Pretty Painted Ceilings

Often forgotten surfaces, ceilings make a stylish impact when painted in pretty hues that complement a room's furnishings. These spaces show how both vivid and serene painted ceilings draw the eye upward to round out a room's appeal.

Red, White, and New

Think of a painted ceiling as the icing on the cake -- a bedazzling flourish that takes a room from pleasing to downright sensational. In this dining room, a tomato red ceiling caps pale pink walls and white woodwork and becomes a high-energy partner for blue and white textiles. Thoughtfully distributed red accessories link to the room's vibrant color scheme.

Cocooning Character

White ceilings may be too bright and jarring for rooms meant for relaxing. Introduce calming cadences by painting a bathroom's ceiling a muted sage. The neutral hue visually lowers the ceiling, which cozies up this bathing alcove while playing up its architectural lines.

It's Always Sunny

This nursery's occupant will always wake up with a smile, thanks to the sunny ceiling overhead. The yellow ceiling mirrors the golden tones of the wood floor and provides a contrasting capper for neutral walls sporting fairytale motifs. White cove moldings ensure the ceiling and walls stand on their own to garner the appreciation they each deserve.

Duo-Tone Beauty

Soft aquamarine paint handily highlights this ceiling's white-painted beams while also softening their boxy silhouettes. The watery hue perfectly suits this living room's beach-inspired scheme. The breezy blue repeats in varying shades as pillow and ottoman fabrics, accessories, and artwork.

Modern Vibes

Thinking outside the box results in cool contemporary quarters. Lime green ceilings make a citrusy splash that perfectly partners with a blue-framed mirror to energize this bathroom. The ceiling color provides a counterpoint that lifts and balances the bathroom's rustic stone walls, streamlined vanity, and tiled floor.

See the bathroom paint colors we love and get inspired to try a new hue!

Our Favorite Bathroom Paint Colors

Get inspired to try a new hue in your bathroom with these stylish paint shades.

Chic Shimmer

Want to create an applause-worthy design? Paint ceilings with a high-gloss metallic paint that reflects your sophisticated taste. Select gold, silver, copper, or bronze paint that mirrors other metals and colors in the room. This gleaming ceiling mirrors the furniture's formal feel, plays off the color of cornices, and defines the eating area.

Pumped-Up Pink

This pretty-in-pink bedroom takes a turn toward timeless, thanks to thoughtful color pairings and refined furnishings. A hot pink ceiling establishes a sense of fun, which is picked up by a pair of boldly striped comforters and floral lamp shades. Black finishes, which appear on a chest of drawers, pillows, and a drum-shade ceiling fixture, introduce a sense of agelessness that ensures the space stays in step with kids' evolving style preferences.

Monochromatic Magic

It's easy to color under-the-eaves spaces where lines between the walls and ceiling blur. Simply paint them the same shade! With no color breaks to distract, even tiny monochromatic laundry rooms will feel larger than their dimensions. Here, soft gray perimeters warm up the utilitarian space while highlighting white finishes and a pair of perky paintings.

Seaworthy Shade

What better hue for a ceiling than blue? The color sounds a cheerful note, brings blue skies inside, and enhances styles ranging from cottage to classic. On this enclosed porch, azure paint accentuates a beaded-board ceiling and spills downward to fill in above bright-white woodwork. White woodwork, walls, and flooring let the blue ceiling take center stage.

Theatrical Statement

Glossy black ceilings perfectly suit this dramatic room's blend of iconic images, modern furnishings, and fashion-forward textiles. The ebony ceiling carries the darkest hues of herringbone carpeting, plaid chairs, and an animal print bench to the room's upper reaches. White crown molding separates the high-shine ceiling from the textured grass-cloth walls.

Reflective Qualities

Create a passageway that invites those passing through to linger awhile. This glossy green ceiling garners smiles aplenty as it draws the eye down the hall to like-color woodwork. Patterns on the ceiling reflected from a large pendant light echo the carved look displayed in an area rug's abstract design.

Wonderfully Warm

Persimmon paint on this ceiling works with dark paneled walls to wrap visitors in a warm embrace. The fiery hue repeats throughout the space to keep interest high. It pops up as accessories, fabrics, and book bindings to compose a charming yet cohesive retreat.

Scheme Variations

Choose one color and use it to create levels of interest high and low. In this kitchen, a silvery gray floor and ceiling create a sandwiching effect that handily showcases the blue finish on cabinetry. The gray tones mirror the steely tones of appliances and faucets. The hue deepens to charcoal on granite countertops and a glass-tile backsplash to amplify appeal.

Dropped Ceiling

Use painted ceilings to define different areas of a room. A sage green ceiling lends cozy distinction to this foyer and differentiates it from the entryway. If you want to make ceilings appear lower, opt for paint colors that are notably darker than the wall color. Need your walls to appear taller? Visually heighten ceilings with paint colors much lighter than the walls.

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