Our Favorite Walk-In Closet Designs

Jewelry on display
Make the most of your walk-in closet with these ideas and designs that streamline storage and cut closet clutter.

Innovative Closet

While space is at a premium in the footprint of this 7×9-foot walk-in closet, the storage opportunities are plenty thanks to creative and efficient use of every inch. Much credit for the closet's functionality goes to the semicustom kitchen cabinetry adapted for alternate uses. Evaluating storage needs also helped determine exactly what features needed to be included in this closet built for two. Two stacked closet rods create double the hanging space for blouses and jackets above and slacks and skirts below.

New Use

The design of this food pantry kitchen cabinet also works for closet storage. Pullout shelves accommodate accessories, and stationary shelves are perfect for stacking folded clothing. Because the shallow drawers pull out, accessories are kept visible and not in a jumbled mess on a shelf or in a deep drawer.

Container Organization

Acrylic drawer organizers, shallow boxes, and tins keep items orderly within the pullouts. Keep the items you wear most often highly visible, and stash occasional-wear items inside boxes or containers. Belts can be wound up and placed inside cylindrical tins, and scarves can be folded and stacked in boxes.

Seeing Clearly

Glass-front doors, a stylish statement for kitchens, serve a practical purpose here. The glass fronts keep handbags and bulky sweaters on display and easy to find. The same principle applies to the clear acrylic jewelry containers below, which store earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in an orderly yet visible way. A higher hanging bar accommodates longer articles of clothing, such as coats and dresses, and leaves space to house suitcases below.

Using Space

Consider the lengths of the clothing you need to store when hanging closet bars. Here, three layers of storage make space for longer shirts while leaving room for shoes below and boxes above.

Start fresh with a decluttered closet. It'€™s easy with these smart organization ideas!

Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

Tackle your closet's toughest storage problems with these easy organization ideas.

Tucked Away

Banish wayward shoes in your closet with a wall-mount shoe organizer. Shelves fold up against the wall to conceal shoes. By moving some shoe storage to the wall, the closet floor has more space to store boots and high heels that don't fit in the wall-mount organizer.

Internal Organization

Keep the internal parts of your closet, such as drawers and cabinets, orderly with expandable organizers, which corral underwear, ties, and socks.

High and Dry

Stash a basket in your closet specifically for items that need dry cleaning. That way, you'll have a designated spot to place these items to send out, and you won't have to dig through the rest of your laundry when the time comes to drop them off.

Closet Seating

When placed on the floor, a short upper cabinet -- usually positioned above a kitchen sink or oven -- is the perfect height to serve as a seat below the closet's window. Topped with a cushion, the cabinet functions as seating, with storage for handbags or other bulky items beneath.

Spacious Closet

An angled roof provided a configuration challenge. But groupings of cabinets, drawers, and shelves were assembled to create the maximum amount of storage. The island in the middle features removable jewelry trays.

Pretty & Organized

Stylish cloth bins with leather handles are clearly labeled according to function. Scrapbooking tags and adhesive letters can be easily replaced when contents change. Matching bins create an uncluttered look for items that are potential disorganizing culprits, such as socks without matches.

Shoe Cabinet

Angled shelves store shoes with ease, and doors conceal the collection to keep with the seamless look of this closet. Consider your shoe size when planning shoe storage. These shelves were customized to accommodate larger shoes, while a cabinet on the opposite site of the closet was scaled for storing high heels.

Closet Bars

High- and low-hanging bars efficiently divide the open storage areas. The open cubbies include a pullout valet rod for outfit planning and a built-in tie rack used to gather scarves.

Space Smarts

Even the narrowest of spaces can be outfitted with stellar storage, as this closet proves. Shelves, drawers, and bars line the walls to accommodate everything from jewelry to dresses. What the space lacks in square footage it makes up for in vertical space. The closet's main storage areas fall just short of the ceilings, and the space above is used for storing boxes of seasonal items.

Handbag Cubby

Snap-close shower curtain rings keep purses suspended from a closet bar. By hanging purses, you can ensure that small bags don¿t get pushed behind large totes.

Mirror, Mirror

A mirror is a closet essential, but when wall space is at a premium, placement can be a challenge. This model pulls out from one of the hanging compartments and swivels. Reflected in the mirror is the closet's prime shoe-storage space. A series of short shelves is spaced to house both heels and flats. Narrow shelves like these can also act as storage space for folded sweaters and shirts.

Jewelry Display

Shadow boxes with hinged fronts display jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets hang from simple pushpins tacked in the back of the box.

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