10 Lessons for Sharing Space from This Incredible Closet Makeover

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With twice the wardrobe and style needs, a shared space calls for a divide-and-conquer approach. See how this master closet makeover pairs good looks with savvy organization to create a peaceful space for two.

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Divide and Conquer

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At 120 square feet, this master closet is large enough to accommodate a sizable island. The piece serves as a two-sided dresser, dividing the space into zones, mixing open and hidden storage, and introducing a useful surface for packing suitcases.

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Visually Declutter


To avoid a cluttered look and increase accessibility, store stacks of folded clothes in wire baskets rather than piling them on open shelves. Pay attention to both shoe length and height in order to make the most of shelf space.

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Combine Display and Function

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Good looks need to be purposeful in a shared, hardworking closet. Clean-line drawer pulls on built-ins and the island make the space feel grand yet modern. Niches for artwork and accessories tuck under the eaves and combine display and function.

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Enlist Helpers

Shoe cleaning tray

Grouping like-items together on a tray or within a stylish caddy encourages tidiness and makes pinpointing supplies a cinch. A simple painted wood tray gathers shoeshine supplies on the island for quick touch-ups.

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Put the Kibosh on Chaos


Avoid tangled necklaces and bangles with thoughtful drawer organizers. Built-in wood dividers control the chaos often associated with small personal items that often go unsorted in drawers. Use patterned drawer liners for a personal punch.

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Designate Drop-Zones

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Plastic inserts organize rolled socks or ties quickly and inexpensively. A small bowl designates a spot for end-of- day pocket-emptying, while an integrated outlet keeps electronics charged.

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Make Transitions Smooth

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Stunning hallway wallpaper eases the transition from a more colorful adjacent bedroom to the closet. Wire drawers organize folded clothing and gather laundry.

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Streamline Routines

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Industrial fittings for hanging clothing and accessories give one side of the closet a masculine edge. By creating a defined space for often-worn belts, it's easy to streamline the get-ready routine.

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Add Unexpected, Yet Useful Elements

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Industrial accents give this portion of the space a laid-back quality and show off favorite clothing. Here, a wall-mount garment tree made of galvanized pipes looks cool and makes finding a favorite shirt a cinch.

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Keep It Bright

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Like many closets, natural light is limited in this space. To keep it from feeling dark, walls and trim were painted creamy white to match the built-ins. Also helpful are recessed and pendant lighting, along with mirrors and silver accents, which bounce light around the space. The overall effect is sophisticated and calming, two important characteristics for the room where people kick off their days.

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