Walk-In Closet Design Ideas

Plan your walk-in closet as an elegantly appointed space that organizes wardrobes to ensure accessories and clothing are always conveniently at hand.

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Organize Accessories


Creating places for everything and returning things to those proper places will make dressing easier. Use photos or labels to identify the contents of boxes, baskets, and bins; add hooks to doors or walls to hold costume jewelry and purses; set things you use daily near getting-ready stations so they're ready to go when you are. You're likely to use things more often when they're visible and accessible.

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Customize to You

Dressing Room

Custom cabinetmakers, closet-organizer manufacturers, and specialty retailers will help you tailor a closet's interior by installing cabinetry and/or freestanding wood or wire systems that suit the space and your storage and dressing needs. Here, paneled doors enclose tall wardrobes, while drawers of varying sizes provide flexible storage. Closets should be pretty and practical, so personalize them with wall colors and furnishings that provide cheerful wake-up calls.

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Be Space Savvy

white closet shelving

Think about the accessories and clothing you want to store and include open cubbies, drawers, hanging rods, shelves, and cabinets that will manage your (and, if required, your partner's) wardrobe. Stretch vertically with double-rod systems for hanging shirts, blouses, and slacks, but include at least one single rod in an area with ample room for hanging coats and dresses. Note how this closet gives hanging and stacked clothing plenty of breathing room; proper spacing retains clothing's good looks and prevents clothes from wrinkling.

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Consider Convenience


Though designed and finished to look like an old-world armoire, this built-in puts modern ingenuity to work; a handy rod, which holds clothing above the drawers when cabinet doors are closed, drops to bring clothing to the wearer's eye level. Take time to shop around, and you'll find an array of closet rod systems, organizers, racks, hooks, and more that you can use to optimize every inch of closet space.

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Stack Up Style

white shelving

As pretty as a silk-lined jewelry box, this walk-in closet sports tufted fabric walls that soften the room's functional floor-to-ceiling shelves. Use adjustable shelving units to customize shelf spacing to suit items of varying sizes. Design the highest shelves to hold rarely used gear and out-of-season clothing; space midlevel and lower shelves to display and store often-used items in an orderly fashion.

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Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

It's simple to declutter your closet with these five must-know organization tricks.

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Stow, Show, and Protect

shoe storage

Always looking for the perfect accessory to finish an outfit? Consider adding glass doors to your closet cabinets. The see-through doors keep contents dust-free and within easy view. Think about what you want to store behind glass so you choose the correct type of shelves or organizers. Here, shoes and bags line up behind barriers that keep them from slipping off shelves, slanted to better showcase the good-looking gear.

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Think Double Duty


Walk-in closets can be more than just clothing repositories. If space allows, add built-in bookcases and a desktop to create a home office. Or arrange a vanity table, a tufted bench, and a wall-hung mirror to fashion a femme-fatale dressing area. No linen closet anywhere in the house? Set aside bedroom closet shelves or move in a trunk or dresser to store sheets, blankets, and towels for nearby bedrooms and baths.

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Opt for Luxury

walk-in closet

Take inspiration from high-end retailers' dressing rooms. You might come up with a closet similar to this finely furnished closet where accessories and apparel become part of the distinctive decor. Clothing pieces are stored behind glass doors, sorted onto decorative pegs, and organized by type or color on hanging rods. The charming configuration includes high cabinets sized to big hats and bags.

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Dress It for Success


It makes sense for a walk-in closet to also serve as a dressing room. Most of your wardrobe is at hand, just waiting to be donned. So include benches or window seats (preferably with storage below) for setting out the clothing you're considering and for sitting down to pull on socks and shoes. Make sure there's plenty of light -- from windows, ceiling fixtures, and table and floor lamps -- to help you create flawlessly color-coordinated outfits.

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Enhance Its Purpose


Create a walk-in closet that serves your dressing and wardrobe-related needs. Hang a full-size mirror or bring in a standing mirror that lets you double-check your clothing choices. Set hampers and laundry bags in a corner to instantly handle dirty clothes as they're removed. Include an ironing board, an iron, and a sewing kit so you can conveniently maintain and repair garments in a timely fashion.

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Organize Everything

master bedroom storage

You can't beat bins, baskets, and hanging bags and drawers when it comes to corralling smaller apparel items, like socks, lingerie, underwear, slippers, and shoes. Use these organizers, along with over-the-door storage racks, shelf dividers, shoe racks, wire drawers, accessory hangers, repurposed bookcases, and wall-hung shelves to help you sort and manage your wardrobe.

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