Smart Storage for a Walk-In Closet

See how to effectively combine a variety of storage and organization solutions to create an efficient walk-in closet.

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    Keys to Closet Success

    The first step in organizing your clothing is simple: Take inventory. After you assess your needs, carving out specific spots for each big category will be a breeze. Labeling ensures that everything in this closet has a home and reduces the amount of time wasted searching for items. A modular closet system is flexible and customizable, adapting as needs change.

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    Head-to-Toe Convenience

    On the narrow end wall of this storage-packed closet, two rolling storage carts keep smaller items, such as undergarments and tanks, in check. The tops of the carts function as a petite dressing table for a final check before heading out. 

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    Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

    Restore order in your closet with these must-know storage and organization secrets.

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    Open Storage

    Open storage is a must in any closet, but make sure to keep like items together. Decorative baskets do the trick in this closet and provide an ideal spot for small items such as socks and lingerie.

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    Seasonal Storage Solutions

    As seasons change, less-used items move to lidded bins on the top shelf of the modular organizer. Labels secured with hook-and-loop tape adapt effortlessly wherever they’re needed.

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    Shoe Storage

    Angled shelves make storing shoes a breeze. Labels that fit over the wire frames of the shelves keep shoes organized by style and lined up in their proper place.

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    Hang It Up

    A handled basket becomes a go-to spot for everything swimming-related. The basket hangs on large cup hooks installed on the bottom of a wall-mount storage unit for easy access. As temperatures drop outside, the basket becomes a convenient catch-all for scarves and hats.

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    Label Change

    Affix labels to drawers and baskets using sticky-backed hook-and-loop tape. The adhesive keeps one portion of the tape attached to the storage unit and the other portion to the labels, which means you don’t have to worry about putting new adhesive on the storage unit each time you want to change a label.

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    Thrifty Storage

    The clear plastic pockets of an accessory holder are convenient, in-plain-sight homes for scarves, jewelry, and hair accessories. These organizers were hung on a curtain rod over a window, so they also serve as an improvised window shade and provide extra privacy.

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    In Plain Sight

    Two pullout baskets keep clunky, hard-to-manage items, such as purses and hats, out of the way but easy to reach. The see-through wire baskets make it easy to spot needed items in a snap. A wooden shelving unit above creates a storage niche for jeans and extra bed linens. A small ottoman provides a spot to sit down and put on shoes, but tucks away neatly when not in use.

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    At-Home Boutique

    Sliding rod organizers outfitted with labels take a cue from retails displays and take the guesswork out of putting away your clothes. Felt-covered hangers ensure no garments end up crumpled on the floor.

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    Laundry Routine

    Dirty clothes are tossed into marked hampers, keeping the floor tidy and clutter-free. The rolling cart makes transporting the hampers to the laundry room easier, while the labels ease the headache of laundry day and allow speedy turnover between loads.

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