Conquer Your Fear of Neon

Neon decor has a reputation for being a little outrageous and undeniably bold, but it's also exceptionally beautiful when executed thoughtfully! Use these four creative decorating tricks to successfully embrace the trend in your own home. Whether you use a little or a lot of neon color, the results always offer big impact.

Neon Yellow Never Fails

Take a note from designer and blogger, Gwen Hefner. She took things up several notches in her home by painting the fireplace a bright neon yellow -- a color that adds instant pop and polish to what could have otherwise been just another fireplace. By adding a bright shade of yellow to the surround, Gwen gave extra oomph to the focal point in her living room and was able to call attention to the architecture of the built-in feature itself. Try the look out in your own space by painting a feature wall, window casing, or built-in shelving unit your favorite shade of neon color.

Playing with Hot Pink

In case you aren't feeling quite confident enough to paint a permanent fixture in neon color, try adding the look in smaller, more transient doses with a grouping of objects in the same neon palette. This vignette styled by Carrie Waller showcases this idea of the repetition of shades using bright neon pink as her theme. Starting with the bold pink lamp, she then leaned an abstract pink painting behind it against the wall and finished with a vase of pink peonies. Although the pieces were pulled from all over the house and have no other similarities outside of color, the arrangement feels intentional and collected thanks to the repeating neon rose accents.

An Imaginative Neon Nursery

There's no denying that kids seem to have all the fun, and the presence of neon color is no exception in the life of a child. This nursery space photographed by Kristin Eldridge showcases the whimsical and bright world of a little one, and it includes a hearty amount of neon color. With the floor lamp and the pillows, all the way down to the bold orange shag rug, this room is teeming with neon color, but the pint-size resident is able to get away with it thanks to the long-standing tradition of bright details in children's decor. Try living vicariously through children by having some fun with punchy shades of neon.

Pattern-Packed Neon Spectrum

Neon color is a commitment no matter how you incorporate it into a space, but you can get creative with your own bold stance by mixing the colors in with patterns and silhouettes that are grounded by neutral classics. DIY blogger and maker Sarah Khandjian shows us that neon color is just one more way to add playful style to a space thanks to her collection of handmade throw pillows. Because of their classic white background and their placement on a soft, pastel pink sofa, the rich neon colorway of the pillows' pattern feels like a sweet statement rather than overkill.


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