Color Basics

Learn about color theory, the color wheel, and more, plus get inspiration for choosing colors for your own rooms. These basics, such as complementary, analogous, and tertiary color schemes are must-knows for decorating with color and make the process of choosing colors for your home so much easier. Here, you'll find the tips and tricks you need to get your color palette right.

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Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Every Room Just Got So Much Easier

Discover our favorite tools for buying the right paint color. These digital (and mostly free) services are like having your own personal designer on your phone!
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Conquer Your Fear of Neon with These No-Fail Styling Ideas

Neon decor has a reputation for being a little outrageous and undeniably bold. Here's how to successfully embrace the trend in your own home.
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5 Ways to Connect Rooms with Color

Do the colors in your home play well together? If not, you might have a missing link.
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Selecting Trim Color

Choose a color that will set off the walls and make you say "wow."
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Paint with the Color Wheel

Select paint colors by using a color wheel as your guide. This tool, favored by interior designers and pros, is a no-fail way to select the perfect color combinations.
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Easiest Ways to Add Color to Your Rooms

Tired of boring? Inject color into your decor. It's easier than you think. With these smart tricks, you'll be on your way to decorating with color in no time.
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More Color Basics

Get It Right: Pick Colors That Go Together

You're ready to decorate with color. Good! But you aren't sure where to start? No problem. Follow these tips as a springboard for creating the perfect color palette for your home's decor.