize with Art

Don’t see anything at the gallery that grabs you? It’s easier than ever to get exactly what you want on the walls -- by making it yourself. Pick up a prestretched canvas and some paint at a crafts store and splash on the colors you desire. Or blow up a favorite vacation print on canvas via an online service. Some big box photo services also offer printed canvases.

Hanging artwork will add polish to your walls. Watch and learn how to hang artwork with ease.

How to Hang Art

With your colorful piece selected, be sure to hang it the right way. Watch this video to learn the secrets to successfully hang art.

Plant Matter

Love 'em or hate 'em, plants and miniature trees are making a comeback -- and we're not talking trailing philodendron in a macramé holder. Top designers and bloggers are putting plants and trees into living spaces not just as an afterthought but as an intentional part of the design -- think fiddle leaf figs, succulents, lemon trees, air plants, hibiscus, amaryllis, or orchids.

Mix It Up

Throw pillows are a simple way to add a splash of color and comfort to any room. Mix and match patterns and solids to create a dynamic contrast. Combining colors that are direct opposites on the color wheel intensifies their impact.

Paper Trail

The popular trend of removable wallpaper has landed this fun product in even the big box stores. Peel the backing and press it to the wall, then peel it off if you tire of the look or if you’re a renter. You can use big graphic colorful prints behind a bed as a headboard, on a hollow-core door to make it dimensional, or over a fireplace without a big commitment.

White Plus Color

It’s one of the coolest looks and it never gets old, partly because its so versatile, partly because it’s good clean design: Take a white box of a room and layer in the color via rugs, pillows, throws, lamps and shades, artwork and other accessories. It’s all easy to switch out when you’re ready for a whole new look.

Accent with Furniture

Add a chair or ottoman in a bold print to perk up a mellow layout. Take your time and find the pattern that you like best, holding up swatches against the walls and existing furniture. Look for a pattern that has colors used elsewhere in your room so that the new piece looks right at home.

Dress Up the Floor

A large, colorful patterned rug really anchors a room and makes it more vibrant. You can base a whole design on one gorgeous rug -- clear out the space, add in the rug, and in that single move, you've added color, softness, and a palette to work from. Layer in neutral furniture, window treatments, and accessories to finish out the look.

Go Global

Troll online or visit your fave flea market for international textiles. Colorful embroidered prints from Asia, India, and Guatemala look amazing draped over a chair, bed, or sofa. You'll add instant color and have a daily reminder that we are but travelers in this big world.

Freshen with Flowers

Sometimes we forget the best solution is the easiest one. Next time you swing by the grocery store for milk and bread, pick up a temporary pop of color from the floral section. You can go seasonal or straight to the color. Arrange the flowers in a pretty vessel for instant, easy color.

All Lit Up

When you think of jazzing up a room, lamps are bright, they’re functional, and the fabric of a shade offers lots of design possibility. Choose a great vintage base and keep it cool with a white drum, or top a mellow black base with a funky design of your own. The ceiling’s the limit, really. Why don’t you splurge on that funky chandelier you’ve had your eye on?

Colorful Windows

Window treatments provide a striking swath of color without the use of paint and create a focal point for your room. Mount curtain panels on the wall, near the ceiling, with the bottoms brushing the floor for a dramatic, colorful look. Experiment with different patterns, color combinations, and treatment styles to find which style works best with your windows.

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