Creative Ways with Color and Pattern

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Sure, painting your room a vibrant red or a cool blue will add color pizzazz. But color can be incorporated without painting. These beautiful rooms pop with color in all the right places.

Pattern Perfect

This cozy kitchen banquette mixes traditional elements, such as the antique wood table, with quirky design like the vivid pink diner chairs.

Why It Works
-- Saturating a corner with bold color is a great way to make a statement without taking over a room.
-- The eye-catching Roman shade holds together the color scheme. Pillows in the same print dress up the simple banquette.
-- The warm oak table is traditional but the exaggerated legs are almost whimsical.

Art with Color

In a room with dark walls, simple artwork creates a vivid focal point.

Why It Works
-- Art is an easy way to add small doses of color. Simple prints such as these can be presented in a small grouping.
-- For additional color choose accessories such as pillows and live flowers.

Patterns and Color, Oh My!

Color comes in all forms in this bedroom. From a graphic wallpaper and rug to chic wool linens, this room's citrus vibe is playful yet chic.

Why It Works
-- Because the wall and rug have such a bold pattern, solid accessories calm things down.
-- The wallpaper is very bold and dramatic and the rug's pattern is secondary to it.
-- To make the bold color more livable, a white headboard, bed skirt, and lampshade give the eyes a rest.

A Touch of Color

With its foundation of blue-gray and white, the potentially cold room is warmed by pops of orange.

Why It Works
-- Saturated hues such as orange are perfect accent colors.
-- Complementary colors like orange and blue create a dramatic look with a traditional vibe.
-- Accent color is scattered throughout a room with small accessories.

Mix and Match

Wallpaper with an oversize tapestry pattern contributes to the warm hues of this living room.

Why It Works
-- From the wallpaper to the drapes, all the hues are similar, which gives the room a more formal look.
-- Choosing wallpaper with a large pattern is a simple way to add color without many accessories.

Vibrant Hues

The red, orange, and blue in this fresh green rug draw together all the tones in this traditional and elegant dining room.

Why It Works
-- The rug becomes the foundation of the room, allowing the other colored elements to be featured beautifully.
-- To add unexpected color to the room, red wicker and blue slipcovered chairs are pulled up to the table.

Color Speaks Volumes

In this all-white room, vibrant orange and pink accents create a fashionable living space.

Why It Works
-- Bold complementary colors against white walls and furniture grab attention.
-- A wrapped canvas in a bold pink pattern makes for easy artwork in the simple room.
-- The room's perfect symmetry is calming and chic.

Small Doses of Color

Pops of lime green paired with the chocolate brown walls and accessories give this bedroom a modern vibe.

Why It Works
-- The small punches of lime in the bed skirt, window treatment, and pillows give this room a sophisticated look. Just a few dashes of color can make a big statement.
-- To tie in the chocolate walls, a simple trim was added to the white duvet.

Pretty Pastels

Soft blue hues are the foundation of this peaceful bedroom but interesting textures like the woven blinds and quilted comforter create sophisticated style.

Why It Works
-- The woven blinds spanning the windows add a natural warmth to the bedroom.
-- The bedding is simple, but the quilted comforter looks refined. Simple stripe pillows with rows of buttons add a playful punch to the room.
-- The orange throw and vase of tulips add color in the soft, neutral space.

Citrus Vibes

Twists of citrus yellow and pops of rich kelly green add personality to this sassy yet sophisticated living room.

Why It Works
-- Crisp white walls and a white sofa create a neutral base for bold colors.
-- The symmetrical design adds a little formality to this bold living room.
-- The large artwork holds together the bold color scheme by pulling in all colors featured in the room.

Colors in All Forms

The white walls fade away as the colorful furniture in a variety of fabrics takes center stage in this living room.

Why It Works
-- Even though each piece of furniture in this space is a different color, it is tied together with the simple artwork hung over the fireplace depicting all the shades.
-- The oversize leaf pattern on the chair is a fun way to incorporate a color without choosing a solid.
-- The leather ottoman and wicker side chair add interesting textural contrast.

Wallpaper Chic

Beautiful wallpaper in rich tones transforms this dining room into an elegant place to entertain.

Why It Works
-- Modern wallpaper often explodes the scale of classic patterns.
-- The wallpaper's elegance comes from the combination of the rich, autumnal hues.
-- To highlight the beauty of the pattern, the rest of the furniture was kept neutral and simple.

Marvelous Monochromatic

Shades of green in the furniture and fabrics give this bedroom a lively look.

Why It Works
-- The shades of green in the monochromatic scheme are cohesive.
-- Neutrals such as the white bedding and lamp offer a break from the sea of green.

Mix and Match

Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns such as this gingham chair and vibrant patterned pillow.

Why It Works
-- The scale of the patterns is mixed. Otherwise the look would be too busy and cluttered.
-- The solid trims on the gingham chair and white pillow bring in colors from the patterned pillow.

Rustic Color

This room filled with flea market finds gets a burst of color from the chartreuse window treatments.

Why It Works
-- The window treatments are the center of attention as the only vibrant color in this dining room.
-- The windows are perfectly symmetrical so the bold color doesn't throw the room out of balance.
-- The modern large-scale print on the draperies adds a modern, casual vibe.

A Dash of Color

Sometimes the biggest color boost comes in small doses, as illustrated by the lively accessories and blue occasional table in this room.

Why It Works
-- To create an easy, breezy look, the colors are kept subtle in this fresh white room.
-- Painted wicker offers a classic look with a fresh personality.

Rug Works

This vibrant rug adds a dash of color in this modern dining room.

Why It Works
-- Pretty patterned rugs are a great way to add color and keep the rest of the scheme neutral.
-- This daring dining room incorporates pattern through the rug and dinnerware.

Striped Success

This cozy kitchen banquet gets jazzed up with simple blue and green striped cushions.

Why It Works
-- Because the windows are left bare in this nook, the striped cushions soften up the space.
-- Stripes are a classic pattern that won't date over time, especially in a soothing color palette.

Rich Browns

This cozy living room mixes many styles with modern fabrics, a rustic coffee table, and a traditional chair with classic lines.

Why It Works
-- Every patterned fabric in this room has modern personality and oversize prints.
-- In contrast, a classic gingham-upholstered chair adds a touch of tradition.
-- Accessories in ocean blue and chocolate brown add a modern touch.

Vintage Finds

This white hutch in a cottage-inspired kitchen is filled with colorful antiques store treasures.

Why It Works
-- Vintage vases and bowls come in exquisite colors and jazz up this neutral space.
-- Folded flea market dishtowels add color in the top of the hutch.

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